Aquarius ascendant – compatibility with other signs

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Sagittarius ascendant
astrology-2578652812Their physique is appealing; they are funny and know how to enjoy life. They are spiritual and optimistic with wide views.
Sagittarius ascendant– Aries sign
rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgrp_ovan-2-253x300.jpgThey are idealists with firm principles that may make them look naive to other people. But people born under the influence of this signs are not naive, they know what they want, their soul will remain untainted. They are often quiet but they make great relationships.
Sagittarius ascendant– Taurus sign
rp_taurus21-224x3001.jpgsagittarius man 1This combination of horoscope signs gives people who are happy go lucky hedonists. Their fault is to know when to stop, and not over do it. They are workaholics, talkers and people of action. They cant stand people who are slow and without energy.
Sagittarius ascendant– Gemini sign
rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgrp_gemini-3-287x300.jpgPeople born under the influence of these two signs are subtle intellectuals. They are intelligent, quick, bold, shrewd, but not as good in action. They give up too quickly. They are the same in a relationships. If they need to fight over someone they will go their way and give up,even when they are deeply in love.
Sagittarius ascendant– Cancer sign
cancer1sagittarius man 1They are good co-workers, likable but liable to influences, which makes them wonder around. They are perfectionists. They are often hard people when it comes to friendships and love relationships because of their perfectionism. They learn through life to accept people and not to change them.
Sagittarius ascendant– Leo sign
rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgrp_LAV-224x300.jpgpeople born with this combination of horoscope signs are unstoppable. They can dominate without being boring. They are funny they love children, entertainment and travels. They have many good friends and they are very loyal to them. They are dominate in love relationships.
Sagittarius ascendant– Virgo sign
rp_virgo-2-255x300.jpgsagittarius man 1Combination of these two horoscope signs gives people who are complicated characters in constant search for the balance. They have a strong intellect, but they are not practical enough. They should be more tolerant and learn to accept people just as they are without changing them.
Sagittarius ascendant – Libra sign
rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgrp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgThey are very agreeable and good companions. They are very eloquent, shrewd and good mannered. That makes them socially successful.
Sagittarius ascendant– Scorpio sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgsagittarius man 1This combination of signs gives people with  strong system of principles and ideals. They are persistent and aware of themselves. They are good co-workers and advisers. They are good parents and love partners. They are very sexual and passionate.
Sagittarius ascendant– Sagittarius  sign
rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgrp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgTheir essence is freedom. They are good philosophers, priests, scientists, whom cannot be limited. One can develop a good relationship with them if they understand their nature.
Sagittarius ascendant– Capricorn sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgsagittarius man 1People born under influence of this signs  are very tolerant though withdrawn. They are gifted thinkers ,intuitive and intelligent with strong visions. They are often leaders in their society, and dominate in relationships. people spontaneously follow them.
Sagittarius ascendant– Aquarius sign
rp_sagittarius-man-1-300x288-300x288.jpgrp_aquarius-248x3001.jpgThey are free spirited, unconventional and sociable. It may provoke resistance around them, but not with their numerous friends. They have short relationships but when they meet person who can see how great they are they will do anything to make that person happy.
Sagittarius ascendant– Pisces sign
rp_Pisces-196x300.jpgsagittarius man 1Their nature is complex, not clear to everyone, but they can contemplate on things from different angles, in worst cases, they cause chaos.


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