Aquarius as a parent

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rp_aquarius-248x300.jpgWe all think that our parents do not understand us. But are they really that bad, or it is just because of the stars? If you want to understand your parents or if you are a parent, read the following words.

fatherrp_AQUARIUS-man-242x300.jpgAquarius as a Father
An Aquarius father is frank and very friendly with his children. He gives a lots of freedom to his children and he will easily adjust to the new and changing environment. There will seldom be any generation gap between father and child. The problem here is that the child may misuse the freedom he is given. It is the only thing the father needs to be cautious about. Aquarius father prepares himself well for parenthood from the days of his wife’s pregnancy. He expects his kids to be intelligent and naughty from early days. As children grow up they find their father to be very sportive and liberal in parenting. This is true only when the children allow their father to say the last word every time. Aquarius father will teach his children how to make weird machinery such as automatic nail cutters. His kids will be able to tie their shoe laces before anyone else at nursery school.

mother 1Basic RGBAquarius as a Mother
An Aquarius mother treats her children just like her friends. She is very open with them and will offer them all the freedom they need and will not put any type of limitations. So the risk is that the children may misuse this freedom, and that is why it is best to draw the lines that must not be traversed. Aquarius mother is an avant-garde mommy who is up on the latest books, movies, music and slang. Aquarius is the sign of friendship, and she treats her kids like peers or equals. She is the mom whose teenage kids’ friends come over to visit her. As a parent, she won’t shelter her kids for long. She believe that the more they’re exposed to, the better equipped they’ll be to handle and understand life.

children1Aquarius as a Child
An Aquarius child will be earnest and obedient, but will demand a lot of freedom in life. They will not go against or disrespect their parents, but would exhibit their desire for freedom in a very open manner. They won’t need much manifestation of love. They would anticipate their parents to remain friendly with them. Aquarius child is naturally independent and needs plenty of freedom to explore many innovative ideas and unusual friends. Aquarius child is attracted to unique people and new experiences. Throughout childhood, parents will need to take Aquarius kid to as many museums and exhibitions as they can. These experiences and more will broaden this child’s mind and help them form their own opinions about the way the world works. The hardest thing about parenting an Aquarius child is understanding the way they seem to love independence and flying by the seat of their pants. At the same time they are very stubborn and set in their ways. They have little routines that they hate to have broken.


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