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Meditation Blend Essential Oil By Healing Solutions



Meditation Synergy Blend By Eden Gardens


Artizen Meditation Blend Essential Oil


Chakras Essential Oils by Chakras Insense



Muse Bath Apothecary Room Ritual

There are moments when you feel trapped, desperate, and wanting to get a lasting break from life’s challenging hustles.

You seek everything within your reach to get you back on track, and luckily you stumble upon meditation enhanced with aromatherapy. This therapy uses the best essential oils for meditation and rituals 2020, which help you relax, unwind, and improve body rejuvenation.

But what is the connection between the best essential oils for meditation and rituals?

Have you ever wondered why you feel uplifted when you inhale particular scents?

And do you know what essential oils are and how they are instrumental in maintaining wellness through meditation and rituals?

If this is your predicament and you have a hunger for knowledge, this piece will answer all these questions. So let’s look at the top essential oils that you should use for meditation and rituals.

Best Essential Oils For Meditation And Rituals – Reviews For 2020

Best Overall: Meditation Blend Essential Oil By Healing Solutions

Meditation Blend Essential Oil By Healing Solutions Review


This meditation blend did not become the number one best essential oils for prayers and meditation in vain, and you are about to find out precisely why that is.

Product specification

This essential oil, specially formulated by Healing Solutions, comes in three different packaging—a 33fl oz, 30ml, and 60ml UV-protected amber brown glass bottles with white caps.
Each bottle contains one-hundred percent therapeutic gradient essential oil with a well-formulated mix of Ylang-ylang, clary sage, patchouli, thyme oils, Frankincense, and Sweet Orange.


When it comes to meditation, the Ylang-ylang offers pain-relieving properties, and Patchouli is instrumental in reducing anxiety and stress.

Additionally, the Sweet orange gifts you an overwhelming feeling of happiness and warmth, and thyme oils are perfect for sorting skin issues and insect repellant as a supplementary benefit. Lastly, Clary sage has the effect of calming the mind and the body.

For rituals and prayers, Frankincense has an uplifting sensation that enhances inspiration, improves your spiritual connection, and invokes an increase of faith and stillness, which amounts to the lightness.

Extra features

The soothing scent is refreshing, which helps rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. This initiates relaxation and increases focus. It is one of the best essential oils for meditation and morning prayers to kick start your day.

This essential oil has a kosher certification, which makes it very unique.


One notable limitation of using this product, as brought forth by one user, is that the blend’s frankincense scent can be a bit overpowering. This results in side effects, such as feeling nauseous and stomach upset.

Why you should buy this product

The Meditation Blend Essential Oil by Healing Solutions is the creme of the best essential oils and aromatherapy for meditation because it can be used for many purposes.

Its 0.33fl oz perfectly blended therapeutic oil goes for $9, the 30ml container goes for $15, while the 60ml bottle goes for $20. These pieces are pocket-friendly, considering the benefits you will get, making them a worthy investment.

Runner up: Meditation Synergy Blend By Eden Gardens

Meditation Synergy Blend By Eden Gardens Review


Eden Gardens has an admirable reputation for producing the best essential oils for meditation, and this prime blend is nothing short of divinity and excellence.

Product specifications

The meditation blend is packaged in a UV-protected amber bottle with a brown and black sticker providing all the essential oil blend information. The product comes in 5ml, 10ml, and a roll-on bottle version.

The ingredient mix is extensive, including ylang-ylang, patchouli, cedarwood, chamomile, bergamot, clove bud, lime, tangerine, Peru balsam, Palo Santo, vetiver, and lavender. These ingredients are 100% naturally harvested and blended without preservatives, sulfates, parabens, or synthetic material.


Each of these elementary ingredients plays a crucial role in ensuring emotional balance, elevating your mood, and promoting the body’s overall wellness. As part of the vast list of ingredients, some notable mentions are lavender’s commendable ability to evoke a feeling of calmness instrumental for meditation.

