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Yoga is an excellent way to bring balance to your life. The different poses that yoga teaches can be quite challenging, but ultimately, they will offer many benefits to your body. Practicing yoga requires focus, strength, and the proper motivation, but it also requires comfort.

One of the best ways to keep yourself comfortable and safe during the most challenging poses is to use yoga blocks. Yoga blocks are solid blocks that you use to keep yourself balanced while performing some yoga poses.

In today’s guide, we’ll tell you which yoga blocks are the best for you. Additionally, we’ll share some methods to clean and disinfect your yoga blocks and how you can use these tools when practicing your asanas.

Best Yoga Blocks

  1. Winner: REEHUT Yoga Blocks Set
  2. Runner-Up: Gaiam Yoga Blocks
  3. Alternative: Clever Yoga Blocks Set
  4. Alternative: BalanceFrom GoYoga Set
  5. Alternative: Heathyoga Yoga Blocks Set 

Winner: REEHUT Yoga Blocks Set

REEHUT Yoga Blocks Set


Featured Specs

  • Material: Foam
  • Size: 9” x 6” x 3” (22.8 x 15.4 x 7.6 cm)
  • Color/Design: Six different colors


REEHUT’s yoga blocks come in six different colors and as a set of two. The two blocks allow you to use them separately or stack them up for more height and support. They are handy for challenging poses where you need to maintain balance with one leg.

The blocks are made of high-density EVA foam, giving you the best possible durability and comfort. The EVA foam also enables the yoga blocks to provide a moisture-resistant surface, an excellent feature for any sports gear.

The yoga blocks are anti-slip and lightweight. You can take them anywhere without expending effort, and the company offers an excellent warranty for the product. REEHUT’s set is, without a doubt, the best yoga block you can find.


The block set does not offer the best density. If you are looking for something more sturdy, you should consider yoga blocks of different materials like cork or wood. This feature is essential if you are a plus-size user as the blocks might not offer the best support possible for your body type.

Extra Features

REEHUT offers a 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product. Additionally, the blocks are highly versatile. You can use them for different practices like physical therapy, pilates, or just daily exercise.

Buying Advice

When buying the block set, you should remember to get the two-block set. Amazon allows you to buy just one block if you want. So be careful as many buyers had to return their blocks to get the block set they wanted.

Runner-Up: Gaiam Yoga Blocks


Featured Specs

  • Material: Foam
  • Size: 9” x 6” x 4” (22.8 x 15.2 x 10.1 cm)
  • Color/Design: Many different colors and designs


Gaiam yoga blocks offer excellent stability and balance for yoga enthusiasts that require blocks for the most challenging poses. The foam blocks provide excellent support when performing different exercises and poses, and the materials used give them exceptional durability.

The blocks have beveled edges, giving you the best grip possible. They are also lightweight and include an anti-slip surface for a safer practice. The Gaiam yoga blocks are among the most affordable blocks and one of the best yoga blocks for beginners.


This type of block is excellent for beginners that require some help to perform the most challenging poses. However, if you are an experienced yogi, it won’t give you the same number of benefits. The blocks are soft and resistant, but they lack the sturdiness of other models.

Extra Features

These blocks are easy to clean and disinfect. All you need is a mild detergent, and you can do it by hand or use a washing machine. Additionally, Gaiam allows you to choose between different colors and designs. So you can pick the block that suits your personality better.

Buying Advice

If you are starting to practice yoga and want a reliable set of yoga blocks for your routine, this is the right choice. Gaiam blocks offer beginners the necessary features for their yoga practice. They are highly resistant and durable, so you won’t have to invest in a new pair any time soon.

Alternative: Clever Yoga Blocks Set

Clever Yoga Blocks Set


Featured Specs

  • Material: High-density foam
  • Size: 9” x 6” x 4” (22.8 x 15.2 x 10.1 cm)
  • Color/Design: Black or three other color options


Clever’s yoga blocks are a reliable option for more experienced yoga enthusiasts. They are incredibly durable and resistant to moisture and bacteria. The blocks are sturdy enough to support your entire weight, but they are still soft to the touch and lightweight so that you can carry them wherever you want.

These blocks have a neutral smell, even when new. This is hard to find in foam-made yoga blocks. Their surface prevents moisture from getting inside the block, and that way, it also prevents bacteria from accumulating.

The blocks are the standard size and are reasonably easy to clean. All you need is some soap and water if you notice any stains. However, most of the time, all you will need is some water and a wet cloth.


There aren’t many drawbacks to this model. However, if you are a beginner and want something affordable, this isn’t the yoga block set for you. Clever’s yoga is a premium model, and it offers many great benefits. Still, it is one of the most expensive foam yoga blocks on the list.

Extra Features

Clever’s yoga block set includes a cotton strap of eight feet (2.4 meters). The strap is made of the highest quality cotton. It is sturdy enough to resist constant use when performing stretches or poses that require its help.

