Best Yoga Tune Up Balls 2022: Sync With Your Body

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Muscular pain is a problem for everyone, not just professional athletes. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on physiotherapy or remedial massage, you might be wondering how you can relieve pain at home.

Have you heard of yoga Tune Up balls?

Yoga Tune Up balls are a great option to relieve tension and increase blood flow. These massage therapy balls help separate muscle fibers and decrease pain. Their textured surface also stimulates the nerve endings in the skin. They are a good choice if you have neck, shoulder, or back pain.

In this yoga Tune Up ball review guide, we take a look at the best yoga Tune Up balls so that you can sync with your body. We consider the pros and cons of each option and also discuss common questions about massage therapy balls.

Let’s begin!


Best Yoga Tune Up Balls – Reviews For 2020

Best Overall: Acupoint Physical Massage Therapy Ball Set

Acupoint Physical Massage Therapy Ball Set Review



  • Number: 2
  • Manual: No
  • Illustrations: Yes

Benefits of These Massage Therapy Balls

The Acupoint massage therapy balls are made from a premium, non-toxic rubber. This gives the balls the flexibility to work your muscles without doing damage and the strength to relieve tension. The rubber also doesn’t disintegrate or smell, so that you can enjoy this physical therapy.

The balls fit easily in your hands and have the perfect size to target centralized pain in your feet, lower back, neck, or back. This is ideal if you work long office hours or struggle with chronic pain from fibromyalgia.

Drawbacks of These Massage Therapy Balls

The main disadvantage of the Acupoint massage balls is that they start to lose shape after continuous use. Some users have noticed the ball starting to flatten after a year of regular application. However, the balls are affordable enough that this is a small complaint.

Extra Features

These yoga therapy balls include a mesh carry bag. This is great for transporting the balls to the gym, yoga studio, or physiotherapist’s office. It also prevents you from losing the balls, which is likely because of their small size.

They do not include a manual or instructions for use. However, Acupoint has some informational videos that show different techniques with the balls. They focus on particular pain points in your body so that you can customize them to your specific needs.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for affordable and effective yoga Tune Up balls, you should consider the Acupoint massage therapy balls. They have all the effectiveness of the branded option but at a cheaper price point.

Runner-up: Tune Up Fitness Alpha Therapy Ball

Tune Up Fitness Alpha Therapy Ball Review



  • Number: 1
  • Manual: No
  • Illustrations: Optional video courses

Benefits of This Yoga Tune Up Ball

The Tune Up Alpha ball is larger than most other massage therapy balls, measuring 3.5 inches (8.9cm) in diameter. This increased surface area allows you to use the Alpha on large areas like the buttocks, hips, shoulders, and pecs.

It has a hard inner core and a softer, external layer that allows you to target painful areas without damaging soft tissue. You can also navigate around your bones without bruising or doing further damage.

Drawbacks of This Yoga Tune Up Ball

The main drawback of the Tune Up Alpha ball is the price. You can purchase a set of two off-brand therapy balls for the same amount. However, many people swear by the Tune Up brand because it is the original. The company uses superior rubber that has the perfect mixture of strength and softness.

It may also not be suitable if you have a strong latex allergy. The ball has a strong smell and carries a light powder from the packaging. This could trigger an allergic response if you are sensitive.

Extra Features

The Alpha therapy ball is designed to be used with Tune Up informational videos. These teach you how to use the ball and target specific areas of your body. They also walk you through specific exercises.

You should consider purchasing one of these DVDs if you are new to physical therapy, massage, and yoga.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a yoga Tune Up ball to target more extensive areas of pain, you should try out the Tune Up Fitness Alpha therapy ball.

Alternative: Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Pair

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball Pair Review



  • Number: 2
  • Manual: No
  • Illustrations: Optional video courses

Benefits of These Yoga Tune Up Balls

The Yoga Tune Up therapy balls also come from the original brand. These are the standard size, which can fit your hand easily and target small-medium areas of pain in your body. They are a popular option for deep tissue massage all over your body.

