Best Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser 2022 For Optimal Meditation








Waterless Orbis and Solum Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers By ArOmis



Radiance Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser by Organic Aromas


The Ultrasonic Mosaic Glowing Glass Essential Oil Diffuser by Mosa More


The Raindrop Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas


The Smart Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

How impressive would it be to have mesmerizing aromas accompany you on a journey of self-discovery and healing during meditation sessions!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic? For instance, you can use candles infused with essential oil to generate beneficial incense.

However, you can make the experience mess-free and instantaneous by using the best nebulizer essential oil diffuser 2020 for optimal meditation.

But what is a diffuser? In the most straightforward terms, a diffuser is a device that uses electricity, battery, or thermal radiation to spread a fragrance or aroma in a room.

Diffusers that disperse essential oils are specially designed to distribute the aroma in confined spaces. This piece shall review some of the best nebulizer essential oil diffusers ranked from the overall winner to the runners-up based on features, price, benefits, pros, and cons.

Let’s look at the best essential oil nebulizer based on several such as features and benefits to help you make a better decision when shopping for the device.

Best Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser – Reviews For 2022

Best Overall: Waterless Orbis and Solum Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers By ArOmis

Waterless Orbis and Solum Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers By ArOmis Review


Just one glimpse at this nebulizing diffuser will explain why it tops the nebulizing essential oil diffuser reviews.

Its style, functionality, features, and price make it a deserving pick for the best overall winner.
And here is the kicker. You can choose any of the twelve different designs! Talk of variety. This should unmistakably be your number one pick just as it is ours. Let’s look at more details below.

About the product

Undoubtedly the best nebulizer, the ArOmis models, are built and designed as heatless and waterless machines that dispense essential oils aromas in their full capacity. The device’s base is made of well-crafted beech wood, and the upper sections of the device consist of well-designed hand-blown glass.
This waterless essential oil diffuser device is capable of dispensing oil fumes in a thirty by thirty feet wide room.


Some of the perks of using this device are that it possesses an intensity adjustment button that allows you to freely dial-up or down the oil fumes dispersion vigor. It is never messy as it contains no liquids.
The glass elements are extremely efficient since they do not leak any dangerous chemicals that could be harmful to inhale.

Extra features

Beyond having twelve design varieties to choose from, the ArOmis nebulizing diffuser is very appealing aesthetically. ArOmis creations contain a timer release mechanism with ten minutes on and ten minutes off rhythm that repeats for four hours straight.
If the essential oil runs out before then, it automatically goes off. This makes it perfect for a meditative session where you do not want to be disturbed by refilling.
For these reasons, it is quintessential for group yoga meditation sessions at studios where it stays on for 4 hours undisturbed.


The glass can easily break and be a danger to pets, kids, and adults alike if an Orbis or Solum nebulizing diffuser is kept at an exposed location where there is a risk of getting knocked down. It is, therefore, not the best nebulizer to have in a house with children or pets.

As reported by several customers, this unit can be noisy, but a few consider it therapeutic since white noise is produced. This issue can be relative depending on the person using it. If you use this device using low-quality essential oils, you might not get the desired results.

To buy or not to buy?

Having the option to select from twelve different designs at a retail price of approximately $90 is commendable, and so this nebulizing diffuser is for sure a good buy. For this price, you are free to choose any one of the following versions, each with three types under its umbrella:

  • Orbis Lux series – Eros, Vitis, or Merus versions
  • Orbis Nox series – Eros, Vitis, or Merus versions
  • Solum Lux series -Eros, Vitis, or Merus versions
  • Solum Nox series – Eros, Vitis or Merus versions

Every solum model has a more rectangular circular base while the Orbis has a spherical base with no corners. All of these devices are easy to manage and clean.

And the best news is that you can purchase the diffuser as a package by simply adding a few bucks to get yourself essential oils and an extra glass decanter. This package will cost you no more than $135.

