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Think of your birth chart as a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. Each type of sign describes where that planet or luminary was when you made your earthly debut. And then there’s your Rising sign, also called your Ascendant. Your ascendant determines the way others see you and what you expect from the world around you. You should read both your Sun and Rising sign horoscopes in order to get a better picture of what’s ahead for you. It is also very important for your natal chart interpretation. Below is the Ascendant in signs interpretation.Ascendant signs


Statement that represents the Ascendant or the Rising Sun: the first impressions

The Ascendant Sign is specific to the time and place of your birth. It is the Zodiac Sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. When you know the time you were born, your Ascendant Sign can be calculated to the exact degree. if the Ascendant falls closer to the beginning of the Sign, the stronger the effects will be felt in the individual. If you’re new to astrology, you might know only your Sun sign. But we all have many other signs too: a Moon sign, Sun sign, Mars sign, Pluto sign, etc.

You can also read Moon in Signs and Sun in Signs

 The Ascendant  Ariesascendant aries

  • Typical features that Ascendant Aries brings  – You radiate high energy and assertiveness. Also you tackle the problems of everyday life without hesitation. Above all you are full of energy. Indecision and long decision-making phases are rare. You are happy to be involved in social issues. Acting and communicating with everyone around gives you positive energy. Aries ascendant is quick and to the point. You act before you think. While you are active, you are not aggressive. You just see what you want and go get it. Everything is done quickly. Also, you are quick to anger and quick to let it pass. The Aries Ascendant is oriented on success. You are ambitious and can be single-minded towards your own achievements to the point of selfishness at times.
  • Effect on relationships –  You are very passionate. If you have Aries ascendant you will chase whomever you  are interested in at the moment in affairs of the heart. The chase is part of the excitement. You can be charming and hard to resist. Also you are enthusiastic and adventurous.  Often you are very overwhelming for people.
  • The descendant to the Aries ascendant is Libra. It forces those people with Aries ascendants to pay more attention to the needs of others.  Also it forces them to act less ruthlessly in their lives when implementing their projects. This is a lovely position that can open many doors.
  • Positive traits: You are energetic, optimistic, bold, fearless, stable, generous, spirited, idealistic, assertive, courageous, full of enthusiasm for action and thirst for adventure.
  • Negative traits: You tend to be angry, defiant, resentful, destructive, headstrong, pushy, quarrelsome, aggressive, competitive, selfish and reckless.

The Ascendant Taurusrising sun

  • Typical features that Ascendant Taurus brings – You stand with your feet firmly on the ground. Also, you are not dreamer but realist. Your ideas rarely remain, but are carefully and patiently put into practice. For you, quality is more important than quantity. You attach great importance to traditions, habits and the maintenance of the status quo. Also, you see with suspicion those rather undesirable changes. You are amiable and love working together in a group. You are stable and responsible, and very loyal to the core to those you love.  Security is the most important thing in the world to you. If you have ascendant Taurus you are also sensual, body-conscious and pleasure-oriented person. Taurus ascendant tends to have a fear for the future. You are afraid of losing easily loved things. So, you must learn to accept changes and to see them positively. The descendant to the Taurus ascendant is Scorpio. So, through the influence of Scorpio you will get the energy and passion for change.
  • Effects on relationships – In relationships, you can be possessive and you won’t easily break up with someone with whom you are in relationship. Some of you even see partner as your own personal property. You are loyal to the ends of the earth. If you have Taurus Ascendant you are also very sensual. You love all the physical sensations. Also, you prefer the comforts found in a long-term monogamous relationship.
  • Positive trades: You are objective, practical, lovin, hardworking, persistent, cheerful, kind, fierce, level-headed, they show a great sense of community, are tradition-conscious, you love other people and very sociable.
  • Negative trades: You tend to be materialistic, headstrong, sluggish, dogmatic, addicted, excessive, too comfortable, you have a fear change and can be very stubborn.

