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If there’s one quintessential piece of equipment you need for scrying or seeing into the future, it’s a crystal ball.

For years, people have relied on the clarity and visual appeal of crystal for fortune telling and other mystic and spiritual arts, and it’s a crucial accessory for anyone interested in these worlds.

A good crystal ball has many uses, and whether you want it for mere decoration or plan on using it for meditating or foreseeing the future, you’ll need a ball that can deliver the goods. With so many knock-offs out there it’s hard to find one that’s worthy, and people usually end up getting something fake and ineffective.

So, what is the best crystal ball for scrying?

A quality crystal ball used for seeing or scrying should be made of crystal in some form, large enough to suit your needs, and with optimal clarity and color. There are hundreds of variations to choose from and many features, so consider first what you plan on using it for, and then let that guide you to the right one.

To narrow down your search to those worthy, we’ve found a few real crystal ball options that are worth your consideration. Whether you want a crystal ball prediction or the best crystal ball for meditating, you’ll find it here, so check out our favorite finds.

Owning a crystal ball opens up a lot of possibilities, even if you just want to use it for decoration. When it comes to scrying with crystals though, you need to make sure the ball you choose is genuine and with the right features, so we’ve rounded up our top picks that meet these requirements.


The Best Crystal Ball for Scrying – Reviews For 2022

Winner: Amlong Crystal 8 Inch Ball

Amlong Crystal 8 Inch Ball Review


  • Material: Quartz crystal
  • Stand: Wooden
  • Size: 8 x 8 x 10.44 inches

The most accurate crystal ball and our favorite find is the Amlong Crystal 8 Inch Ball, made of reconstituted quartz crystal. This is one of the most famous balls on the market today, and it measures 8 x 8 x 10.44 inches and 22.4lbs in size, sitting atop a wooden stand that keeps it in place while you scry, meditate, or simply adore it from afar.

According to customers, the clarity and quality of this mind reading crystal ball is what sets it apart, and even more so when you consider the low price. People were thrilled to find no marks or faults within the ball, and it provided the clarity that you need for scrying and meditating, without the hefty price tag.

However, the gift packaging that it comes with leaves something to be desired, with some customers calling it cheap and being disappointed that a ball would be packaged like this. Although marketed as gift-ready, you’ll want to wrap it yourself and put it in a proper box if you plan on gifting this to someone else.

The Amlong 8 Inch Crystal Ball is made with flawless quality and uses no lead anywhere. It’s made of reconstituted quartz crystal that gives it the fine finish without making it too expensive, and it’ll instantly improve the look of a room, even if you don’t plan on using it for scrying. The ball sits on top of a wooden stand that measures 5.5 x 2.5 inches so overall it’s a decent size that would look good on any table or mantle.

If you want the best scrying crystals for your spiritual needs, look no further than the Amlong 8 Inch Crystal Ball. This famous brand knows how to make a quality ball on a budget, and you can get the clear one on Amazon for around $95 with free shipping included. Amlong also makes colored balls including amber and black, but these cost a little more at around $350, giving you more options for scrying crystals that suit your style.

Runner Up: Amlong Crystal 4.5 Inch Ball

Amlong Crystal 4.5 Inch Ball Review


  • Material: Quartz crystal
  • Stand: Gold plated
  • Size: 4.5 inches

If you don’t need a large crystal ball for scrying, something as beautiful and compact as the Amlong Crystal 4.5 Inch will do. This comes from the classic brand that knows how to affordably craft a beautiful crystal ball and it’s ideal for everything from fortune telling to decorating. The Amlong 4.5 Inch Crystal Ball weighs just over 4lbs so it’s hefty for its size, and indicates just how quality the crystal is.

The best thing about this crystal ball is the range of colors, and how upgrading to something more vibrant like a pink or purple ball won’t affect the price. Those who enjoy scrying crystals appreciate this diversity of color and it can ensure you get the right fit for your décor, so this feature is a huge bonus.

