Aquarius deep inside

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I  know that a am  special. I’m a round peg in a square hole in a curved universe!


Creative, challenging, Inventive, entertaining, scientific mind, good Communicator, altruism, stimulating, independent, individualistic, unconventional, progressive, unique, visionary, perceptive, intellectual, logical, ingenious, unpredictable, detached, friendly, sense of fairness


unemotional, rebelliousness, coldness, cowardice, impracticality, aloof, temperamental, unpredictable, eccentric, fixed opinions.


Aquarius is in search of wisdom, they are very observant. They seem to be above emotions altogether and when they speak, they speak the truth. Sometimes it may be painful because of their disregard for the feelings of others, but they intend no harm. They are not  unemotional, they just to not trust their emotions and  they incorporate them into their ideas of who they are. As a result, if someone does not agree with their ideas, Aquarius sometimes takes it personally. To know an Aquarius is to know their odd ways. Their thinking is often light years ahead of our own, so  they become frustrated when they discover than other people don’t  have the same train of thought about something as they have. Aquarius is a  serious-minded worker, yet can be spontaneous and quick to react when offered the opportunity to have an adventure. Fun is addictive to this sign. They are attracted to unusual people, unusual places, unusual ideas and innovation. They  often wonder if there is something in life that they are missing. This does not prevent them from being involved in intimate relationships, but the person on the other end will always notice an air of detachment from Aquarius. Aquarius wonders ‘why?’ so much that they can question their existence. they know that they are special. Aquarians love to be individuals, they thrive on being eccentric. Ask them what they have in common with other Aquarians and they will tell you nothing. Aquarians hate being grouped with other people.
This sign is never boring. In fact, he is witty and charming as well as artistic. One outstanding Aquarius characteristic is to collect a large diverse group of friends that come from all walks of life. To him, everyone has something to offer the world; the more interesting the person, the more interested he is in getting to know him or her. Aquarius characteristic allows him to adapt to any social setting and appear to be a master of that situation. He thrives on the energy found in the dynamics of group activities. He can usually avoid confrontation because of his ability to relate to most people and see a situation from another person’s point of view–the sign of a true diplomat.
You’ll never find Aquarius alone on a Saturday night or any night of the week for that matter, unless he’s just seeking a quiet moment.
If you’re ever in need, you can trust Aquarius to respond with kindness and understanding. He’ll offer you assistance without a second thought because it’s first nature to him.


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