The Ascendant Gemini

  • Typical features that Ascendant Gemini brings –  You have a great curiosity. In other words, everything is exciting to you. An immense thirst for knowledge drives you. Gemini Rising is the original model for multi-tasking. You can do several things at the same time. Also, you are strong communicator and are always perfect and intelligent entertainer at social events. You like to let people around you share their many experiences. But because of your interest in everything and everyone, you sometimes risk appearing superficial. You are restless and often appear impatient. Cleverness can intimidate some people, especially if they are sensitive. Gemini ascendant  has a wonderful talent with words which can serve you well . You  make excellent teachers, writers, researchers and anyone else who utilizes information. You are also gifted with your hands. Also, you prefer to avoid strong bonds and feelings since firm bonds threaten Gemini in their mobility. The Descendant to ascendant Gemini is Sagittarius. It sharpens your sense of community. And also of what connects you in your life.
  • Effects on relationships – Gemini ascendant does not like schedules. So, you can seem to thrive in chaos. You are a natural social butterfly. So, you will flit from one person to another. You do not allow too many people to get truly close to you. It is uncomfortable for you to let people into your inner circle. Gemini Ascendants like space and freedom. You also understand your partners may like a little space as well, and do not tend to cling.
  • Positive trades: You hey are intellectual, concrete, eager to learn, educated, sophisticated, versatile, observing, bright, neat, agile, curious, communicative and open.
  • Negative trades: You tend to be nervous, unsteady, restless, torn, dualistic, groundless, superficial, intrusive, unabashed, scheming, undecided,  characterless and conceited.

The Ascendant Cancer

Cancer ascendant

  • Typical features that Ascendant Cancer brings – You have a high sensitivity. What you perceive and experience is absorbed deep inside and processed emotionally. You feel a deep connection with nature and the environment. When you get upset, you have a tendency toward indigestion. Also you are easily vulnerable. You react with withdrawal and flight, quickly question yourself, and tend to doubt and ponder. Also, you are very creative, but may be insecure. You are empathetic when dealing with other people and can easily walk in their shoes. Cancer ascendant is imaginative and sentimental. You are a sympathetic listener and enjoy a good conversation. This Ascendant relates strongly to the home. You are very sensitive to criticism. Also, you like to keep everything in its place. Luxurious items are not important to you. You  prefer to save money to spending it on unnecessary items. Descendant  here is Capricorn. Sometimes you also suffer from fear of the future and have a strong sense of nostalgia. Capricorn shows you the way to reality.
  • Effects on relationships – You want structure in your life. Security is important to you  and they are willing to give up some freedom to get it. So, you  prefer a strong partner in life, along with emotional and financial stability. Also, you like rules that are well-defined in relationships. So you always know where everyone stands. They are and behave so even in marriage. You can create an amazing sanctuary at home for family. Cancer Ascendant doesn’t do well with casual relationships. Emotions are always tied closely with intimacy.
  • Positive trades:  You are maternal, versatile, affectionate, cuddly, kind, familiar, romantic, humorous, tolerant, tender, graceful, sensitive, emotional, close to nature and very creative.
  • Negative trades:  You are usually unsteady, moody, over sensitive, grumpy, easily hurt, melancholic, and groundless.

