Cancer as ascendant – compatibility with other signs

CANCER – Ascendant and combinations
cancer 3The cancer ascendant provides persons that appear sensitive and sensual. They have a calm and mild look and big and dreamy eyes. Also, They are likely to be introvert, but are easily offended. They may express cowardice in some cases when they choose to retreat instead of engaging in a fight. Also, they are usually great patriots. Some of them are vagabonds, some are prone to alcoholism.


Cancer ascendant- Aries sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_ovan-2-253x3001.jpgThis combination gives people who  are extremely emotional. They often spend their whole lives balancing between hiding and openly expressing feelings. Also, they most often find that balance in creating art.


Cancer ascendant- Taurus sign
rp_taurus2-285x300.jpgrp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgThey are very slow and inactive by nature. This combination gives people who  love home cooking and they are usually good hosts. They are often quite robust.

Cancer ascendant- Gemini sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_gemini-3-287x3001.jpgThey can find their way out of any situation. They are very agile, especially when money is involved. Also, they may have creative occupation, although they are financially motivated. They love to gossip and they never forget anything.

Cancer ascendant- Cancer sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgThey are too soft and emotional. They lack a firm hand. Also, they should find in a decisive partner. They should develop a feeling for reality and the present. Also, they are known to let things happen on their own, and they usually slip away.

Cancer ascendant- Leo sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_LAV-224x3001.jpgThey often live in their own world. It is very possible that they have artistic gifts and talents, but they do not know how to use them in practice. It is also expected that they work in humanitarian organizations, as nurses and such. They generally love to help, although they cannot help themselves.

Cancer ascendant- Virgo sign
rp_virgo-2-255x3001.jpgrp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgThis combination gives people who  are tidy and neat, sometimes beyond the limit. They are perfectionists to the end. Also, they do not forget either. They often hold friend gatherings at their house.

Cancer ascendant- Libra sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_Libra-2-237x3001.jpgIt i s known that their refinery is hard to resist. People born with this combination are usually very ambitious. They lack power to see things to the end. Also, they are appalled by offensiveness and rudeness of some people.

Cancer ascendant- Scorpio sign
scorpio1rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgThey are attractive and popular. They are caring  and often very interesting partners. Also, they have clear and farsighted visions and ideas about life and the world around them. They have great intuition and a strong connection with water.

Cancer ascendant- Sagittarius sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgsagittariusssThey are simple cheerful persons who know how to enjoy life. People around them  accept them easily. Also, they take upon things as a whole and they do not pay attention to details. They are true humanist and altruists in their hearts.

Cancer ascendant– Capricorn sign
rp_jarac-capricorn1-292x300.jpgrp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgThey are a special combination of ambition that has a soul. They are decent and well accepted despite their reserved attitude. Also, they are serious and make a good manager for creative occupations.

Cancer ascendant– Aquarius sign
rp_cancer1-270x300-270x300-270x300.jpgrp_air-aquarius-300x291.jpgThey are ready to sacrifice themselves for others. They are sociable and they love people. At the same time they are hardworking persons, with a possibility to be workaholics.


Cancer ascendant- Pisces sign
rp_Pisces-196x300.jpgrp_cancer1-270x300-270x300.jpgThey have an artistic gift, but they often miss chances because they expect that things will fall in order by themselves. They are phlegmatic. Also, they have intuition but lack passion. They love children and water sports.


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