Cedarwood initiates a healing process in the body, and it is believed to increase one’s spiritual connection—bergamot aids in pain relief, which can be very useful for healing rituals. Ylang ylang is also a great pain reliever, a mood booster, and it has a rare quality to open up one’s sensuality and beauty. Ylang-ylang is used for erotic rituals to achieve a deeper appreciation for inner beauty and sexuality.

Extra features

This Eden Garden’s product is 100% vegan and does not use any preservatives in its formula. It is also GMO, BPA, and gluten-free.


People who have been using this product attest that the formula seems to have changed without prior notice. Regardless, it still smells fantastic, and you will relish adding this brand to your collection of essential oils for meditation and ritual.

Why you should buy this product

This essential oil catalog for deep meditation is quite impressive, making it reason enough to get it. The 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, and the roll-on retail at $13, $16, $33 and $15 respectively.

If you wish to get the value pack at $28, which contains two 10ml Eden Garden’s Synergy meditation essential oils for meditation, go right ahead, you save a few bucks anyway. As seen, this brand of essential oils is ideal for both events being focused on in this piece.

Alternative: Artizen Meditation Blend Essential Oil

Artizen Meditation Blend Essential Oil Review


The Artizen Meditation Blend essential oil is another therapeutic natural pure blend made with 100% natural elements. It’s packed in a beautiful translucent royal bottle with a sky blue sticker covering all around the circular bottle.

If you are familiar with the most brown-bottled essential oil containers, you will find this one entirely unique.

Product specifications

The oil is packed in capacities of 1 fl oz, 2 fl oz, and 4 fl oz.

This essential meditation oil is a well-formulated blend with Ylang-ylang, Patchouli, Clary sage, Sweet Orange, Thyme, Frankincense, and Lavender. Each bottle is a concentrated mix with no diluting liquid. You enjoy the oils in their purest forms.


This essential oil for meditation is a relaxing mix because of the Patchouli and Ylang-ylang that are mood enhancers. Clary sage is perfect for calming the mind and relaxing the body.

The concentrated blend also delivers a clearing of negativity by promoting a more profound sense of contemplative calmness and tranquillity because of the Lavender.

On a ritualistic level, Lavender is very fundamental. It also activates both the heart and crown chakra. Not to forget Francinscens, which inspires an increase in faith and internal strength.

These oils can be used in essential oils for meditation doTerra diffuser, an aroma stick, or an aromatherapy accessory.

Extra features

All Artizen products, including this collection, comes in a UV protected glass which shields the constituents from sunlight decay.
Furthermore, they offer a lifetime warranty that guarantees repairs and replacement parts in case of any issue.


Admittedly, when the oil is used in its concentrated form, it works perfectly, but once diluted, it loses its gist. Several users have attested that while using the diffuser, the scent dissipated as fast as it was unrolled into the air.

Why you should buy this product

The 1 fl oz goes for $10, the 2 fl oz is going for $15, and the 4 fl oz retails at $25. Hence, you will be getting a great deal for your cash buying these oils at these set prices.

These essential oils for meditation and ritual are then a must-have that will serve you for a long time.

Alternative: Chakras Essential Oils by Chakras Insense

Chakras Essential Oils by Chakras Insense Review


These are a seven series essential oil collection, all with a meditative and ritualistic purpose to unlock your energies and change them for the better. These series includes the following products:

  • The 1st Chakra, Muladhara- root
  • The 2nd Chakra, Svadhisthana- sacred
  • The 3rd Chakra, Manipura- solar plexus
  • The 4th Chakra, Anahata- heart
  • The 5th Chakra, Vishudda- throat
  • The 6th Chakra, Anja- third eye
  • The 7th Chakra, Sahasrara- crown

Product specifications

When you buy the whole set of seven, you receive the boxes containing 15ml amber brown bottles. The bottles contain the seven hues of the rainbow branding in descending order. This root blend has a mix of Patchouli and vetiver.