The Ascendant Leonatal chart

  • Typical features that Ascendant Leo brings: You want to achieve something big in this world. Above all, you want to shape your environment actively and create something meaningful. You do it with a lot of fun and positive energy. Also, you have a personal magnetism. You are self-aware and conscious of your effect on others. You see a lot of things like a game. Above all, you live out your feelings and enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes, you look slightly arrogant and self-centered. Everything must be about you. With this positive attitude to life, you can excite and win over others. You have the skill to motivate and lead others. Also, you like to hold the strings in your hands. You ignore conventions without thinking about it too much. Also, you are very concerned with your appearance in public. You are naturally enthusiastic and get excited about new projects. The descendant here is Aquarius. It weakens Leo’s egoism and opens your sense of community.
  • Effects on relationships – You are natural romantics and love to dream. And, you may have the drive to make them come true. You are very competitive, even in the relationships. You partner must not embarrass you, especially in public. Your dignity is of utmost importance. You will do anything to get admiration. This Ascendant is warm, generous and fun in relationships. Once they are excited about someone, you are ready to jump right in.
  • Positive trades: You are self-confident, very creative, independent, optimistic, heroic, kindhearted, generous, loyal, honest, distinguished, characterful and dignified.
  • Negative trades: You are boastful, vain, arrogant, domineering, self-sufficient, pleasure-seeking,  self-centered and often arrogant. You they like to be the center of attention. Also you  love the admiration and praise of others. Your recognition is their motivation.

The Ascendant Virgozodiac signs

  • Typical features that Ascendant Virgo brings: You have outstanding powers of observation. So, you recognize precisely when something is out of balance in your environment. You want to remove them from the world at the same time. Nothing is more unpleasant for you than the sources that could disturb your calm. You quickly adjust to new situations and know how to deal with them. Also, you are decent person and avoid chaos. Your strength is organizational talent and sense of reality. Virgo ascendant  is intelligent and reserved. You  can be extremely organized in some areas of your lives, while terribly messy in others. Virgo Ascendant is dependable and you  are always there for people in a crisis. You  are often in service occupations like emergency personnel or police. Also, you are  very good teachers. The descendant to the Virgo ascendant is Pisces. So, people with this ascendant will also get more sense of the things behind what is visible.
  • Effects on relationships – You tend to attract or be attracted to those who need your help. This can put you in uncomfortable situations at times, especially in relationships. In other words, you may not see your partner in a true light at times. You seek perfection and sometimes find it difficult to accept less in others. You don’t like public displays of affection, but in private you can be very affectionate. Virgo Ascendant is charming in a quiet, soothing way. They are loyal partners who will go out of your way to help out.
  • Positive trades: You are intellectual, eager to learn, well educated, understanding, observant, attentive, modest, adaptable, serving, hardworking, dutiful, orderly and very reliable.
  • Negative trades: You tend to be petty, pedantic, very selfish, calculating, subtle, cunning, dissatisfied, tormenting, submissive, undecided and narrow-minded.

 The Ascendant Libranatal chart

  • Typical features that Ascendant Libra brings – You are mostly happy, friendly, balanced and blessed with a natural charm. Also, you love encounters and exchanges with other people. It is easy for you to make new contacts. Harmonious interactions between people are very important to you. For this purpose, you become active, and mediate in the event of conflicts. People recognize your diplomatic skills. Your  own needs and wishes are usually left behind. So, you must learn to assert your point of view and your needs. Professionally, you can often find yourself  in the artistic field. You are pleasant and nice to be around.  Libra Ascendant usually looks good. Above all, you like personal luxuries and anything that is pleasing to the senses. Libra Rising is a social butterfly and have many friends . So, you can’t help but see yourself  through the eyes of others. The way there is shown by your descendant, Aries.
  • Effects on relationships – You are romantic and gracious. It is difficult to say no to this ascendant. You are attracted to those who are competent and active. You may argue a lot or compete with your partners until you learn it is okay to just be yourself. If you sense an imbalance around you, you can get upset, demanding and even bossy until they feel all is in balance again.
  • Positive trades: You are graceful, modest, amiable, cuddly, cheerful, very optimistic, idealistic, helpful, selfless, generous, merciful and correct.
  • Negative trades: You re usually light-hearted, reckless, comfortable, gullible. Also, you can be addicted to consumption and cleaning, in need of luxury, wasteful, helpless, moody. You are easy to influence, you cannot make decision easily, prefer to avoid disputes and give in quickly.

