An impossible match – these horoscope signs are not for each other

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Although opposites sometimes attract, nothing is promising about the union of these zodiac couples – they cannot be together.

1. Taurus and Aries
This combination is like trying to combine fire and water – it’s simply impossible. Taurus wants stability and comfort, while Aries moves forward full of energy and desire for action. Taurus will often feel that Aries pushes them too hard and doesn’t appreciate their need to slow down. On the other hand, Aries will be frustrated by Taurus’ stubborn nature and tendency to procrastinate. Their relationship will often revolve around arguments and misunderstandings.

2. Gemini and Cancer
Gemini loves company, conversation, and change, while Cancer is profoundly emotional and connected to its feelings. Gemini will often feel constrained by Cancer’s need for attention and emotional support, while Cancer will feel insecure due to Gemini’s volatile nature and need for constant change. Their communication is often problematic because Gemini will not always recognize Cancer’s subtle emotions.

3. Leo and Capricorn
Leo wants to be at the center of attention, while Capricorn strives for seriousness, responsibility, and achieving goals. Leo will find Capricorn boring and too focused on work, while Capricorn will see Leo as irresponsible and self-centered. This couple often clashes their priorities and values, leading to tension and frustration in their relationship.

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