Buying Advice

If you know you are going to delve into yoga for a long time, then go ahead. Clever’s yoga block set is the best investment you’ll make for yoga gear. You’ll also get the cotton strap, giving you an extra reason to get it.

Alternative: BalanceFrom GoYoga Set

BalanceFrom GoYoga Set


Featured Specs

  • Material: Foam
  • Size: 9” x 6” x 4” (22.8 x 15.2 x 10.1 cm)
  • Color/Design: You can choose between pink and two more colors


If you like vivid colors like pink or green, then this is the right option for you. BalanceFrom GoYoga offers you a two-block set that is perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike. The two blocks are the same size and color, and you can use them for stretches, meditation, and poses.

These blocks are made of highly resistant foam that prevents moisture from accumulating inside the block. The surface is also anti-slip, giving you better safety, and it is extremely comfortable for an easier grip.

The foam is durable and sturdy while still being lightweight so that you can carry the blocks anywhere you want.


These types of blocks are sturdy enough for the most challenging poses. However, they do lack the sturdiness of blocks made of more dense materials like cork or wood. The block is affordable but won’t give you the density you want if you are already a seasoned yogi who requires more support for poses.

Extra Features

One extra benefit you get with these yoga blocks is the company’s warranty and satisfaction program. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return them and get your money back. Additionally, the blocks are easy to clean and disinfect, making it a lot easier to use them frequently.

Buying Advice

This block is one of the best foam yoga blocks you are going to find on the market. But if you want something more sturdy, we recommend choosing a wooden yoga block.

Alternative: Heathyoga Yoga Blocks Set


Featured Specs

  • Material: EVA foam
  • Size: 9” x 6” x 3” (22.8 x 15.4 x 7.6 cm)
  • Color/Design: You can get these blocks in 6 different colors


Heathyoga’s yoga blocks are incredibly durable and offer excellent support. These blocks are ideal for plus-size yoga enthusiasts as they can resist heavy weights and still maintain the same form.

The surface of the blocks is anti-slip. Each block has protection against moisture that also prevents the accumulation of bacterias. Heathyoga’s blocks are designed for the best possible comfort, offering round edges for a better grip and support.

The size of the blocks is perfect if the standard yoga size block is too big for you. Additionally, the blocks are lightweight and easy to clean, making the disinfection process a lot less complicated.


The main drawback of this yoga block is that it is aimed at smaller people. If you need a bigger block, we recommend other models on the list or get a bigger size than the standard.

Extra Features

Heathyoga’s block set includes a D-ring yoga strap. The strap is excellent for performing stretching and challenging yoga poses.

Buying Advice

Heathyoga’s yoga block is an excellent option if you require a smaller yoga block than the standard. So, if you want a sturdy block perfect for your size, then you can’t go wrong with this option.

Yoga Blocks FAQ

What Are Yoga Blocks For?

What Are Yoga Blocks For?

Yoga blocks are highly popular yoga props that bring many benefits to your routine, especially when trying to nail those challenging poses. You can find yoga blocks of many different materials and prices. Each material offers a different lifespan and comfortability, and that’s reflected in the price tag.

Here are some of the most popular yoga blocks you can find:

Cork Yoga Blocks

Although not as popular as foam blocks, cork blocks are increasing in popularity thanks to their eco-friendly nature. Cork blocks come from the cork oak tree’s bark, known to grow after harvesting it. This feature is what gives cork yoga blocks its eco-friendly capacity.

Additionally, cork yoga blocks are more affordable than other options because cork oak bark is relatively easy to get. Cork yoga blocks are recyclable, water-resistant, and sturdy enough for constant use.

Foam Yoga Blocks

This type of yoga block is by far the most popular one. Foam yoga blocks are lightweight and easy to carry, making them the go-to choice for yoga enthusiasts that prefer going to classes.

Foam yoga blocks are excellent for restorative poses, thanks to their softness. Additionally, they are the best type of block for beginners who need help during the sitting poses. Foam yoga blocks are also the most affordable option, at least when compared with wooden blocks.

Wood Yoga Blocks

This block is the most durable option you will find, and it is also the oldest type of yoga block. Wood yoga blocks are water-resistant, offer excellent durability, and they are the sturdiest block on the market. However, they are more expensive than other options, and they aren’t as comfortable as cork or foam.

What Size Yoga Block Should I Get?

There are three sizes of yoga blocks. Each one serves a different purpose and can suit a specific size of user.

3-Inch Foam Yoga Block

This type of yoga block is excellent for those with smaller frames. The block is a 3” x 6” x 9” and you should use it if the 4” block is too big for you. This type of block comes in handy when performing poses like the Fierce Pose and the Mountain Pose. These poses require more balance than others.

4-Inch Yoga Block

4” blocks are the standard size. This size of yoga block is the one that you’ll find in most yoga schools and sports stores. The dimensions for this block are 4” x 6” x 9”, and they are ideal for performing most poses.

Big Blue Blocks

This type of block is perfect for the most flexible yogis and taller users. The block dimensions are 5” x 12” x 6.75”, and it is ideal for a Wide-Legged Forward Bend. Big blue blocks are wide and tall while remaining lightweight so that you can carry them to classes.