They are made from a superior rubber firm with a softened edge and have a textured surface. This texture can grip your skin, stimulate nerve endings, and increase blood flow. Having two balls allows you to work on different areas at the same time.

Drawbacks of These Yoga Tune Up Balls

The main disadvantage of these yoga Tune Up balls is that they soften faster than lacrosse balls. If you are putting a lot of weight on the balls, like with foot exercises, they will eventually flatten and lose their shape. However, they’re still good value for money.

Extra Features

The balls come with a mesh tote, which is an excellent addition for keeping the balls together and secure. The mesh allows ample airflow, which also helps to reduce any rubber smell. If you are always on the go, you will appreciate this feature.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for a reliable set of yoga Tune Up balls, you can’t go wrong with these originals from Yoga Tune Up Fitness.

Alternative: HolisticFit Therapy Massage Ball

HolisticFit Therapy Massage Ball Review



  • Number: 2
  • Manual: Exercise guide
  • Illustrations: Exercise guide

Benefits of These Massage Therapy Balls

The HolisticFit therapy massage balls are made with a combination of non-toxic rubber and silicone. This allows them to be firm and durable, so they can separate muscle fibers and increase circulation. They also have a non-slip surface so you won’t lose balance during floor work.

The main advantage of these massage therapy balls is that you get two, plus a mini ball. You can use the mini ball for smaller areas on your hands and feet. This is incredibly helpful if you work a lot with computers or do heavy exercise. With three balls, you can work on multiple different areas at the same time.

Drawbacks of These Massage Therapy Balls

The main drawback of these massage therapy balls is that they are firmer than other brands. This is helpful if you like deep tissue massage but can be more damaging on softer skin. As always, consult a physical therapist if you have any doubts about using this product.

Extra Features

These massage therapy balls include a mesh tote to keep everything together. You can easily transport them from your home to the gym and keep them secure at home. The holes in the mesh also promote airflow.

This set also includes exercise guides for both sizes of the balls. These guides have illustrations and explanations for different parts of your body, so you can get accustomed and build confidence.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for multiple massage therapy balls of different sizes, you should consider the affordable and educational set from HolisticFit.

Best Yoga Tune Up Ball Set for Beginners: sFera Yoga Therapy Massage Balls

sFera Yoga Therapy Massage Balls Review
sFera Yoga Therapy Massage Balls Review



  • Number: 2
  • Manual: E-book
  • Illustrations: Quick exercise guide

Benefits of This Massage Therapy Ball Set

The sFera yoga therapy massage balls measure 2.5 inches (6.4cm) in diameter. They fit easily in your hand and can relieve muscle tension and knots across your entire body. The balls are made of a firm, heavy-duty foam rubber that targets pressure points for deep tissue massage.

This set is perfect for beginners because it includes an e-book manual and quick exercise guides. If you have never worked with massage therapy before, these resources allow you to learn how to use the balls properly.

The resources are ideal if you have targeted pain that you want to focus on without doing damage. They are also a good point of reference if you have new muscular issues in the future.

Drawbacks of This Massage Therapy Ball Set

The main disadvantage of this massage therapy ball set is that they may lose shape faster than firmer brands. However, this ball set is the most affordable option in this review guide.

Therefore, they are still great value for money and have a lifetime warranty for easy replacement.

Extra Features

The massage therapy ball set includes a black mesh bag with a drawstring. You can transport and store these balls with ease, with enough airflow to reduce the annoying rubber smell.

Buying Advice

If you’re new to the world of massage therapy balls and looking to relieve pain, you should look no further than the sFera set.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Yoga Tune Up Ball?

back therapy with yoga balls


You should consider the primary source of your pain. Smaller massage therapy balls are ideal for the hands, feet, and targeted areas of pain. If you have larger tension areas, like between your shoulders, you might be better suited to a bigger size.


The best Tune Up balls are made of a firm but pliable rubber. This allows them to relieve tight tension without causing damage or bruising your skin.

Other massage therapy balls are lacrosse balls, which have a very firm and hard surface. This can be damaging if you press too hard. You should avoid this variety, particularly if you have injuries.


