Aries – Love horoscope

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  • aries 1We have a situation for those in primary relationships and marriages – it’s all there but it is not. Something is missing. It is something vaguely, that even you sometimes can not define. Maybe you expect too much from a partner. Maybe you do not get what you essentially need. And perhaps it is simply a kind of mild stagnation entered in your relationship. You Need some changes. If you are too burdened with these issues, it will definitely affect on your relationship. Let things go slowly. Relax and do not pull any drastic moves. Instead, turn to passion, because this is something that works perfectly between you and your partner. Everything else will eventually come to place. srca4
  • It is possible that your partner will surprise you for a moment with some of his “outbursts” or nervousness. This is normal because this is a result of the accumulated tensions. The second part of the month will bring a lot of good energy and better understanding between the two of you. At the end of the February, you may wish to enter into a secret adventure relationship.
  • srca4Free Aries are wanting someone who represents “silent suffering” for many other people. You will knock down the walls around this person with patience and persistence, because when you want something, you are ready to skip all the obstacles. The second part of the month brings you a very good mood, many contacts with friends and great orientation towards social events. You will have the tendency to adventures, to the rapid conquests and also fast departures. Maybe you will have a secret relationship with some older person.


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