Aries as Ascendant – influence on zodiac sign

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ariessThe knowledge of the Ascendant is the most important item in the interpretation of the horoscope. It primarily discovers the person’s character, and it is possible to provide the first psychological portrait of the person, even without knowing the sign itself, while the other way around is not possible. That is why all the horoscopes that can be read in the press are inconsistent.

teloPhysical appearance: average height, slim build, long face and neck, pink tan, wide head and forehead. They often have a mark or a scar on the head or on the face. They have thick eye lashes, a sharp look, grey or grey-brown eyes. They have curly or wavy hair which varies from dark to light brown color.Their frequent physical characteristic is a mark or a scar on the head. It may origin from an operation or from a sport injury. They are usually of middle height, athletic build, with wide faces and pink tan. Their eyes are light, blue or gray, with thick eyelashes, a sharp and penetrating look. Their hair is dark.

brainMental abilities: ambition, activity, energy, courage, entrepreneurship, impulsiveness and ingenuity
The planet Mars rules the natal chart of the ascendant Aries, no matter of their Sun Sign. Ideal match for them is Libra as a sign or an ascendant. The Aries ascendant makes them keep their independence and they feel happy only if they are in control and in charge of everything. Ambition and entrepreneurship are very expressed, as well as stubbornness. Their ascendant makes them courageous and energetic, and they love various challenges.

rp_alll-300x25611111111111.jpgThe Ascendant and love: Apart from Libra signs and ascendants, good combinations are Taurus or Leo sign and ascendant. If you are in love with an Aries, forget about shyness. Approach aggressively. Suggest something plain and immediately doable. Do not let them doubt for a moment in your interest in them. If your efforts fail, retreat right away, do not beg or cry. They do not have patience for any kind of begging.

They are forgiving kind, they express their feelings, directly and openly, and their strong emotions and passion makerp_boss-1-300x2201-300x220.jpg them go through their love relationships very intensively, with a lot of jealousy and possessiveness.

The Aries ascendants are usually very active, self-confident, adventurers, stubborn and prone to accidents. They are proud of their independence and they have a hard time settling down.
Their ideal partner – Libra, is, unlike them, calm and balanced, able to reach harmony, the quality that Aries ascendants need the most.

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