Black Moon in Virgo until June 30, 2024 – great trials are coming, but intuition has the right way!

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The Black Moon in each person’s natal chart indicates fears and temptations, by overcoming which they can find hidden reserves that are genetically and karmically present. Lilith does not always mean harmful temptation because what tempts us is often a guide to our true desires and what our soul wants.
Lilith enters your sector of work, health, and routine. This means that you can become irritated due to problems in everyday life; for example, the place of residence will not be comfortable, or there will be constant problems in the apartment that deprive you of everyday comfort.
As for work, there may be tension in the team or a minor scandal with one of the colleagues. Pay attention to your health – you may have psychosomatic illnesses and sleep or eating difficulties (food allergies, itchy skin).
Tip: Try to adjust your daily routine, eat properly, and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is better to give up bad habits. Be careful when hiring employees or other staff; you could be scammed.

Lilith enters your sector of love, happiness, and children, meaning you may have an affair (office romance) or a dubious relationship. It can bring you joy and satisfaction but scare you with a taboo subject.
As for children, they may have health problems and will have to go to the doctor more often to be examined and tested. In addition, your child may have everyday issues; for example, your son will return to you due to a divorce.
Tip: delve into the subject of your happiness and see what your trial is now and why you are afraid of it. Master some unusual hobby (numerology, fortune-telling), and allow yourself something you have always denied (although you secretly wanted).
Lilith enters your real estate sector, meaning you will face a series of real estate-related issues and ongoing problems. First, you may decide on a questionable sale or purchase of an apartment, and problems may arise in your apartment.
Second, you can make fictitious documents for buying a flat, or there will be some unreal or fake papers in selling a flat. Also, in everyday life, some malfunctions in equipment or plumbing and the appearance of mold, insects, or rodents can occur.
In addition, you may have a severe conflict with one of your relatives (with your mother, daughter-in-law, or daughter), which may ultimately end your relationship. In general, the entire period suggests that the housing situation will present you with a headache.
Tip: be careful about the documents you draw up and sign regarding your home. Maintain home hygiene and install a burglar alarm just in case.
Lilith enters the sector of relationships with relatives, as well as your travels and some types of courses. First, during this period, you can have a severe conflict with someone from your inner circle, and a scandal with neighbors is also likely due to everyday problems.
For example, the neighbors caused a flood, but they do not want to pay compensation, and you will have to collect many documents to “get” the money.
Most likely, there could be a verbal altercation with one of your female relatives, which will eventually loom over your family like a thundercloud by the end of June/June 2024.
As for travel, you may lose your documents while traveling, or your ticket or passport will be invalid when you go somewhere.
Tip: be careful with the documents they give you to sign (especially relatives). Also go to training (nutritionology, numerology, psychosomatics) – all this will be useful for your earnings. Once again, get your car checked – your vehicle is at risk.
Lilith enters your financial sector, which can bring fears about money and some fictitious documents you will draw up. You may be offered specific participation in dubious financial processes, so if you need help understanding it, it is better not to participate.
Additionally, throughout the Lilith in Virgo period, you may have issues with eating or food allergies, which may be related to your anxiety.
As for the temptation, they probably promise you some money but won’t pay you in the end – be careful what documents you sign and how legally valid they are. Your employment contract is invalid, and the company is not obliged to pay you a salary.
Tip: examine your stomach and do a self-assessment. Serious finances can come to you if you start believing in yourself and show bravery, courage, and effectiveness. Feel free to raise the price of your services.
Lilith enters your sign, which means that, in some way, you will be a guide and a beacon of temptation for many. Usually, people can face their inner fears, desires, and demons by looking at you, so don’t take people’s reactions to you to heart.
On the other hand, the Black Moon can bring you problems with your body and face; for example, a mole or some skin problems due to allergies may appear.
Therefore, throughout the Lilith in Virgo period, work diligently on your beauty and health – your diet and healthy habits will improve your appearance.
In addition, during this period, you can issue some false documents for yourself, for example, a fake or fictitious certificate – be careful.
Tip: start working on your image, and behave as professionally, accurately, and strictly as possible. It would help to keep a journal so you don’t forget anything and be more productive. Test yourself again; your body will demand attention.
Lilith enters your sector of secrets, which means you can secretly create suspicious documents or undergo a mock examination. You will also need to look for some old papers you signed or lost long ago.
Or you will discover the loss of some documents from your past that you filled out for health or personal services.
Be careful in the hospitals you visit – there could be problems with the conditions, or they will offer you strange services. In this period, problems with sleep may appear, as well as some diseases of an unknown type.
Tip: start working with a psychologist because all problems with your condition relate to emotional experiences. Also, adjust your daily routine and watch your sleep. Quality sleep can help you recover.
Lilith enters your friend sector, which means you can seriously study relationships with the environment until the end of June/June 2024.
Someone from the team can likely offer to sign fictitious documents or undergo some dubious medical examinations.
It is better not to do this because you can fall under the influence of fraudsters. Also, during this period, you may discover that one of your friends is gossiping behind you.
Tip: start blogging and write about topics that interest you. Dare to tell yourself the dream you were ashamed of. And think about what kind of team you would like to work in – maybe you need a new group.
Lilith enters your sector of career and status, which means that, in some way, your professional name may be “tarnished.” For example, some public scandal may arise with your work, ultimately becoming your darkest success.
For example, you may even get some dubious title or nickname related to your work activity. Also, in your company, some fictitious situations may occur with documents and employee applications – be careful which documents you sign.
For example, your employees will have to undergo medical examinations, but you must fill out the documentation correctly, leading to a scandal.
Tip: try your hand at the profession you were a little afraid of. Maybe you’ve been wanting to study for a tarot master or numerologist for a long time. Also, be careful about the men in your family – your father or husband may have health problems.
Lilith enters your international travel and education sector, which means you may need help with travel documents or some educational programs.
For example, you can take a course but will need more than the degree you came for. Plus, you can have a lot of headaches with legal paperwork. For example, you will have to travel more often to the courts and conduct some long-term litigation.
Tip: Dare to start teaching and also go on a trip. It would help if you thoughtfully expanded your understanding of health and wellness, so taking a course in a specific discipline would be good.
Lilith enters your significant finance sector, which means you can start collecting documents for a mortgage, loan, or registration of some inheritance. There will be some doubts or fictitiousness about it – to get the right of ownership of the apartment; you will have to create false papers.
In addition, that same sector of your chart is responsible for surgery, and they may prescribe surgery for you, but it is better to test yourself a hundred times and check the diagnosis. Or, you want a free procedure and ultimately decide to issue fictitious medical documentation.
In any case, there may be inadequate health assessments during your treatment. You can also enter into an intimate relationship since this sector of the map is responsible for sex and fears related to your sexuality.
Tip: Start working with a psychologist because Lilith activates your complexes. You can experience a powerful transformation by analyzing your fears.
Lilith enters your partner sector, which means you can have a new partner who will “reveal” your fears and complexes and open your eyes to deep temptations and desires. This often revives a taboo history in the relationship, or your partner will be caught cheating on you.
In general, Lilith will work on your relationships with the opposite sex so that you recognize what you are ready to accept in a relationship and what castles in the air you build instead of looking at your partner without rose-colored glasses.
Also, the Black Moon will worsen relations with the environment – you may have an adversary, a rival, or a specific person with whom you will work to get in touch with your shadow. It’s a part of your personality you don’t want to accept.
Tip: Start relationships and communication. Become more social, active, and relaxed. Don’t be afraid to advertise and talk about yourself – it’s time to improve your self-presentation skills.

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