Bad habits of Water signs

rp_water-300x1801-300x1801-300x1801-300x180.jpgThere are few things you must know about Water signs. They will never change their nature, an you should know that you will never win if you want to change following habits.

Cancer –caring, but only for themselves
cancerThe prime characteristic of the Cancer is commonly thought to be caring. The majority of cancers are, but they in fact care the most about themselves, and they exclusively care about their own needs. Being that this is considered as an extremely female principal, it is especially malicious for the male gender, because it makes them weak and they will try to conquer their insecurity by buying expensive gifts to women in order to impress them. No matter the gender, the Cancers are often superstitious persons, manically introverted towards their own selfish preferences. The male Cancer will search for a partner whom is a lot older than him, while the female cancer prefers a younger partner.

Scorpio – suicidal
scorpio1The Scorpio is affiliated with several negative human characteristics. What really makes him negative are his dark thoughts and a complex, weird way of thinking. Anger, intolerance and basic instincts will guide him into conflicts with his environment. The tendency for jealousy, revenge and the incorporated delusions make everything even more difficult. The pressure of constant frustrations may incite suicidal tendencies with this kind of personality.

Pisces – believes any kind of non-sense

rp_pisces11-300x285.jpgThe things that Pisces wants to present as ideology, idealism and infinite faith, usually end up as acrid, lies and prejudices. Untidiness, lack of initiative, laziness of thought and action generally describe this sign and not only are they negative, but general characteristics of the Pisces. Superstition and belief in any kind of non-sense additionally burden this, more than problematic sign. They are often inclined to usage of opiates, alcohol, and pills.


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