Aspects of Natal Sun

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The Sun reflects your character, spirit, will, and ego. It indicates the possibility of a more accessible release of positive energy, the expression of enthusiasm, and often strenuous efforts and the strength of the will to achieve the set goals.

In conjunction with the Moon, the Sun makes you a stubborn person. You are self-centered; you are the most important to yourself. Therefore, you have great motivation to make your wishes come true. Even though others do not approve of your views, you will continue to defend them firmly.

The Sun sextile the Moon, shows your sexuality, the way you treat the opposite sex. Your sexuality is powerful and magnetic. You make sudden decisions in love; frequent adventures accentuate the tendency. You have a strong desire for rough sex; you like new things, and you are tired of a partner who wants routine. You often leave your partner because of nasty sex. You have good relations with your superiors and colleagues and respect their trust in you. Because you are a good listener and speaker, you learn well and can use what you know.

The Sun’s square on the Moon shows that you must prove yourself and achieve success. You have a tremendous lifelong struggle with acceptance. This is because you need more attention from your parents in your childhood. You have difficulty adjusting to partner relationships; your partner’s words often sting you in the heart. It is essential that you face problems and not run away from them.

The Sun in a trine with the Moon boosts your self-confidence, and positive energy makes you cheerful. Being happy with yourself helps you achieve your goals more efficiently and has many opportunities for success.

A distance of 150 degrees is also called an in conjunction or, more exotically, a quincunx. It gives a slightly negative aspect, and its keyword is adjustment effort. The Sun and the Moon meeting makes you unprepared; you need help deciding on changes or new beginnings. Insecurity is part of your past and is holding you back. Therefore, it is essential to make compromises in life to move on.

In opposition to the Moon, the Sun shows specific and exaggerated reactions in life in case of new circumstances, changes, or obstacles. It is possible that you strongly desire some repressed desires that conflict with reality. You are focused on material acquisition. You have many ups and downs, both business and emotional, throughout your life. You try to achieve partner relationships early because you believe you will achieve happiness through your partner.


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