Runner-up: Radiance Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser by Organic Aromas

Radiance Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser by Organic Aromas Review


The organic Aromas’ Radiance Essential Oil Nebulizer Diffuser is one of the prime essential oil nebulizers. This gadget is eco-friendly as it’s made with durable material that lasts quite a long time with proper care.
Radiance has a well-crafted wooden bottom and a hand-crafted upper section, a beautifully designed glass piece that makes it both functional and appealing to the eyes. The most striking part of the gadget is the spiral glass design that is unmatched and presents as a priceless art masterpiece.

About the product

The Radiance device weighs approximately 1.65 pounds and utilizes no heat or water. The glass is tempered and hand-blown, and the wooden support is a finely crafted plantation wood.


This exceptional Organic Aromas Radiance diffuser ranks higher on nebulizing diffuser reviews since it is made with non-toxic and durable material. The glass material used in the decanter doesn’t erode to produce any toxic matter that may leech into the oil vapor being released.

This artistic piece can be placed anywhere you wish to put it, as it looks spectacular. It is not messy since there is no heat or water involved in vapor production.

Extra features

Once purchased, you get a year free-of-charge components exchange program and a service guarantee contract that extends for 12 months. Additionally, the nebulizer has a 7-tone LED light feature that shifts through the radiant rainbows’ colors. These features are quite appealing when you want to infuse meditation using different tones and chakras’ channeling. You also have the freedom to use one color per session or use all the seven rainbow hues for your session.
The incense I released for two-minute duration then it goes off for a minute and continuously repeats this for two hours.


The delicate glass elements in this nebulizing diffuser are hazardous to anyone if they break. And since they are fundamental, the device won’t function at all if they break.
It is especially not safe with homes with pets and children. The second disadvantage the two-hour on-time seems short for some customers.

To buy or not to buy?

The Organic Aromas Radiance diffuser retails at a price of approximately $85 in most online stores. This device is excellent for meditative purposes and can fit in any room. For the above reasons, it is a worthy investment that you should buy.

Alternative: The Ultrasonic Mosaic Glowing Glass Essential Oil Diffuser by Mosa More

The Ultrasonic Mosaic Glowing Glass Essential Oil Diffuser by Mosa More Review


If there is a single word that could ever describe this hand-crafted device, it would be exquisite. This diffuser looks so delicate and refined with hints of ancient classical beauty that you might not even know that it is a diffuser unless the owner tells you it is. Unlike the other two, it is an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, but there is a particular reason it made it to this list as an alternative.

Want to know what those reasons are? Keep reading, and you will find out.

About the product

This Mosa More glowing ball is an ultrasonic diffuser, which implies that it uses a blend of water and a few drops of essential oils to function at its best.
The diffuser has a capacity of 200ml of liquid and has a net weight of 1.7 pounds. This little beauty spreads its aromatic fumes to cover a 400sq foot room fully.


We cannot stress enough the aesthetic appeal that this device excludes, which can also benefit you. You can use it as a decorative piece in your home, making it a multipurpose tool.

This ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser is very quiet, perfect for anyone who enjoys pin-drop silence during their meditation sessions. For this reason, it can be placed in your kids’ room or your study allowing you and your children to rest easy and study in the same silence.
After going on for a while and the water solution depletes, it automatically goes off.

Extra features

The Mosa More essential oil diffusers has a three setting button that allows you to power the device, set the intensity desired, set up the LED lighting, and turn it off. An extra benefit from these additional features is that it may also be used as a night light for your baby’s room.

There are three strikingly gorgeous designs to choose from—the Golden silver, the Mediterranean Enthusiasm, and the Red Sunflower. Each has a bohemian feel to it that adds character when placed on any surface or room.


This device’s downsides are that it has a glass part, which can be a hazard if it breaks. It is, therefore, best placed in spots kids and pets cannot reach easily.

It runs for two hours, a relatively short period, especially if the yoga meditative session goes beyond this time frame.