If you are new to Tune Up balls, you should look for one that includes instructions, especially if there are illustrations. While you can always find exercises on the internet, this will allow you to practice with the balls with minimal fuss.

Yoga Tune Up Balls FAQ

therapy for legs

What Are Yoga Tune Up Balls?

The original yoga Tune Up balls are designed by Jill Miller, the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness. However, there are many imitation therapy balls which can serve the same purpose without the branding.

Tune Up balls and therapy balls are made of dense rubber, and you use them to relieve pain and tension in your body. They are hard enough to massage any knots and activate trigger points effectively but soft enough to avoid damage.

They have a textured grippy surface that allows you to move them into specific positions. This texture also acts on your nerve endings and stimulates blood flow, which relieves pain and inflammation.

Yoga therapy balls are usually available in a few different sizes. The smallest size applies pressure similar to a thumb and is ideal for concentrated areas of pain.

Larger sizes may have pressure similar to an elbow and a fist, respectively. You can use them to relieve larger areas of pain or pressure around bones like the ribs.

How to Use Yoga Tune Up Balls

You can use Tune Up balls during yoga workouts or independent of your sessions on the mat.

You can target painful areas in your body by applying pressure with the therapy balls. This pressure increases blood flow around the inflamed area and allows muscle fibers to separate from their knots.

You can apply pressure directly with your hands or place the balls on the ground and push your body on top of them. The method will depend on which part of your body you are targeting for pain relief.

Many Tune Up balls include manuals or video instructions. These take you through specific exercises to relieve areas of pain. If not, you can experiment with different amounts of pressure and rolling techniques in your tension areas.

You should be careful when you first use massage therapy balls. If you use too much pressure, you run the risk of damaging your soft tissue. Start slow with a smaller ball and increase the size and pressure with time and experience.

If you have a sports-related injury or chronic pain, we recommend consulting a physical therapist or your doctor before using Tune Up balls.

Yoga Tune Up Balls Exercises

foot massage

Many Tune Up and therapy balls include exercise charts that show particular positions for pain relief. These are some of the most popular exercises for inflamed areas.

Lower Back Pain

To use the Tune Up balls for lower back pain, follow these steps:

  1. Lie a yoga mat on the floor.
  2. Put the balls against your back, just above your pelvis, and next to either side of your spine.
  3. As you breathe in, drop your pelvis down to the floor.
  4. As you breathe out, raise your pelvis slightly towards the ceiling.
  5. Repeat the process several times until satisfied.

This video walks you through the entire exercise, including an accompanying yoga routine.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

To use your Tune Up ball to relieve neck and shoulder pain, follow these steps:

  1. Grab your therapy ball and stand next to a bare wall or doorway.
  2. Place the ball behind your collarbone and above your shoulder blade.
  3. Put pressure against the wall, so you are leaning with the ball in position. You can tilt your head on the wall.
  4. Breathe deeply in and out to release and exert tension against the Tune Up ball.
  5. Rotate your body from side to side while keeping pressure on the ball.
  6. Raise your arm forward and backward to move that muscle against the ball.
  7. Twist your neck gently towards and away from the wall.
  8. Turn around and repeat steps 2-7 on the other side of your neck and shoulders.

This video shows you the full exercise so you can follow along.

Knee Pain

If you struggle with knee pain, you can follow these steps with your yoga Tune Up ball:

  1. Lay your yoga mat on the ground.
  2. Do a side plank with the Tune Up balls pressing against your lower thigh (just above your knee).
  3. Roll up and down, so the balls massage the length of your side thigh.
  4. Repeat until the tension subsides.

This video shows you how it’s done.


In conclusion, yoga Tune Up balls are an excellent choice if you struggle with chronic pain or muscle tightness.

Using these balls can stimulate blood flow, separate muscle fibers, and relieve tension.

Both the Tune Up brand and imitation massage therapy balls can help to reduce pain. If you are new to using this product, you should start slow with smaller balls and less pressure. You should also consult your healthcare professional if you have sports injuries.

So, are you ready to sync with your body?


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