Blue Moon – Super Moon in Pisces August 30 / September – the soul transformation!

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On August 30, 2023, a Supermoon in the sign of Pisces will appear in the sky. Since this is the second time such a full moon is extremely close to the Earth during August, it is also called the Blue Moon.

Blue Moon in Pisces and six retrogrades
Under the Blue Moon in Pisces, retrograde Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto will be retrograde. While it’s not uncommon to have several retrograde planets simultaneously, having six is a rare occurrence! Additionally, retrograde Mercury and Venus together can be an intense combination.

Retrograde energy tends to make us look back at the past. It’s time to reflect, not move forward. Externally, retrograde solid energy can cause delays and miscommunication and make us feel insecure – we might feel like we’re going in circles.

While our outer world is clouded by an overwhelming amount of retrograde energy, our inner world becomes our refuge. In fact, during a robust retrograde energy like this, the inner world becomes our compass. This powerful retrograde energy invites us to go within, connect with our inner world, and recognize that a wealth of wisdom lives within us.

Journaling, meditation, and nature walks are fantastic ways to calm your mind and tap into your inner world. Vital retrograde energy can sharpen our intuition and psychic senses. Power is offered to us, but we must decide to use it. We have to be the ones to take the steps to find peace and trust that our patience will eventually lead us to the right next step.

The Blue Moon in Pisces cleanses the aura
The Blue Moon in Pisces is a beautiful time to cleanse our energy body and remove any weight from the auric field we cannot carry.

We may be picking up psychic dirt and debris from the world around us, and this Supermoon is a powerful time to devote to self-care. When it comes to energy cleaning, our intention is everything. You don’t need fancy tools; you need – intention.

The Blue Moon in Pisces brings a transformation of the soul
One thing that is always worth remembering is that the Supermoon in Pisces helps us get in touch with our emotions. It allows us to express ourselves and channel that expression into something bigger than ourselves.

Although it may seem too complicated to delve into our inner selves, this Supermoon allows us to connect with our true selves, clear out everything that no longer serves us, and make room for something more aligned.

The path to get there may seem rough and rocky; we may feel like the Universe is challenging us on many levels. But when the energies settle, we will recognize the transformation. Soul transformation is underway with this Blue Moon, both personally and collectively. We are going through some critical times and some extraordinary energy frequencies.


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