On the negative side of things, the gold plated dragon stand it comes with feels a little flimsy, and some people noted that the covering started to chip away after a few months of use. You can easily replace it with something of your own, but considering it’s sold as a package deal, you shouldn’t have to.

The Amlong Crystal Ball is made with reconstituted quartz crystal, like their other balls, and it features no lead or imperfections. It has exceptional clarity and quality that makes it appear like a much more expensive product, but still giving you everything you need for divination and scrying practices. The overall package dimensions are 7.7 x 5.2 x 5.1 inches and it features a gift box that makes it an ideal choice for giving to someone else who is just getting into scrying, or you can enjoy it yourself.

If you only need a smaller crystal ball and prefer a trusted name to craft it, the Amlong 4.5 Inch Crystal Ball is one of the best. The ball and gift packaging cost around $30 on Amazon with free shipping and free returns, and there are loads of colors to choose from, so you’ve got nothing to lose with giving these beautiful scrying tools a try.

Alternative: Zhams 3 Inch Crystal Ball

Zhams 3 Inch Crystal Ball Review


  • Material: Crystal
  • Stand: Wooden
  • Size: 3 inch

When you’re scrying on a budget, something small and sweet like the Zhams Crystal Ball is the best option. This is a smaller 3-inch ball that’s made of solid crystal, and it comes with a wooden root base that only adds further to its beauty. The overall dimensions are 3.1 x 3.1 x 4 inches so it should fit on most tables, mantles, and shrines, or wherever it is you choose to read your crystals.

The wooden base is what drew most customers to this ball, and its beauty didn’t disappoint in person. It has been hand-crafted from a piece of wooden root and adds a mystical touch to the ball that you won’t find with others. If you’d prefer to stay clear of cheaper metal bases, the wooden stand of this ball from Zhams sets it apart for sure.

However, don’t be mistaken that this is a smaller ball, and not just in diameter, as it weighs around 1.5lbs only. If you’re purchasing a crystal ball with the hope that it’ll be heftier and feel like it’s well made, you could get a shock when holding this one for the first time. Some customers were disappointed to find that it felt lightweight, so consider this before going with the cheaper option.

These crystal balls from Zhams come in different colors including green, yellow, and blue, or you can stick with the traditional clear white crystal ball. As well as the ball, Zhams has included a gorgeous butterfly embroidery pendant, so it makes a great gift for others or as something beautiful to wear for yourself.

The Zhams 3 Inch Crystal Ball might be lightweight, but it’s still ideal for scrying, and costs around $17 on Amazon, making it one of the cheapest options. You’ll need to pay for shipping unless you purchase two balls and quality to have it sent for free, but Amazon will also offer free returns should there be any problems. This is an economical way to read crystals with all of the beauty and clarity that a ball like this should have.

Best Jade Divination Sphere: Jovivi Natural Dragon Blood Sphere

Jovivi Natural Dragon Blood Sphere Review


  • Material: Quartz crystal
  • Stand: Plastic
  • Size: 1.2 inches

There are few materials more beautiful than jade and if you’d rather one in this unique style, the Jovivi Natural Crystal Sphere can help you capture it. This sphere is made of crystal quartz and colored with fluorite gemstones including amethyst and jade, and it looks as though it’s crafted out of solid jade. It measures 1.18 inches in width for a smaller tabletop crystal ball that will serve you just as well for scrying.

According to customers, the best thing about this ball its appearance, and it’s not just a simple clear or colored crystal object. You’ll be able to note minuscule features and attributes that make each ball unique regardless of the material you choose, so even if you have more than one, none of them will ever look the same.

The major letdown with this sphere is the stand and the fact that it’s made of cheap plastic, even though they’ve attempted to make it look like glass or crystal. Although the ball itself is one of the cheaper options, having a wooden or metal stand would have been ideal, as you can see instantly that it’s made of plastic and it brings down the whole look of the package.

The Jovivi Natural Crystal Sphere is a single piece ball that comes in a few styles including amethyst, jade, and dragon’s blood. The total weight is around 2.89oz so it’s light enough to hold in your hand and suits those who prefer to do crystal scrying up close and by holding it themselves.

