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Yoga is one of the most ancient practices around and something that only appears to grow with popularity each decade.

For those new to yoga or looking for a way to improve their practice, utilizing tools like bolsters or yoga socks can be the easiest way to do it.

What is a yoga sock and what are the best options out there?

A yoga sock comes in a few different styles, but their main purpose is to improve your balance and grip which helps you achieve poses or go deeper into them. These socks should be comfortable, supportive, and allow flexibility, but there are lots of other features to consider as well.

If you’ve been thinking about test driving grip yoga socks or those that separate the toes, you’re in luck. We’ve hand-selected the top performers on the market and have a little more about what they do, giving you an easy way to see how they can help your practice improve.

Yoga socks are relatively new in the grand scheme of this ancient practice, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t already proven their worth. If you’re in the market for the best socks for yoga but don’t know where to start, we’ve got some expert picks in every category to get you started.

The Best Yoga Socks – Reviews For 2022

Best Yoga Socks: Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks

Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks Review


  • Material: Combed cotton
  • Size: One size
  • Color/Design: Ankle socks

A good yoga sock should be simple but effective, and that’s exactly what Muezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks has managed to achieve with their three-pack of socks. Designed like a simple ankle sock made of combed cotton and with a silica grip bottom, the Muezna socks are comfortable and keep you in place on the mat, and they’re one size fits all for women between 5 and 10 shoe size.

Customers loved the grip of these non slip yoga socks and found they were useful for more than just yoga. The silicone grip pattern on the bottom keeps you firmly in place and makes for a more comfortable practice, but they can also be worn by the elderly, pregnant women, and people who practice pilates, ballet, barre, and more.

On the downside though, the grip doesn’t last for days when not washed, so these aren’t socks you can wear for a while and get the same effects. If you’re practicing every day, wash them thoroughly after each session and follow the care instructions directly, otherwise, you’ll notice that the silica doesn’t give you the same level of grip.

The Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks comes in one size but to suit all shapes of feet, and most women are thrilled and found them true to size. The combed cotton assist in wicking sweat away during hot sessions and means even if the ground is wet, you’ll stay put and safe while you do your yoga poses. There are a few different colors to choose from and the option to buy in bulk and save even more.

To get your feet equipped with the best yoga socks, head to Amazon and get a three-pack of these from Muezna for around $17 or a four-pack for $20, plus a small shipping fee. Muezna offers a 60-day money back guarantee so you can test them out and if you’re not in love like their other customers, you can send them back free of charge. If you want grip yoga socks that will truly keep you in place, these are the way to go.

Runner Up: Newzill Yoga Socks

Newzill Yoga Socks Review


  • Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex
  • Size: One size
  • Color/Design: Straps

For a unique yoga sock that couples the support of a ballet shoe with the grip that yoga needs, this three-pack from Newzill is the best choice. These are a strap style sock that works for yoga, barre, pilates, and ballet, and is made of a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. On the bottom is a high-quality silicone in a special pattern that keeps you fastened to the mat, and lets you go deeper into tricky poses.

These non-slip socks yoga are comfortable, and customers loved how much they felt like a second skin. The unique mix of materials like spandex and cotton helps to achieve this, and if you’ve been worried about using yoga socks because they feel uncomfortable or strange, but still need help with a bit of extra grip, this is the most minimalistic way you can do it.

According to customers, these aren’t the most adhesive socks, and not suitable for people who want a better grip. The silicone markings on the bottom aren’t as comprehensive as other brands so only provide a small amount of gripping power, with some people even finding they were slipping around at times.

The Newzill Yoga Socks come in packs of three with a range of colors to choose from, and different colored silicone as well. The socks are a one size fits all style designed for all ages, and they’ll fit women’s shoe sizes between five and 10. With straps on top give them a ballet shoe look if you prefer not to wear the toeless style.

Amazon has the three packs of Newzill Yoga Socks listed for around $18, and when you buy two sets you’ll also benefit from their free shipping. Newzill offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well, which means you can return them free of charge if you don’t love them. If you want a ballet style yoga sock with minimal grip and a comfortable feel, the Newzill Yoga Socks are a top contender.

Alternative: YogiSocks Anti Slip Socks

YogiSocks Anti Slip Socks Review


  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: One size
  • Color/Design: Ankle socks

When you’re shopping on a budget but still want to find a good pair of yoga socks, something economically friendly like the YogiSocks Anti Slip Socks will be your best pick. With a pack of six socks in different colors, there’ll be one for almost every day of the week, and each of them is made with quality cotton and an adhesive silicone bottom to help you achieve poses.

The best thing about these socks is the silicone grip which has been separated into two key areas. With one of the silicone patches on the top and the other on the heel, you’ll get a better grip on the mat, even when things are sweaty and sticky. If you’re a beginner looking for a high grip sock, you’ll get them with the YogiSocks.

However, the socks themselves don’t appear to be as long lasting, so although the silicone is good, the cotton sock won’t hold up for the same amount of time. It would have been good to see some spandex or another more forgiving material included in the blend, but for the price, it appears cotton was the most affordable option. To keep them going longer, never wear a pair for more than a day, and make sure to follow the care instructions.

The YogiSocks Anti Slip Socks work for all exercises including yoga, pilates, barre, and more. In each packet, you’ll get six pairs of colored socks like pink, green, and blue, with different colored silicone to match, so you have a new look each time. The YogiSocks are designed to fit women’s sizes between five and nine, making them smaller than others, but still a comfortable fit for most.

If you want a budget-friendly option for yoga socks, this six-pack is available from Amazon for around $20. When you spend over $25 at the online marketplace they’ll ship for free, but unfortunately, there’s no satisfaction guarantee offered by YogiSocks. These soft and super grip yoga socks are a great choice for those who need extra support but don’t want to spend a fortune, so consider adding the YogiSocks to your yoga accessories.

