Cancer – apologizing by horoscope

rp_sorry-300x201.pngCANCER – Carefully watch your steps around Cancers, have different approaches for the female and for the male Cancer, they might get you in trouble, but getting an apology for that is not the easiest mission.


Cancer woman

cancer woman1After spreading her tentacles all throughout your family and thus established contacts even with the relatives you haven’t seen for years, let alone have been in contact with, the female Cancer will easily put you in a situation to get mad at her. Being that she operates with data (mostly gossip based) on your relatives, she must have already become a thorn in someone’s eye. By the time you get a grip of what’s going on, the damage has been already done. The female Cancer will continue to insist in persuading you that it is not right to trust others more than her, the one that watches over you day and night.

Cancer man

CANCER manBeing affected by anything (beginning with the cloudy skies to the slight of doubt he noticed in the look you gave him), the male Cancer is prone to everyday changes of his mood. That is the way to put you into a state of uneasiness, confusion or anger. His spite can do the impossible, and whether you want it or not, his persistence will wear you down and you will accept his apology for his childish behavior. You’ll even make him a bowl of hot noodle soup.


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