Best Halloween Costume for Your Zodiac Sign [Last-Minute 2020 Looks]

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Out of ideas? Let Astrology choose your best Halloween costume this year.

With the right Halloween costume, mandatory face mask, and gloves, Halloween sounds like a perfect holiday to celebrate in 2020.

This year has been particularly hard. The kind that makes you want to crawl back to bed and wait for it to be over. But, a good Halloween party might be just the right cure for our blues.

Who knows, you just might be able to forget about the world troubles for a couple of hours. Hope you don’t miss this chance.

After all, humans have recognized the connection between Zodiac signs and personality traits centuries ago. Tap into that pool of knowledge to draw some last-minute inspiration.

Even with Halloween being a few days away, there’s no need to despair. We’ve got you covered.

Go over the suggestions, think about your likes, hobbies, or your favorite villain, and DIY if you have to.

You can DIY a unique Halloween costume with makeup only and a few distinguishable accessories.

Let’s explore some options.




Aries is the first zodiac sign and the first to party. Aries is passionate and full of life just like Reese Witherspoon’s incredible energy. You probably already have a costume planned, but consider our suggestions.

The best Halloween costume for Aries is an action hero costume. You can be Clark Kent/Superman.

Best Halloween costume for a couple is Sister Night and Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. Five and Klaus Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy is another great idea.

What you need: Clark Kent us old school — khaki trousers, a white t-shirt, and glasses. To make the costume complete wear a superman t-shirt underneath. For Watchmen: buy some face paint makeup (use black or blue), and a cape because it’s all about mystique— the longer, the better. Five looks like a typical schoolboy, and Klaus wears a lot of eye makeup, black nail polish, all black clothes, some fishnet here and there, and a cape if you have one.

Mummy is the best Halloween costume
Chloe x Halle



Taurus is strong and stubborn. Some call a Taurus old-fashioned.

Best Halloween costume for Taurus is Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and Wednesday Adams.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Donald Trump and Melania. Another choice is the Adams Family.

What you need: a ponytail is Ariana’s trademark. A pair of cat ears will make your costume whole. Billie’s trademark is colored hair and baggy clothes. Lately, she also sports long fake nails.

Donald’s suit, tie, and outlandish hairstyle are his trademarks. Melania’s hair, sleek dresses, a cape, and pumps are a constant. Adams family is all about black color and gloomy appearance.




Gemini is imaginative and charismatic. They often have two different sides to their nature. Think of Kanye. He is an accomplished artist and an aspiring politician. Another great example is Betty Cooper from Riverdale. She can be nice and mean if you get on her nerves.

The best Halloween costumes for Gemini are Kanye West and Betty from Riverdale.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Riverdale characters: Betty and Jughead or Archie.

What you need: Betty looks like a typical high-school cheerleader, with a milkshake in hand. If you want to be Jughead or Archie, you should focus on your hair.



Cancer is a traditional figure. They take a long time to relax at a party. Think of Daniel Radcliffe and Harry Potter.

The best Halloween costume for Cancer is Harry Potter.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Billy and Dustin from Stranger Things. More old-fashioned Halloween costumes are Elaine and Kramer from Seinfeld.

What you need: glasses (you can’t pull off a Harry Potter look without them). For Stranger Things and Seinfeld characters: wigs (long, curly hair), all jeans, and converse sneakers.



Leos are strong, powerful, and influential.

The best Halloween costume for Leo is Batman, Thor, or Catwoman and Batgirl.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Chloe x Halle.


What you need: face mask and some makeup can make your whole costume. There’s no need for face paint or a hammer. Chloe x Halle is all about long braids and chunky, golden jewelry.



Virgo is good and pure. Beyoncé is a Virgo, and a true representative.

The best Halloween costume for Virgo is Beyoncé in Black is King.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Beyoncé and Jay Z. Skeleton and Vampire are a good old traditional choice that can’t miss. I wear my skeleton jumpsuit all year round.

What you need: a leopard leotard and big bedazzled sunglasses that you can use in summer as well. A beige pimp suit with a beige turtleneck and a chunky necklace is a costume for Jay Z.



Libra is stylish, classic, and somewhat vain. Let Kim Kardashian’s looks inspire you. Or, think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Best Halloween costume for Libra is Kim K. and Holly Golightly.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Kim and Kanye.

What you need: Kim’s thick eyebrows, large bottom, face makeup, long hair, sleek dress and baggy clothes, and sneakers for Kanye. Throw in some chunky jewelry and you are set. For Holly’s costume, focus on big hair, and a long string of fake pearls. Long black satin gloves are a nice touch.



Scorpios are intense, confident, and never shy.

The best Halloween costume for Scorpio is Katy Perry or Drake. Also, a traditional mummy or vampire costume is a great choice for Scorpio.

Take a look at Chloe x Halle in pink and yellow resembling mummies.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is General Mark R. Naird and Maggie From Space Force. Schitt’s Creek characters are also an original choice.

What you need: a short, colorful wig for Katy, with a bedazzled jeans jacket and a fake beard for Drake. General Naird’s uniform is easy to copy, as is Maggie’s orange jumpsuit (that you can keep on wearing after Halloween). They are perfect costumes if you hate putting on face makeup.

One of the main characters in Schitt’s Creek has distinctive eyebrows. Why not focus just on eyebrows, and let people guess who you are.



Sagittarius is optimistic and a dreamer. Think of Britney Spears’ adorable childish nature. They are first to start dancing at a party.

The best Halloween costume for Sagittarius is Britney Spears.

The best Halloween costume for a couple or group is Miley and Noah Cyrus or Kylie and Stormi.

What you need: a school uniform for Britney and ponytails. Miley and Noah prefer black and a lot of tattoos. The latest photos of Kylie and Stormi show them in matching leopard leotards. It works for guys, too.



Capricorns are passionate, ready for a fight.

The best Halloween costume for Capricorn is Carol Danvers from Captain Marvel or Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey.

Best Halloween costume for a couple is Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. You could dress as Poison Ivy and Beetlejuice.

What you need: a lot of face makeup will help a lot and special wigs to imitate hairstyles. For any Marvel character, you should look into real costumes. Uma and John’s uniforms are practically identical, so focus on hair and attitude.

Poison Ivy and Beetlejuice require a bit of expertise when it comes to face makeup, but don’t let it stop you.



Aquarius is easy-going and artistic. The Hippie Movement truly embodies what Aquarius is all about.

The best Halloween costume for Aquarius is Harry Styles in Watermelon Sugar.

Best Halloween costume for a couple is Felicity Shagwell and Austin Powers.

What you need: blue or rose-tinted sunglasses (shaped like hearts preferably), knitted jumper, shirt with floral design, a bunch of fake tattoos, and jewelry. If you can manage to put an H somewhere or watermelon, you’re golden.



Pisces are sensitive and soulful. Halloween is not on top of your favorite holiday list. Supernatural, witches, and clowns are just not your thing.

The best Halloween costume for Pisces is Justin Bieber or Sia. Baby Yoda from Mandalorian is another way to go.

The best Halloween costume for a couple is Elle and Lee from Kissing Booth. Beastie Boys are a great choice for a group of friends. Remember them?

What you need: to imitate Justin best you’ll definitely need a fake mustache. A blonde wig is unavoidable. If you have a Hailey, she could be your arm candy. Baby Yoda is an easy one: paint your face green and wear a T-shirt saying This is the way. For Beastie Boys, watch some of the older music videos for inspiration.


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