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AQUARIUS manRead valuable facts about Аquarius   that may be helpful in understanding their behavior

elementiAquarius Element: Air .The astrological element of Air signifies movement. Aquarius is  thinker, and  prone to give more importance to intellect than to action. They  have a great command over language, so they are good at communications. Their manner may be light and breezy but their  words can carry a lot of power because of the Air

uranAquarius ruling planet: Uranus. The Uranus is the strangest planet in the universe. Its North pole faces the Sun and its Moons rotate backwards around Uranus. Uranus symbolize  the strange things in Aquarius life. It is often associated with brilliance , even if it is temporary. Uranus can release the hidden tensions all of a sudden, just as Aquarius people. The planet is frequently the astrological culprit when there are sudden upheavals in their lifes. Uranus encourages Aquarius  to fight against social injustices and for gaining freedom. 

Period: January 21 – February 18)

Sanskrit name : Kumbha

Meaning of name : The Water-bearer

Type : Air-Fixed-Positive

kalendar 2Lucky Day : Sunday and Saturday

Lucky Number : 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26

Favorable Months: March, April, May, July, August, October, November, December

Unfavorable Months: January, February, June, September.

Lucky Colour : Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black
Energy Signs: Yang

Amethyst 1Lucky Stone :  The main protector of the people born under this sign is the amethyst, semiprecious stone beautiful pink and sometimes purple. It was considered that its mystical power to inspire virtue and high ideals. For thousands of years it was used for decoration on the bishop’s rings and jewelry in general dignitaries. Traditionally, Amethyst is a stone for lovers, and for the Greeks it was the stone that  protects from  intoxication, drunkenness and hangovers. Placed in silk protects against headaches.

Lucky Talisman :  amethyst ensures fidelity husbands for females, because he was popular jewelry matrons of Rome, regardless of what the sign of belonging; fine pearl gives longevity proportional to its purity, a white coral preserves the beauty of the face.

Aquarius Strength:They  are soft inside and take interest in social activities. Their  positive qualities are that they are witty, intelligent, caring, creative and independent. Aquarians are also public people and take interests in various topics. Other strenghts of  Aquarian are: Witty,Intelligent, Caring, Creative

Aquarius Weakness: They are often  They can get into a relationship without getting emotionally involved in it, and their  lack of attachment can make them aloof. When criticizing people Aquarians can turn sarcastic. Dark humor is a part of their nature. They can become uncaring to others. Aquarians might not develop an attachment with their families and stay somewhat aloof. Other weaknesses of Aquarian are:Stubborn,Unemotional, Sardonic, Defiant

good bad 5Positive Qualities of Aquarius: Truthfulness, Just, Curious, Affectionate, Frank and Imaginative. They are talented people. If they want, they can make wonders around them. They can lead any team. Aquarians are honest and they always listen to their instinct. They do not follow conventional ways.

Negative Qualities of Aquarius: Unpredictable, Detachment, Tendency to go off-track, and Inefficiency. Aquarians are often accused of having a lonely love life. They take a lot of time to mingle with others. The  Aquarians are considered nagging, because they nag too much to their near and dear ones, for not giving then time and attention.

Possible Health Concerns: The Aquarius people must be  careful of any kind of addiction. They must be careful about their nervous systems, because  they are prone to disorders of nerves and insomnia. They should also take good care of having a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep.

Weak points: Aquarius manages the leaves on the leg joints, blood circulation. Uranus controls the nervous system and pituitary gland and the gonads. Among people born under this sign is observed, most cases of psychosomatic illnesses.legs and ankles

Compatible signs: Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.
Famous Personalities : Subhash Chandra Bose, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Khuswant Singh, Albert Einstein, Boris Yeltsin, Charles Darwin, Franklin Roosevelt, Michael Jordan, Paris Hilton.

posaoAquarius Career: Aquarians are imaginative and inventive and they constantly look for intellectual stimulants, so they can become great discoverers, scientists and researchers. Their  creative bent of mind helps them in becoming actors, theatrical personalities, dramatists, musicians. Suitable Professions: Advertising, Interior Decoration, Music Composer

rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpgAquarius Love and marriage: Aquarians can be unemotional and they also create an imaginative picture of their perfect partner in their mind. Sensitivity and emotion always don’t make the base for a relationship with Aquarians. Relation with Aquarius can be strenuous to people who are emotional by nature. Aquarian males are usually passionate lovers but they  might not make their feelings obvious at the first time. Aquarian women are sensual and feminine and they might not be afraid of taking the leading role in a relationship and can be provoking. 

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