Aquarius – apologizing by horoscope

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rp_sorry-300x201.pngAQUARIUS – Is it an apology or are they playing you. Is it an apology or are they playing you. You will never know with the Aquarius, but you will still be drawn to them.

Aquarius woman
Basic RGBWhy in the world should a female Aquarius apologize to you when she is aware that you adore her or simply cannot live without her! And since you can’t cope without her, the female Aquarius will probably be guided by her own preferences and whims that will represent the core reason of your disapproval and anger. She excels in the relations with the opposite sex, and it is not going to represent much of a challenge to her to offer you just the kind of an apology that would hit you right in your weak spot. Everything else is just a piece of cake; the female Aquarius will do whatever she wants to you, even when she is apologizing.

Aquarius man
AQUARIUS manThere we have it, another champion of making apologies, there is not a screw up that he will not make himself right of, although he is guilty. He changed your plans, he stood you up, and his phone is unavailable, and you would gladly leave him, only if you could. How could you even do it when you don’t know where he is? While you are slowly boiling inside yourself, and the anger reaches he point of culmination, he will show up at your doorstep, acting indecisively with a bouquet of flowers behind his back in one hand, while he will grab you around your waist with the other trying to melt the iceberg you turned into while waiting for him.


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