How Do Beginners Use Yoga Blocks?

How Do Beginners Use Yoga Blocks?

There are many ways beginners can start using yoga blocks. The primary method is using them to support their weight when performing meditation poses or during difficult stretches. The blocks give you the best possible support if you haven’t developed the necessary flexibility yet.

Here’s how you can use yoga blocks as a beginner:

  • You can use them for seated poses. The blocks will give you the extra balance and support to be comfortable while sitting.
  • Some stretching requires you to reach the floor. Yoga blocks can bring the floor closer to you and help you with poses if you don’t have enough flexibility yet.
  • They are excellent for keeping your knees aligned.
  • Blocks will help you maintain your arms and shoulders aligned.
  • It will be your best ally for the Crow Pose.
  • Yoga blocks are excellent for stretching and relaxing the muscles.
  • Yoga blocks are like training wheels that will help you move into the most challenging poses.

How Do You Disinfect Yoga Blocks?

Depending on your yoga block’s material, you can use different methods to clean and disinfect them. For instance, yoga blocks can be made of foam, cork, and balsa wood. Each material requires a different cleaning method.

Cleaning and Disinfecting a Foam Yoga Block

This is the most popular type of yoga block. The reason is that the block is quite affordable and you can find it in almost every sports store. Most high-quality foam yoga blocks are also moisture resistant. They have protection against bacteria, thanks to the material they use.

You can follow these steps to clean and disinfect your foam yoga blocks:

  1. If the blocks are not that dirty, you can clean them with some dishwashing soap. Use the soap and some water to remove the stains from the surface.
  2. Once the blocks are clean, set them out to dry with air. Avoid using heat as that can damage the foam.
  3. If you have multiple blocks or if they are filthy, put them in the washing machine. Use a mild detergent and set the cycle for delicate clothes.
  4. When the blocks are clean, put them outside to dry. Place them in the shade to maintain the integrity of the material.
  5. Alternatively, if the stains do not leave, you can use some club soda on it. Leave the soda on the stain overnight and then remove it in the morning.

Cleaning and Disinfecting a Cork Yoga Block

Cork yoga blocks are relatively easy to clean. They are quite resistant, and they don’t require any unique tool or method to disinfect them.

Here are the steps you should follow in cleaning your cork yoga blocks:

  1. Remove any visible stain using a wet cloth.
  2. If you cannot remove the stain with wet cloths, you can use a mild detergent or an organic cleanser.
  3. After removing the stains, use a dry cloth to dry the yoga block before storing it.

Cleaning and Disinfecting a Balsa Wood Yoga Block

Balsa wood yoga blocks are the most manageable yoga blocks to clean and disinfect. This type of block is eco-friendly and is highly resistant. They do not require any particular cleaning method, and you can use soap and water to disinfect them.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Get some soap and water in a bucket. Avoid using bleach or other strong detergents, for they can ruin the wood.
  2. Using a rag, wash the yoga block.
  3. Dry it with some paper towels or leave it out to air-dry. Do not dry it with sunlight or heat as that can damage the wood.

Other Yoga Gear You Might Need

Other Yoga Gear You Might Need

There are other gear and tools you can get to make your training a lot more enjoyable and comfortable.

Yoga Mat

One of the main gear you’ll need for your yoga practices is a yoga mat. It protects you from the floor’s sturdiness. It helps maintain a level of comfort while you practice the various poses. Yoga mats create traction for your hands and feet, something essential when performing challenging poses.

Ideally, you can get a yoga mat big enough for your entire body, but you can also use a beach towel if you can’t afford one yet.


When it comes to clothing for yoga, the essential aspects are elasticity and comfort. Clothes must be elastic enough to allow you to perform a varied set of poses while still being comfortable so that you can focus on your workout.

You can get a pair of yoga pants and some loose shirts to start. Eventually, you can also add some yoga socks, headbands, and a sports bra if you need them. Gear won’t stop you from performing yoga, but it can offer some benefits to your practice.

Mat Bags

Mat bags are an easy way to transport your yoga mat if you practice outside your home. They are an excellent addition to your yoga gear if you go to classes.


Yoga straps are perfect for beginners and people with low flexibility. This is an essential tool that will allow you to perform the poses that require your hands to reach your feet. Yoga straps are essentially an extension of your arm, and they are similar to training wheels for yoga.


Yoga blocks are one of the most popular tools for yoga enthusiasts. They are by no means a must for you to start your yoga journey, but they can be of great help. You can use yoga blocks for many different purposes, from stretching and meditation to more challenging poses and physical therapy.

If you plan to include yoga blocks in your yoga routine, you should consider getting REEHUT’s Yoga Blocks Set. This set offers all the necessary features for beginners. It has excellent sturdiness, a comfortable grip, various colors and designs, and the right size for smaller yogis.

Overall, yoga blocks come in many designs and sizes. Choose the one that fits your needs best, and enjoy your yoga journey.


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