If you want to see what the Jovivi Natural Crystal Sphere is capable of, head to Amazon for the best price of around $15 when you shop at the online marketplace. Included in this price are the plastic stand, velvet bag, and gift box, so it’s a complete package that would make any would-be scryer happy.

Best Obsidian Crystal Ball: Juvale Black Obsidian Crystal Ball

Juvale Black Obsidian Crystal Ball Review


  • Material: Crystal
  • Stand: Wooden
  • Size: 3.15 inches

Not everyone wants a bright, clear crystal ball to scry with, and if you’d rather something black to do your work, the Juvale Black Obsidian Crystal Ball will be right up your alley. This 3.15-inch diamater ball is a medium size and ideal for tabletops, including a wooden stand to keep it displayed and in perfect condition. Unlike other brightly colored or clear balls, it adds a mysterious element to any tabletop it sits on, and is dark and black but still opaque enough to see through in the right conditions.

For its smaller diameter, the Juvale is a hefty ball, and weighs around 2lbs in total. Customers were thrilled when they received it as it signaled a higher quality ball than they were expecting in this price range. If you don’t want anything too overpowering but still want quality crystal, this makes the Juvale a good pick.

Although marketed as an obsidian ball, there are no further claims from Juvale that it features true organic obsidian. Some customers have noted a lack of imperfections that would make it a more realistic looking glass, but without these, it appears the obsidian has been manually processed.

This black obsidian crystal ball is made with flawless black crystal and looks just as beautiful on the included wooden stand or anywhere else you choose to display it. The dimensions are 3.1 x 3.1 x 4.5 inches with the ball itself being 3.15 inches in diameter for something mid-range in size. This is the perfect shape and size for picking up a ball for fortune telling or leaving it to sit in the stand, so it’s one of the more versatile options we’ve reviewed.

If you prefer the look of a darker crystal ball to do your scrying, you’ll love the mystique of the Juvale Black Obsidian Crystal Ball. Amazon has it listed currently for around $15 with free shipping only available when you purchase two. This compact ball is our favorite pick for a black crystal model, and if you’d rather something darker for fortune telling and spiritual uses, it’s one of the best.

Crystal Ball FAQs

benefits of crystal balls

A scrying crystal ball is a helpful tool for many things, including meditation and reading into the future.

If you’ve never learned about these spiritual accessories, we’ve answered some questions that can give you the insight you’re after.

What Is Crystal Ball Gazing?

Crystal ball gazing is another term for scrying or seeing into the future, and it involves looking into a crystal ball to gain premonitions about things that are about to occur. It’s believed that you can see symbols or representations in these crystals that help you predict future events.

What Does Scrying Mean?

Scrying means seeing, and when talking about a crystal ball, it means seeing into the future. This could be your own future or someone else you are doing a reading for, and it’s made easier with the use of a crystal ball that helps you

What Is An Obsidian Mirror?

obsidian mirror

The obsidian mirror originated in Mexico as it was used as a way to look into another spiritual world and access it, and some people still use them today for the same purpose. They are sometimes believed to be used to communicate with the dead as well or speak with beings of the underworld.

Is Astrology A Form Of Divination?

Astrology might be considered a form of divination as it uses the observation of the stars, sun, and planets to determine events and predict what may occur in the future.

Those who study astrology believe they can use it to establish personalities, moods, and happenings now and in the future, which can make it a type of divination.

The Crystal Ball for the Job

Anyone who takes scrying with crystals seriously will know that the quality of the ball you use is paramount to the task. A genuine crystal ball of the right size and clarity will ensure better results, so it’s worth taking your time to do the research when shopping around.

Our expert picks are hand-selected to meet these criteria and they’re ideal for everything from meditation to fortune telling, so you can be guaranteed versatility and quality. With your very own crystal ball, there’s no limit to what you can achieve, so this is one spiritual tool you don’t want to be without.


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