The sacred has Ylang-ylang and Jasmine, Solar Plexus has Bergamot and Ginger, Heart has Sandalwood and Rose, the Throat has Frankincense and Peppermint, and Third Eye has Cinnamon and sage. Lastly, the Crown is a blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Lotus.


Patchouli and Vetiver’s mix is instrumental in the spiritual search for survival and goes a long way in strengthening your livelihood. The Ylang-ylang and Jasmine invoke creativity, enhances self-appreciation, self-love, romance, and passion. Using the blend of Ginger and Bergamot also influence self-love and identity.

Sandalwood and Rose are ritualistic oils that aid a better experience coping with situations involving love, death, sadness, betrayal, and death. Rose brings the love sections while Sandalwood brings onboard the inward connection and finding peace.
The peppermint and Frenkinscense bring to the table better communication within one-self and enhances the listening ability.

The profound stillness and deeper spiritual connection are achievable when using this product. Cinnamon and sage are perfect for invoking rational and logical thinking. This directly links to intelligence, intuition, dreams, and memory.

The final blend of Myrrh, Lotus, and Frankincense brings onboard a strong sense of eternal peace to live beyond a worldly life and become light and content. With such a long list of benefits, Chakra essential oils are, for sure, the all-rounded and the best essential oils for prayer and meditation, hands down!

Extra Features

The formula used in the making of these essential oils for deep meditation is derived from ancient tradition. These oils can be used in diffusers, as perfume oils, or for baths.


There is really nothing negative about these oils, maybe only the fact that you might have to get the whole set to get the full experience. Otherwise, you might just have to enjoy only part of the transcendence journey.

Why you should buy this product

There are so many reasons you should get this product, as seen above. Each bottle retails for only $15.

Best Essential Oils For Rituals: Muse Bath Apothecary Room Ritual

Muse Bath Apothecary Room Ritual Review


As a ritual essential oil, this mist product is perfect for an immediate effect. The style is rather dull, straightforward, and one-toned, but do not let that fool you; this blend of essential oils is significant for rituals and meditation alike.

Product specifications

The Muse Bath Apothecary Room ritual mist comes in a 236ml brown bottle. The formula is made of Aloe, Eucalyptus, and Lavender oils.


On a transcendence level, the mist creates a calm and serene surrounding the moment it is dispensed into the air. The fresh eucalyptus represents freedom, aloe evokes newness, and Lavender clears negative energy and promotes peace and calmness.

Extra features

This Muse Bath Apothecary Room Ritual mist is a 100% vegan product made with all-natural flora and cruelty-free practices bestowed with the leaping bunny certification.
The formulation of these essential oils for meditation and ritual does not have any synthetics, including parabens or ETDAs.


The downside of this product is that the packaging might be too plain compared to competing brands that go all out. The mist, when used in one spritz, lasts for a short time.

Why you should buy this product

The price stands at $16 for a two-pack deal. Its unique mist design makes it easy for an application not needing a diffuser or mixing agent. For $52, you can get two different hand and pillow ritual products.

Why Should You Use Essential Oils for Meditation and Rituals?

Essential oils are the basis of therapeutic because they smell divine, which has a powerful effect on the brain. They initiate healing, relaxation, mood-boosting, and so many other effects, and that is because of the relationship the mind has with these smells.

When inhaled, these aromatic particles enter the body through the olfactory nerves located in the nasal cavities. Once in the body, they stimulate the nerves that send messages directly to the amygdala part of the brain responsible for our emotions.

This is a simple explanation of why an aromatherapist or a religious leader goes for specific essential oils for meditation and ritual because of the emotion it evokes.

The Focal Characteristics of Meditative and Ritualistic Scenarios

How are the two activities related or different? By looking at the characteristics of the two activities, you will understand better how the best oils for meditation and rituals 2020 elevate your sessions.

Common Characteristics of the Two Activities


The majority of meditative and ritualistic spaces have an overpowering calming effect that makes you feel safe. This calm effect may be achieved with soft music, chanting sounds, a mild breeze, and a wonderful complimentary fragrant smell.


