Bad habits of Air signs

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rp_air-300x2251-300x2251-300x225.jpgThere are few things you must know about Air signs. They will never change their nature, an you should know that you will never win if you want to change following habits.

Gemini – the master of deception
blizanciBeing the third sign of the Zodiac, the Gemini are symbolically placed as an intermediary in charge of communication. Naturally, as all other signs would do, the Gemini primarily make mistakes on their own turf. They tend to be too quick and superficial in communication and making judgment. By avoiding misunderstandings, they are known for falling into the trap of hypocrisy, which incites them to begin using others for accomplishing their own goals using deceit or misguidance to wrong conclusions. They are unreliable and sometimes prone to lying.

Libra – tips the scale to her own benefit
rp_libra1-294x300.jpgThe characteristic of the seventh sign would be a balance within the right order of things. This sign is a symbol of justice, but there are a lot of divergences compared to the ideal state of things. The Libra often takes part in cabals and keeps the balance between two sides until they accomplish a personal benefit. They can be rude and self-centered. They can be consumed by the masses, because that’s the only environment that gives them courage for action, while they tend avoid or to adjust to the situations when they are left to fend for themselves. The untidy female Libras, especially with unkempt hair or some esthetically flaws are considered to be quite prone to promiscuity.

Aquarius – the overrated bluffer
rp_air-aquarius-300x291.jpgThe altruism of the Aquarius is yet another deceit by Zodiac. Instead of the wish for common good, egoism, and acrimony often prevail with them. They try to present their self- centered characteristics as ingenuity and enlightenment, but that performance usually ends in a role of an overrated bluffer. They try to compensate their imperfections with versatility that usually creates a picture of a person that actually does not know anything about anything.

Originally posted 2019-12-24 22:40:07.

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