Bad habits of Earth signs

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rp_earth-300x2881-300x2881-300x288.jpgThere are few things you must know about Earth signs. They will never change their nature, an you should know that you will never win if you want to change following habits.

Taurus – the slave of prejudices
taurusThe material nature of the Taurus makes them prone to over exaggerations of any kind. They tend to satisfy emotional needs with material assets; therefore, they often become slaves of material values that hold an important place in their lives. By accepting those values, the Taurus becomes flabby, they start to eat abnormally  and their tendency for accruing material assets overcomes them. They are also liable to prejudices, they will not accept tangible facts if they don’t fit in their system of material benefits.

Virgo – hiding insecurity with snobbish
rp_virgo-2-255x3001-255x300.jpgThe Virgo is sure to have problems with hypochondria. But, they will not only imagine diseases, their hypochondria relates to other events, phenomena and items. These manifestations occur more often with the female Virgo. The reasons being their unaccomplished femininity and insecurity of themselves as women; they will begin to create titles, professions, and events that never took place. These delusions are carefully nourished with snobbish, as well.

Capricorn – A tyrant of false authority
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgThe Capricorn is a bearded animal that tells his uninteresting stories, burdened by false grandeur of their persona. Often, there is no sign of grandeur, only avidity and egoism. They will hate themselves until noon, and hate the whole world afterwards. As much as the Cancer is a bad sign for a man, the Capricorn is a bad sign for a woman. They are prone to physical and psychological diseases; they are insecure and selfishly unaccomplished, and a constant burden to their surroundings. The guardian attitude that they are trying to impose is nothing but a bad act of a weak individual. Where their false authority prevails, they will execute tyranny and where that fails, they will smile and wiggle.


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