Transcendence means an uplifting feeling of something beyond things we comprehend. Both of these scenarios affect us, which is why we approach each with humbleness and an open mind and heart to receive the positive energies.


Whenever you leave a meditation session or a ritual, you get a good feeling of healing, something unexplainable that has lightened your burden. This is what healing results in, feeling free and rejuvenated.


In a meditative or ritual setting, nothing feels forced. You go there by your own will, and you go with the flow taking things as they come in a relaxed manner. A relaxing surrounding is then a shared feeling in both scenarios.


Lightness entails no stress and an easy-going mood that combines all of the above individual characteristics. An elegant atmosphere is achievable using essential oils in both of these scenarios.

The Difference In The Two Scenarios

The main difference between the two is that a ritualistic environment differs in mood and occasion while a meditative surrounding mostly remains the same.

Rituals may also be different in terms of religion and even the tempo. Some are very soft and easy, while some are pretty intense and loud. Each will have a different set of essential oil to use.

Essential Oils For Meditation and Rituals FAQ

essential oils for rituals

Do essentials oils really work?

Yes, they do. However, the first catch is that you must get the real deal and not counterfeits being sold in the market. Secondly, you must use the best method according to your tastes for the best results.

How do you disperse essential oils?

There are four ways you can disperse essential oils, depending on the results you want to achieve. The first way is by using diffusers when you want your living space, either the office or home, to have the essential oil fragrance. These essential oil diffusers come in different operating models like nebulizing, ultrasonic, heat, and evaporative. Each has its own mechanism it works with, and even the intensity they dissipate the oils with differs.

The second way you can use these essential oils is for personal use that entails the skin’s direct application. You can use them in massage oils, and since most are highly concentrated, they may come infused with a carrier oil. Some examples of carrier oils are coconut, jojoba, argan, among others. Butters like shea butter may also be used infused with essential oils.

The third way is by using aromatherapy accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry made of unique absorbent material that takes in the scents. Since you carry them on you, to use, you simply inhale the aroma by smelling the accessory.
The last way you can use essential oils is by using an aroma stick, also known as oil inhalers, similar to the medical inhaler. It works by pressing a button for the inhaler to release an airborne dose of the essential oil.

How long do essential oils last?

It all depends on several factors. Factor number one is the concentration of the essential oil. Inevitably, the more concentrated, the longer it lasts. Factor number two is the mode used to disperse the oil. If you are using aroma sticks, inhalers, aromatherapy, and diffusers that don’t require dilution, the essence will last longer.

Diffusers like the ultrasonic, which prompts you to dilute the oil, will result to a lesser usage period.

Thirdly, the individual fragrances used in the formulation might factor in too. Some scents tend to be more intense than others. Take, for instance, ginger compared to rose. Each has a distinctive smell, while one is more overpowering than the other. This simply means that ginger-infused essential oil might stick around longer than the rose oils, which is more gentle and feathery.

Are diffusing essential oils safe for your lungs?

The question of safety solely depends on the essential oils you use. If you use counterfeit oils, then you will be endangering your whole respiratory system—the nasal cavity, windpipe, and lungs.

One way to tell if an essential oil is not the real deal is when you experience side effects like migraines, nausea, or dizziness with scents that generally do not invoke such reactions.

But if you use the original products with the right kinds of oils infused in the blend, your lungs and the rest of your organs are safe from the fumes. The surest way to ensure you use original products is by going to trusted sources to get your essential oils.


Now you know about the best essential oils for meditation and rituals 2020 exhaustively.

Each product mentioned above is a fully certified essential oil with immeasurable desirable benefits that fit perfectly into meditation and ritual sessions.

Hence, any of the five will help elevate your meditation and ritual sessions to levels you have never experienced before. We all know that both these activities are fundamental for a fair and healthy lifestyle, so get yourself one or all of them and give them a try. Especially now that you know what they are all about, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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