The Ascendant Scorpioascendant scorpio

  • Typical features that Ascendant Scorpio brings: You can develop a great passion, whether for a new hobby, a new love, or a life goal.  When your enthusiasm arises, nothing stops you from fulfilling your dreams and ideas. You show remarkable consistency and persistence. You are rarely unnoticed. Also, You have the power to recover from economic, mental and physical problems that would be overwhelming for someone else. You have very strong defense mechanisms. And you don’t like to make a decision unless you have all the facts. You are emotional creatures but you are rather adept at hiding this vulnerability. Your demands on yourself and others can be very high. Things are never good enough for you. Professionally, you  are often at ease in the field of research. The descendant here is Taurus. You will learn to approach your  projects with more patience and inner peace. If they fail, you become more relaxed, and will generally get a more positive outlook.
  • Effects on relationships – you want a partner who is down to earth and reliable. So, you want someone who is loyal and who wants a long term commitment. You want love to last forever. And if you are betrayed, you take it personally and the offending party will pay. You like people with magnetic personalities. You are often very accommodating and pleasant and people may not have a clue to what your real personality is like. They are capable of deep and passionate feelings for their partner. Loyalty and reliability are essential to them.
  • Positive trades: You are helpful, reliable, hardworking, calm, dynamic, agile, humorous, intelligent, very friendly, discreet, skillful, ingenious, classy, passionate, determined, enthusiastic and persistent.
  • Negative trades: You tend to be unstable, incorrect, selfish, arrogant, bossy, jealous, underhanded, quarrelsome, nagging, intolerant, insensitive, compulsive, perfectionist and pessimistic.

The Ascendant Sagittariusnatal chart

  • Typical features that Ascendant Sagittarius brings: You love distant countries, cultures and new experiences. The big full world fascinates the optimistic and active people with Sagittarius ascendant. You want to broaden your horizons. You  are looking for the meaning of life and what holds the world together. Also, if you believe in some idea, you think that the others must also stand behind it. You are an enthusiastic adventurer who loves to explore. Often, you are restless and love to be active. You  appear confident, even though some may think you are naive. Above all, you manage to keep your sense of humor no matter what is going on. Your light-hearten manner is welcome everywhere. Also, you have a need for freedom and independence.  That often leads you into traveling lifestyle. You are curious, and may tend towards spirituality or philosophy. You are generous and may be impressed by wealth and status. The Sagittarius descendant is the Gemini. This can mean that the Sagittarius ascendants become more open to others, and acceptance increases over time.
  • Effects on relationships –  You are the freedom-loving person. So, you are unwilling to tie up in partnership and love. You can also be quite dominant.. If you marry, your partner must understand this need and be willing to work with it. You just like to see everyone around you having a good time. So, many of you prefer more casual relationships to a deep commitment. And may appear very superficial until you meet the right person.
  • Positive trades:  You are kind, helpful, generous, benevolent, caring, noble, harmonious, mild, cheerful, humorous, reconciling, social, grateful, keen to travel, tolerant, curious,  freedom-loving, active, optimistic and  future-oriented.
  • Negative trades: If negatively aspectet, you tend to be gullible, careless, lavish, ostentatious, unreasonable, arrogant, boastful, conceited, vain, hypocritical, bridgeable and unfair.

