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Doesn’t everyone wish they could somehow know what the future holds since we live in a world full of mysteries and constant ups and downs that get in our ways?

Some of these situations would be great if we had a heads up before they happened. That is why we find psychic readings fascinating as they aim to predict or instead hint to us what we might encounter soon.

Individual readings make us become better versions of ourselves— it is not always interpreting the future.

There are several ways people seek to find readings about the future. Some examples include tarot cards, crystal balls, palm readings, numerology, astrology, and oracle cards. This article will take an in-depth look at what oracle cards are, what they do, and give you a review ranking of the five Best Oracle Cards: Determine Your Oracle.

So without any further ado, let’s fire away.

Our review is based on several factors, such as the features, benefits, and drawbacks. This will help you understand fully what the products entail and know precisely why you should buy it.


Best Oracle Cards – Reviews For 2022

Best Overall: The Queen Of The Moon by Stacey Demarco

The Queen Of The Moon by Stacey Demarco Review


This set was released in 2018, and Kinga Britchgi did the illustration for the cards. This oracle decks are paperbacks and belong to Rockpool publishing.

The card decks specifications

The Queen of the Moon is an oracle deck of cards that uses the moon and seasonal energies as the guiding references. The paperback is a 120-page packet and weighs 12.2 ounces, and has a galaxy-inspired theme that shows transcendence at its best.

Perks of using these decks

These oracles deck is the overall winner in this list because they are relatable. The imagery is superior, with clear pictures of the different phases of the moon plus their messages.
They use the energy of the moon to channel a manifestation message tailored to your life. Hence, they are fundamental in mood control, weight management, an indication of the optimum time to grow foods, and digs a little into dreams and the conscious mind.

Extra features

Additionally, they also offer the user a best-timing capability, which is instrumental healthwise, relationship-wise, and careerwise, among other reasons. The decks are high quality printed cards and have a high accuracy rating.


The only downside to using The Queen of The Moon best oracle decks is that they may wear and tear faster with frequent usage.

Buying advice

This deck of oracle cards retails at approximately $20 for a new set. But you may opt to go for a used pack that will cost you at least $14.
The investment is worthy of the prices since the cards will serve you well.

Runner up: The Starseed Oracle Deck By Rebecca Campbell

The Starseed Oracle Deck By Rebecca Campbell Review


This set of oracle decks is adorned with a vibrant pastel, hue collection of blues, pinks, greens, and creams.
The Starseed oracle decks come in a stylish triangular shaped hardboard box. All the dreamy aspects of the Starseed Oracle cards are not in vain. Below is the reason why they make it to this list.

Card decks specifications

The Starseed Oracle deck of cards comes in a package weighing 14.1 ounces. The package contains an a137-paged deck of cards together with a detailed manual instruction book. This cosmically inspired set of oracle cards contains 53 cards.

Perks of using these oracle decks

These decks’ selling point is that they effectively help you find yourself and further understand your destiny. If you ever feel lost, like you have a purpose you have yet to discover, then this is the oracle set for you.

It seeks to dig a little deeper and make lasting heart connections and unlocks your soul’s gifts one by one. It is believed that there is a seed planted way before we come to existence—these oracle card readings simply help you get there faster.

Extra features

These deck of oracle cards has impressive imagery, which makes a lasting impression, uplifts the mood, and makes every session an anticipated journey. The cards have different designs with subtle drawings borrowing aesthetic inspiration form the galaxy, gemstones, arcs, doorways, portal openings, floating bodies, stars, and so much more.

The guide book has received an A+ because it is exhaustively detailed and constructive. This is one of the reasons why these cards on the list of the best oracle cards: determine your oracle


First of all, the design is impressive but only appeals to majorly the female gender. There is a lack of masculinity, which turns away male counterparts who may want to get oracle cards for their collection.

Secondly, experienced oracle readers find these cards pretty shallow, attesting a lack of correlation between the visual illustrations and the cards’ wordings.

Buying advice

The Starseed Oracle card sets can be bought as either new, used, or as a collectible. And any of these purchases will not cost you more than $19. For this price, and what they can help you achieve on a day-to-day basis, they are, for sure, a worthy investment.

Alternative: Believe In Your Own Magic By Amanda Lovelace

Believe In Your Own Magic By Amanda Lovelace Review


These oracle cards are the works of the talented poet Amanda Lovelace, and an illustrator know as Janaina Medeiros. This duo came up with a lovely deck of oracle cards perfect for all females worldwide.

The oracle cards will provide you with daily affirmation messages to inspire and validate what you already have inside you. Hence the name ‘Believe in your own magic.’