To buy or not to buy?

Right off the bat, this is a buy for sure. One-piece retails at approximately $45, and you may combine with a set of essential oils by adding only $10. There is a variety of designs to choose from at the same price, so why not!

Alterantive: The Raindrop Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas

The Raindrop Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser from Organic Aromas Review


Just as the name suggests, this nebulizing essential oil diffuser is shaped like a raindrop. It is a sight to behold and holds so much beauty and functionality in one package. Let’s dive right into the details.

About the product

The Raindrop nebulizing diffuser has a net mass of 1.65 pounds and is made of a wooden base with upper glass parts. The device is relatively medium-sized and won’t take much of table-top space.


The glass is an aesthetic piece that makes this diffuser a masterpiece. However, the glass is protected from eroding, which produces off any toxic substance that may be harmful to humans and pets.
The conical glass release mechanism is genius as it delivers a powerful jet of aromatic air from the device. You will, for sure, tell the difference minutes after the device is turned on. This nebulizing diffuser is an elegant option for your office or gym for meditation since it has no water compartment prone to spillages.
It is also tranquil, ideal for meditative purposes.

Extra features

Just like most of Organic Aromas products, the Raindrop 2.0 comes with a one-year service warranty and a free parts replacement for that same time frame. If you ever want a replacement, you simply contact the manufacturer, and they will deliver the parts you need.


The glass parts of this are pretty fragile and prone to breakages. Thus, they are not ideal for kids’ bedrooms or locations where they can be easily knocked over.
The two-hour on-window is not enough for some customers. The device also uses a substantial amount of essential oils. This implies that you have to have enough supply to avoid lacking later on.

To buy or not to buy?

There are two styles of the Raindrop 2.0 available on the market.
There is the light brown wooden base or the black wooden base that looks just as classy. This essential oil nebulizer goes for approximately $100. It‘s an excellent investment as it delivers beneficial aromatic fumes silently as you meditate.

Alternative: The Smart Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

The Smart Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser Review


The Asakuki Essential oil diffuser is another ultrasonic model with far more benefits that perfectly fit a meditative function.
What makes it very attractive is its smart feature that enables you to access its control via Wi-Fi through a mobile app or even sound control. You could very well control it while you are in a different room in your home.

About the product

The Asakuki smart essential oil diffuser has a large volume that can hold 500ml water. This capacity is enough to run all night without running out.
The device is made of a stiff, durable, translucent, hard plastic material attached to a wooden base.

Extra features

This piece is sophisticated and fits right into any decor in your home or office. The smart capability is the selling point of this Asakuki product. The sound-enabled feature can be incorporated with Alexa or any other sound-activated system.
You may change the mist intensity through the connected devices or change the LED color to any of the seven hue available options. And lastly, power the device on and off.
Unlike any other nebulizing diffuser mentioned in this piece, you can dim the lights or make them brighter.


The most annoying part is that it reverts to the default settings when you switch off the device. This means that you will have to adjust everything from LED color selection and light and mist intensity every time you switch it back on.

To buy or not to buy?

If you are a techie, then this is a must-have for you. If you have a small child, it is perfect as you get to adjust it using your phone or through Alexa using the pretty cool and modernized voice control.
It is a pocket-friendly device going for only $36, and with ten bucks more, you get an extra package of essential oils. It is ideal for babies’ rooms, offices, and meditative yoga studios.

Why Having a Nebulizer Essential Oil Diffuser Is A Plus?

Do you have a nebulizer essential oil diffuser in your home or office? If you don’t, then it’s high time you got one because of some of the reasons discussed below.

It makes the surrounding air around you pleasant

It is always complimentary having an essential oil scent in your space to usher you into a peaceful surrounding. You get to work with the utmost concentration, relax peacefully, or sleep soundly.
Beautifully blended fragrances coming from your diffuser have the aptness to initiate you into all these moods and more pleasant ones.