The Ascendant Capricornascendant

  • Typical features that Ascendant Capricorn brings: You have a great sense of responsibility and duty. Also, you are rational people and are reluctant to reveal your inner and emotional life. Rationally, ambitiously and objectively, you strive for a responsible position in society. Also, you demand a lot from yourself and others. You work goal-oriented and conscientiously towards the success. Law and order are essential to you.  Professionally , you  are often very successful. You take everything seriously. Even when you are playing a joke, you are deadpan. Also, you think if you look successful, you will  be successful.  In general, you identify with the material world. And you spend a lot of time managing your assets. You like the formalities of life because they add structure to social interactions. Also, you come across as practical, restrained, conservative and reserved. The Capricorn ascendant have Cancer as a descendant. So, you will learn to live out your soulful side and to put your own needs above society. You will notice that feelings not always disturb the community life.  Your urge for actual distance will be less pronounced, and you will bring people closer.
  • Effects on relationships – Success is important to you, whether it is in a career, marriage, their personal life or their social status. In marriage, you need a partner who can protect you emotionally. When you seek a partner, the attraction begins with the first impression.
  • Positive trades: If positively aspected you are usually stable, serious, confident, ambitious, patient, practical, robust, careful, economical, modest, deliberate, reserved, silent, lonely, punctual, conservative, and fatherly.
  • Negative trades: If negatively aspected you can be tight-hearted, relentless, resentful, hard, stingy, sneaky, envious, vengeful and reluctant to show feelings

 The Ascendant Aquariusascendant

  • Typical features that Ascendant Aquarius  brings: You are the idealistic person. You draw attention to others through your creative and intelligent spirit. Also, you develop many ideas to help shape your environment actively. You want to make changes. Nothing is worse than stagnation for you. But, you don’t always implement your ideas. That is because you don’t like to take responsibility. You don’t want to be subordinate to the masses. You love your independence and flexibility. Also, you are very friendly and open-minded when dealing with others. But sometimes you are a bit non-binding. The fear of losing individuality and independence is high. If you think that you are committed to a specific thing or person, you quickly feel threatened. Many seek you out for advice. So it is difficult to shock you. Actually, you like to others. You are a likable person and very friendly. Aquarius ascendants have the Leo as descendant. So, you can learn to convert creative power into something that already exists and to assume responsibility.
  • Effects on relationships – In the partnership, it is difficult for you to bind yourself. If others let you free, you can be a loyal and loving partner. You like personal freedom, so this can be a potential issue when you marry. Restless nature can push you to seek a more stimulating environment. So, you can be unpredictable and may behave in a contradictory fashion.
  • Positive trades: you are energetic, determined, independent, free, independent, unconventional, progressive, enthusiastic, creative, humane, idealistic, intuitive, original and liberal.
  • Negative trades: If negatively aspected you tend towards being unsteady, aimless, neurotic, dissolute, extravagant and eccentric. You can be sensual, faithless, passionate, stubborn, stubborn, convulsive, confused, rebellious and immoral. 

 The Ascendant Piscesnatal chart

  •  Typical features that Ascendant  Pisces brings – You  are susceptible. And, you are incredibly compassionate and feel connected to everyone. Always ready to listen to the concerns of others. You can defend yourself badly against external influences. And you are very vulnerable. Everyday life with all its problems is not always easy to master for you.  You are happy when dealing with questions that revolve the truth behind our material world. You love philosophical and religious questions. Above all, you will do everything for the loved ones. At first glance you appear to be gentle, peace-loving artistic. But the way you you’re your heart and mind open keeps you changeable and unpredictable. The typical Pisces Ascendant can be  one person today than it was yesterday. Usually shy and quiet, tomorrow they may be passionate and exuberant. You see the world through glasses tinted by your opinion. So you have a difficult time being objective. You may have artistic talents and psychic abilities to share. The descendant Virgo signs can show the way there.
  • Effects on relationships – You want a stable, reliable partner. So, you need someone who is realistic and practical. Someone  who will help keep you grounded a bit. Above all, you are very emotional and compassionate.  You dislike confrontation, but are not above using manipulative game playing to get what they desire. A true romantic, the right pairing with you can result in a creative romance worthy of a novel.
  • Positive trades: You are idealistic, believing, internalized, truthful, selfless, good-natured, meek, charitable, helpful, devoted, kind, trusting, humble and benevolent.
  • Negative trades: If negatively aspected you can be mysterious, meddling, adventurous, lavish, drunk, dissatisfied, depressed, uncontrolled, restless, self-torturing, weak-willed and baseless. Also you can be often overwhelmed in everyday life, and tend to flee into the dream world..








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