Card deck specifications

The Believe in your magic oracle card package consists of 45 cards and a guidebook. The primary theme colors are hues of tan, pink, and a bit of black here and there.

All the visuals are feminine, showing women of all races, shapes, and sizes. These oracle cards are divided into three suits—princess, mermaids, and witch.

Perks of using these decks

These cards are the perfect companion for every woman who wants to experience the best out of their lives. These daily affirmations empower and send out a positive message that will get you in vibrant moods the whole day.

Since there are no reversal messages, you are guaranteed positive vibes all through.
Each oracle card reading relates to every woman and sets you on a path of self-appreciation and self-love.


The cards are enormous, making it rather hard to shuffle. The cardstock that houses the cards is also flimsy and too big, leaving room for the cards to bend or tear when pulled out.

Despite being a work of art, the bigness makes it challenging to use, mainly if used to the usual sized cards.
Thee cardstock’s flimsiness may tear quicker, thus not a long-lasting deck of oracle cards.

Buying advice

A brand new set of the Believe In Your Own Magic deck of oracle cards retails for approximately $18. The used versions are going for around the same price with a minimal price margin.
It is an excellent addition to any lady’s possessions, as it will help you better yourself and get to your highest successes.

Alternative: Awakened Soul Oracle Deck by Ethony

Awakened Soul Oracle Deck by Ethony Review


This set of oracle cards are another lot that emphasizes the female energy to reach the fullest levels. The packaging has purples and blacks with tinges of green and night sky.
The lady on the package appears to be harnessing fire, and her crown is a tree to symbolize something related to mother nature.

Card deck specifications

This oracle deck comes with a deck of 50 cards with a detailed 130-paged guidebook. They all weigh 15.3 ounces. The card stock is UV matte laminated with silver glidings along the edges. The package also includes eight complete oracle spreads.


Every woman will find this oracle deck of cards quite empowering.
It includes informative symbolism, keywords, tales, meanings, and affirmations. The intentions are both the obvious and the shadow reasons. There is also a journaling attempt in the form of a question that prompts you to search deeper within yourself to find answers.
To top it all off, you get a daily mantra with all the cards, something to remind you of the beauty you hold inside as you go through your day.

Extra features

We live in a modern era where sharing on social media is the order of the day. So why not share a few of your oracle readings? The oracle cards’ matte finish is perfect for this purpose since they do not reflect a glare when a picture is taken. The result is just as the real subject.
The artwork is transcendent and divine, and the guidebook is well-detailed, giving all its users vital information.


Perhaps the only issue with this set of oracle cards is that it is pricey compared to the other cards discussed above.

Buying advice

The Awakened Soul Oracle Deck retails at $45, and you get a brand new and sealed package. This set of oracle cards is empowering to women, thus a great companion for your everyday routine.

Best Oracle Cards For Beginners: Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman Review


Tori Hartman’s creation is one of the best oracle cards for beginners. You can use to transform your life in all junctures—financially, and healthwise, relationship-wise, you name it, it helps. And this is done by the daily affirmations on the cards that help you unlock your seven chakras.

Card deck specification

This deck of oracle cards holds 49 cards and comes with a comprehensive and explanatory guidebook. The whole packaging weighs about 15.3 ounces and consists of stunning designs of the seven colors of the rainbow—each representing one chakra.


The Chakra Wisdom Oracleca be used by everyone who is on a quest to transform their lives for the better. The cards are vibrant, and each story featured is linked to one chakra. This set is perfect for a divinity soul searching mission.

Extra features

The cards are a reasonable size that is comfortable to shuffle and distribute on a surface. The storing box is sturdy, and this gives the cards a durable home to be kept in. The insert guide is detailed and informative.


Experienced oracle readers have strong feelings against the artwork used in this deck. They have termed it elementary, and most agree that the creators would have done better.

According to some users, the artwork does not correspond to the message nor the chakra. You may need the booklet at hand for a definitive interpretation, which can be a bit cumbersome.

Buying advice

This oracle deck of cards retails at approximately $10 for a used version. A new one costs $ 13.50, and a collectible goes for $22. These cards are the perfect recipe if you want to develop yourself in all areas of your life.

If you follow the exercises described, you will see tangible results after purchase and usage. That said, it is a worthy investment, and they are the best oracle card for beginners.

What are the Benefits of Using Oracle Cards?

using oracle cards

In predicting the future and finding the meaning of life, oracle card decks are sometimes consulted. These cards contain visual information and writing at the bottom, indicating what the picture suggests.

These writings might be just one word or a phrase, which is usually explained in the manual book that comes with the cards after purchase.
Oracle cards are used for different purposes, including affirmations, self-improvement, and spiritual guidance.

