Astrology also reveals how resistant you are to the feeling of guilt

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Guilt is associated with a sense of responsibility, boundaries, and control. It occurs when we still need to meet other people’s expectations. It is of different intensity and arises in different situations, but hardly anyone is utterly resistant to this disturbing feeling. Astrological symbolism shows whether you are prone to guilt and how to deal with it.

Master of borders

Saturn symbolizes the feeling of guilt in astrology. Its complex symbolism is associated with setting boundaries, with a sense of responsibility and control. He is strict; he expects sacrifices and self-control from us. For many astrological laypeople, who do not know its deeper meaning, Saturn has a bad reputation; it causes fear. Saturn is the farthest planet from the Sun that we can still see with the naked eye.

Until the invention of the telescope that introduced Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the family of the solar system, Saturn was the master of the frontiers. He bravely patrolled the edge of the known universe, gave it shape, and guarded the imaginary walls of the solar system.

Saturn as superego

Its symbolism in psychological astrology describes the boundaries that our life needs for a solid and secure structure. Saturn symbolizes all those necessary elements of control that parents and society teach us to protect us. Saturn represents rules. The price we have to pay to belong to a civilized community is acceptance of the rules. Saturn is every “no” we heard from a young age when we did something that could endanger us, through necessary controls in social interaction, to interest on late bill payments or fines for wrong parking.

In the development process, we learned to accept limits, and this acceptance is a sense of responsibility. We are aware that our every action has consequences. We are ready to get them. It is responsibility and maturity. This is Saturn, our inner teacher or, in psychological terms, the superego.

Your attitude toward responsibility

The position of Saturn in the natal chart will describe the attitude towards boundaries. Saturn in fire signs will attack borders and test their constancy. Saturn in earth signs will gladly accept them, not as a limitation, but as support and protection. Saturn in water signs has loose boundaries that, if necessary, they will easily bypass. Saturn in air signs questions, analyzes them and explains when and why they should move.

When Saturn is well placed in the natal chart, it will give us a healthy sense of responsibility and recognition of boundaries. We will be encouraged to work hard and follow the rules because this guarantees success. But if in the natal horoscope, Saturn has challenging relationships with other planets, the process of development will be accompanied by a series of internal tensions and vulnerabilities. The feeling of guilt occupies a prominent place among them.

A tense relationship of Saturn with the Sun or the Moon, subsign, or one of the personal planets such as Mercury, Mars, and Venus, is a dramatic sign of great sensitivity to guilt and a sense of responsibility for things that are entirely out of our control.

How to help yourself

The first step in dealing with guilt is accepting yourself. Let’s become aware of why it is so essential for us to meet the needs and expectations of others. Let’s get our own needs. A positive self-image and awareness of one’s values are crucial. To stop judging ourselves, it is necessary to silence the harsh inner voice that mercilessly judges, accuses, and demands punishment. It is essential to let go of the sense of control.

We often think we can control things, people, and events. Then we believe that we could have done this or that… instead of accepting that we are not omnipotent. Of course, we will improve the external situation wherever possible, but let’s not neglect our internal drama. Little by little, we can create new habits and behavior patterns that will respond more effectively to external disapproval.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
Members of the water signs are susceptible to external stimuli and subtle energies of moods, feelings, and forebodings that come from the outside but also from within. Due to the constant change in the world around them, they try to strengthen their sense of emotional security, building emotional connections, helping others, and being compassionate. As a result, water signs sometimes feel responsible for everything, for everyone’s well-being and success.

The sensitivity paves the way for a strong sense of guilt that can attack them. They can let the guilt wash over them, but they will know how to let go. Water signs learn how to forgive. He will always give himself and others a second chance.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Members of the air signs are susceptible to the social impression they make. They want to be accepted and famous and considered intelligent, educated, and charming. Any situation in which they feel that they have jeopardized their reputation and social status opens the way for feelings of guilt. Their active mind is a real expert in connecting negative thoughts that lead them into a vortex of self-criticism, sometimes even depression.

However, the power of the objective mind will quickly r nationalize the guilt and find a way to dismiss it. Their social idealism and humanitarian ideas will quickly cool negative feelings. They will easily forgive themselves and others if they know that a lesson has been learned from the situation that caused the guilt.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Members of fire signs have a pronounced visionary and creative nature. When real life does not match their visions and high expectations, they can fall prey to feelings of guilt. If the ego is insecure, it will react with denial. Arrogance, emphasizing one’s infallibility and anger, are attempts to reject guilt. A healthy sense of self-awareness will help them take their share of the responsibility.

Pride and willingness to accept challenges is their tool for overcoming guilt. Impulsive, ready to question boundaries, curious and creative, these signs have a big heart that knows how to forgive.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
Members of earth signs are the least susceptible to guilt. They are very realistic and will accurately assess their capabilities and needs. They have a pronounced need for control, but they will skillfully and understandingly use rules and boundaries for their safety and livelihood. For them, guilt is a waste of time, so earth signs deal with it more quickly than others. Only Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn, is worried, highly responsible, and somewhat more sensitive to guilt.

Earth signs will not forgive easily. Considering they are very responsible and well-organized, they think any violation of the rules is a weakness. Therefore, they will need help to accept explanations. They only believe in works.


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