It helps relieve stress

Essential oil aromas have a distinctive ability to enhance your mindset, improve your health, and reduce tension. Are you not convinced?

What is the rudimentary request anyone asks you to practice when they want to initiate a relaxation feeling? They most probably ask you to breathe deep, right? There is always an overwhelming effect of relaxation when you take in a big gulp of air and releasing it all out.

The same case with taking in clean, aromatic scents specially formulated to enhance the tension-relieving effect— it betters the experience for sure.

These gadgets are multi-purpose

We stated earlier that specially formulated essential oils diffusers aid in sleep soundly, relieving stress, which is merely just an iceberg’s tip.

These devices can help tackle issues like body aches, chest and nasal mucus blockage, pathogenic, and mold control.

Additionally, you may use them as a remedy to control appetite or insect repellant, among other uses. A distinct mix of essential oils will get these functions achieved.

Various Kinds of Oil Diffusers

Currently, there is quite a selection of oil dispensers that fit different purposes and locations. The main types are as follows.

Nebulizing essential oil diffusers

These premier essential oil diffusers emancipate undiluted and pure aromas. Nebulizers use a jet of constant airflow propelled on top of the essential oil container. This high velocity moving air creates a vacuum on the air surpassing over the oil, and this attracts the oil molecules to fill this space in minute droplets.
These droplets then get delivered into the aura in this same effusion of air and unfurl it further into the chamber. A nebulizing diffuser mostly comes with a timer that modulates the release of the incense throughout the day. These diffusers are ideal for meditation or sessions that need a consistent flow of fragrances.
One of the disadvantages of these gadgets is loud racketeering factors, which can be distracting.
The best nebulizing diffuser utilizes large quantities of essential oils, which requires you to have a constant supply not to run out.

Oil diffusers using evaporative tech

These evaporative diffusers work distinctively disparate from a nebulizing diffuser. One is that the quantity of the oil expelled is milder when they go airborne. And secondly, it makes little to no noise.
A minute fan blows on a filter that contains dabbled fragrant oil inside the diffusers. This jet of fast-moving air dissipates the cloth’s essential oils and directs it straight into the adjacent air.
The downside of such diffusers is that the release of these scents is unbalanced. The aroma starts mildly and finishes off strong, which can be undesirable if you prefer a constant fragrance flow. However, they are exemplary for everyday home and office usage.

Oil diffusers using heat technology

These models are almost similar to the previous diffusers, but the only striking difference is that they utilize heat as the dispersion model. They are also calm machines ideal for a reflective, meditative session.
The sole issue is that they disperse mildly and intensify later on, which implies that it delivers different scent elements with every passing minute. They are not safe if kids have access to them as they may burn on contact.

Essential oil diffusers using ultrasonic tech

These models have a vibrating disk submerged in water infused with the aromatic oils. The rapid movement disintegrates the molecules of the water-laced oils and sends them floating into the adjacent space. The molecules face conversion from liquid to vapor without heat, making them safe if you have children in your premises.
They have a soothing bubbling sound that can append gist to your meditative session. Some types are a bit pricy, just like nebulizing diffusers, and that may be because they are a two-in-one device known as an ultrasonic nebulizer diffuser.

Why Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers Are Best For Meditation

There are two main reasons why nebulizers are beneficial during meditation sessions.
Nebulizer air diffusers produce a constant background noise making them excellent for meditation. This white noise can help since most meditative sessions are accompanied by soft music or nature-inspired sounds.
These devices also release a constant supply of soothing and fragrant incense into the air, exemplary for a rumination session.

Nebulizer — Essential Oil Diffuser FAQ

diffuser in bedroom

What is a nebulizer for essential oils?

A nebulizer for essential fragrances is a device that breaks down the aromatic oils into tiny-tiny molecules that get dispersed into the air. The mist created smells divine and contains all the scent’s elements in its purest forms.