Best Yoga Socks With Toes: Gaiam Yoga Socks

Gaiam Yoga Socks Review


  • Material: Polyester, rubber, spandex
  • Size: S/M/L
  • Color/Design: Toe socks

If you want your toes separated, the best toe socks for yoga by far come from Gaiam. This brand is synonymous with yoga so it’s no surprise they know how to make a good sock, and they come with five toe traction that gives you stability, while still covering your feet for a hygienic practice. The Gaiam Yoga Socks are made with a mixture of polyester, rubber, and spandex, and designed to last for years of practice.

Although expensive, there are loads of features that make these a standout, but what customers loved most was the traction they offer. With each toe in its own area, you’re able to naturally grip the mat and get into your poses, and there’s no restriction like you’ll find with some other socks. There are silicone dots over the entire sole of the foot so no matter the position you’re in, you’ll be stuck to the ground without a hassle.

A major drawback is the cost though, with just one pair costing what a standard three pack normally does, and for this price, they can take some getting used to in comfort. People found there was a period where they had to wear their socks in so they would stop feeling weird, so don’t expect to pop these on for instant comfort.

These socks aren’t just for women, with sizes including small, medium, and large, so they’re suitable as men’s yoga socks as well. The silicone grip on the Gaiam Yoga Socks is strong enough to use without a mat, so if you’ve forgotten yours but still want to practice, these socks are all you need.

Gaiam has their yoga socks listed for around $20 for a single pair on Amazon, which is a lot more than others we’ve reviewed, but worth it if high quality is your goal. Although expensive, there’s no guarantee offered by the brand, but Amazon gives free returns should you not love them when they arrive. If you’ve been searching for a high quality and supportive yoga sock with separate toe compartments made for the unique needs of this practice, there’s nothing better than the Gaiam brand.

Best Yoga Socks Toeless: Tuckett’s Yoga Socks

Tuckett's Yoga Socks Review


  • Material: Cotton, nylon, spandex
  • Size: One size
  • Color/Design: Toeless

When you want a yoga sock that’s less restrictive, and allows your toes freedom, the Tuckett’s Yoga Socks are our favorite. These socks are made in an allegro style so not only are your toes free, but the tops of your feet as well, so it feels as though you’re wearing nothing. Created with primarily cotton but a mixture of nylon and spandex thrown in, they’re stretchy, soft, and flexible, making them ideal for yoga.

According to happy reviews, the Tuckett’s Yoga Sucks are some of the most comfortable on the market and make it feel as though you’re barefoot. The material is thin while still feeling grippy, so unless you looked down and saw them, you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them. This makes this perfect for yoga where most people practice without socks at all, but with all of the benefits that these types of socks offer.

The sizes are slightly restrictive, with only women’s sizes between six and nine fitting them. Some customers found that they were even a little tight for the larger sizes, so if you’re someone with size nine feet or above, you’ll want to shop around. For men, these probably won’t be suitable at all for your size and shape, so avoid them altogether. Having another option for larger feet would open up their market, as these limit the number of happy customers possible.

Tuckett’s Yoga Socks work for everything including yoga, barre, aqua gym, and other workouts, and they have a moisture-wicking material that’s ideal for sweaty situations. They’re non-skid and non-slip for people who need extra support, but everyone from beginners to expert yogis have loved using them. The heel is double stitched which keeps them in place and they won’t sag like cheaper alternatives.

If you want a toeless and barefoot feel for your yoga socks, these ones from Tuckett’s are the way to go. Amazon has them listed for around $15 a pair and there are over 20 colors and designs to choose from. To let your toes run free and enjoy your yoga practice without feeling restricted, Tuckett’s Yoga Socks are some of the best.

Yoga Socks FAQs

Best Yoga Books

Wearing socks for yoga might seem counterintuitive, but for some people, they’re the only way to practice. If you’ve never worn these unique socks before and still have a lot of questions, we’re here to help, with answers to some of the more commonly asked queries about them.

Why Do People Wear Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks come in a few different styles, with their main purpose either being to help spread the toes out and get a better grip on the mat, or to provide an adhesive sole that allows you to stay put. They’re primarily worn by beginners, but yogis of all levels can benefit from them.

What Should A Beginner Wear For Yoga?

There’s no set costume for yoga, provided you are wearing something comfortable and flexible that feels good for you. Yoga pants might be tight or loose, but should allow easy movement, and a shirt that will keep you covered even in awkward positions or as you’re turned upside down.

How Much Grip Do Yoga Socks Have?

Yoga Socks Reviewed

The grip of a yoga sock depends entirely on its design, with some made to give a strong grip and others simply for a bit of extra support.

You’ll need to choose a sock with the right level of grip to suit your practice, with beginners usually finding that they need more grip than experts to get into certain poses.

Difference Between Toe Socks And Toeless Socks?

Yoga socks can be either toeless, with toe compartments, or just like a standard sock, each having its own purpose. A toeless sock allows more freedom during stretching and asanas, which some might prefer, whereas a sock with toe compartments can help you stretch out your toes for a better grip on the mat.

Jumping Feet First into Yoga

When you think of yoga practice, you usually don’t conjure up images of a room full of people wearing special socks. Although relatively new, these socks are gaining popularity, especially for those who struggle to get the grip and flexibility needed for this ancient practice.

Whether you’re new to yoga or want to improve your skills, you’ll find a lot of benefits from a good pair of yoga socks. With our top picks and the best yoga socks reviews, you can revolutionize your practice, and start to get into poses that you never thought possible.


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