The complexity varies on a large scale, allowing both newbies and pros to start using oracle card decks pretty quickly. They do not require any formal training and may be utilized for fun or business in any setting.

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Decks?

Most people are likely to confuse oracle cards and tarot cards.
For that reason, let’s look at the likeness and differences between oracle cards and the famous tarot cards, to scrape off the lingering confusion between the two.

Here they are:


Both Oracle and tarot are decks of cards. They both contain imagery, and the pictorial representation is an indication of something symbolic.

They both offer a new perspective on matters and offer clarity and guidance on the same. Each set may come with or without a manual, depending on the creator and illustrators.


The main difference between the two is that oracle cards are more flexible as they come in various choices, while tarots are more rigid. They are stiff in the sense that they are exact and need some form of training to be understood.

Therefore, they are read and interpreted by experts and readers who have mastered the tarot reading art. In addition, a majority of these readings are focused on one subject. Tarot cards come in a 78-card package and are further divided into two main types—major and minor arcana.

The major arcana decks are used to explore life lessons, karma, and all significant events that affect your life. They usually consist of 21 cards that are numbered and one that is called the fool. Each of these cards has different meanings when drawn upright and in reverse to the person dealing them.

The minor arcana cards are usually 56 in number, and they are a reflection of what we face every day. Within these collections, sixteen decks show diverse personality traits we may be using at a particular time, while the rest forty are equally separated into cups, swords, wands, and pentacles.

Oracles cards are mostly within the range of thirty to seventy cards, but they could be more, depending on the need and use. And their readings are fluid in that they may represent whatever the creator wants them to.

Oracle Cards FAQ

types of oracle cards

What are oracle cards?

Oracle cards are a deck of cards used to help one reach a specific goal in life. They may be empowering messages or recipes to transform their lives to become better.

Oracle deck cards are believed to channel energy from the universe and show you your real purpose. Oracle cards can be used as a fun game or for business purposes.

Tarot cards vs. oracle cards, what is the difference?

Tarot cards are more sophisticated, and hence they need formal training and exposure to understand them fully. On the other hand, oracle cards are more comfortable to use since they usually come with an explanatory guidebook.

They also differ by the number of cards they have. Tarots have a set number of 78 cards, while oracle cards may vary depending on the creator. Tarot cards have set suits that are divided into four sets. Oracle cards may or may not have suits.

Lastly, tarot card readings are mostly directed towards a personal perspective, like a person’s career or love life. On the other hand, oracle cards can represent various topics that focus on different things like daily affirmations or self-discovery according to the seasons.

How to pick an oracle deck?

First and foremost, you have to determine the reason you want to get the oracle deck. With that, you will be able to start your research for the best oracle cards for that sole purpose.

After finding a list of potential purchases, the next thing to do is read far and wide about these decks before your purchase. For this part, use the internet at your disposal and find review articles on those exact products. You may also ask around and get recommendations from friends and family. This part is crucial since you will need to confirm if your selections were valid.

Lastly, after deciding on what you want, go ahead and purchase it. Be sure to follow the instructions to get the best experience and results. One handy piece of advice is to start with the basic ones that are newbie-friendly and progress to the more complicated collection.

How to read oracle cards?

Oracle card reading procedure differs from one brand to another. Regardless, below is the general approach to reading an oracle card.

Firstly, approach your cards with an open mind and heart. Make sure you are in a serene and quiet location with no distractions. One can select the chosen card in so many different ways, and it varies according to your tastes. Some people prefer selecting an oracle card at random after shuffling, while some put several face-down and overturn them. Just go with your intuition.

If you are all alone, think about the issue that you want to get answers on and overturn the card. The card will have a message you may use the guidebook to find the full interpretation if it is unclear. If you are reading it for someone, ask them what they want, and focus on that. The unveiled card will have the info that provides the revelational.

As a pro tip, also check out the imagery and use it to conclude the reading. It would be best to realize that all these interpretations have a personal revelation that means differently from person to person.


The fact of the matter is that it is always nice to have a bit of forecast into our lives.

It gives us confidence and strength to keep going. And if the purpose of the best oracle cards: Determine your oracle was self-improving, you also achieve it. Each product discussed in this piece has met all these criteria and has helped millions of people. You can also be a part of the people reaping benefits from oracle cards.

Oracles card readings are by chance, so do not beat yourself if what you are getting is not what you want. If the result is not as you please, give it a break and try later on. If, by a slim chance, the same happens, find the root cause mentioned on the guidebook and work on it.

That is the point anyway! So if you want to go on a journey of self-discovery, give oracle cards a try. Perhaps go for one of the five sets we covered in this piece.

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