How does an essential oil nebulizer work?

These devices do not use neither water nor heat but use a high-velocity air stream blown above the essential oil content in the device, creating a pressure difference that kick starts the process.
The process turns the oil into the minute bits that get sent into the air in that same jet of air that bursts into the open air in a mist.

Is a nebulizing diffuser better?

Yes, because every element of the scent is felt as long as the diffuser is on. These models are superior because they are not messy. They are also convenient for different purposes around a household, office, gym, or wellness studio.

How do you clean an essential oil nebulizer?

Optimal Meditation With Essential Oil Diffuser

The cleaning process of nebulizer diffusers will depend on the model specifications as they come in different designs. All in all, below are some of the ways you can clean your nebulizer essential oil diffuser.
However, before cleaning the device, you should switch off the device and unplug it from the power supply. Then dispose of all the remaining essential oil.

Method one —Using rubbing alcohol of 70 to 95% purity

Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol into the glass slot where you place the essential oil.
Then to plug back the device to a power supply and switch on the gadget.
Leave it on for about ten minutes to let it clear all the dirt and pathogenic organisms within the piping system. Allow the alcohol to diffuse and then leave it to dry off for some time while empty.
This is how you generally clean a nebulizing essential oil diffuser, and it should be done twice a month, once every fortnight.

Method two—Hand cleaning with rubbing alcohol

Remove the reservoir and put it in a large container for easier cleaning. Next, use drops of the rubbing alcohol to clean the piping system plus the pool itself thoroughly by hand.
Apply generously until you feel the surfaces are clean. Lastly, swirl a generous amount of alcohol then leave it to dry. After that, assemble the bits and feel free to use the diffuser AS USUAL.
This method is best when you haven’t used your diffuser for a long duration.

Method three—Deep cleansing with soap

For this method, you will need hot water, mild dishwashing soap, and a big container.
First, boil the water to about eighty degrees and place it into the big container. Secondly, place the glass reservoirs inside the container and pour a bit of the mild dishwashing soap. Leave them to soak for a while, as this will thoroughly remove the stains on the glassware. Leaving them soaked removes all the staining remnants of the essential oils that may have accumulated over time. It also clears all the blockages in the micro piping system.

Pour out this water and repeat the above process for better cleansing. The second time, leave the parts in water for about half an hour.
After the time has elapsed, rinse using clean, warm water and let dry. Fix the elements and use your diffuser as usual.

Are diffusing essential oils bad for your lungs?

It all depends on the type of oil you are using. If you happen to use fake or counterfeit essential oils which may contain harmful substances, there is a risk of harming your whole respiratory system, let alone your lungs.

Hence, you must use only original and authentic aromatic essential oils for your own good.

It would be best if you also kept a distance from the mist oozing out of the nebulizing diffuser since it is more concentrated when getting out. Inhaling it directly is not suitable for you and may even cause adverse side effects like headaches, migraines, nausea, and vomiting. You must place the diffuser at a safe distance, and if the diffuser produces a dense mist, tone it down.
If you are using it around kids and babies, always use it on the lowest settings. Kids tend to be more sensitive to intense scents.


The quest for searching for the best nebulizer essential oil diffuser 2020 for optimal meditation is not easy. We hope now you understand the different kinds of nebulizer essential oil diffusers and what they have to offer.

Be sure to select your device depending on its specs, benefits, extra features that make it magical, and the downsides. It beats logic that we talk about the downside, but you have to realize that nothing is perfect, and seeing what is lacking will give you a better chance to know what expect once you get any of the diffuser above in your possession.

All of the above diffusers are perfect for meditative purposes. Every feature represented shows that all of these devices are perfect for healing and rumination sessions. The five essential oil diffusers are a great selection, and you will not miss one that will meet all your requirements. Simply pick one and order it, considering now you know all there is to know about the product. Transform your next meditation sessions to exquisite by buying the best nebulizer essential oil diffuser.


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