Cancer little secrets – how to deal with Cancer boss

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 secret g-People who work for Cancer may have the impression that the office of a Cancer boss is a real fun place, with everything except confetti and a sommelier to serve champagne. His working humor can consist of anything from laughing at an over-confident competitor falling on his face to a faint chuckle when you ask him to double your salary before you have proved yourself. Secret: your job is not safe if you are making him laugh. Your job will be more secure if you see that your trousers are creased, your hair is parted neatly, and your brain is operating at a sharp level than if you tell a few fast ones.
secret g-The Cancer boss is in | business for one purpose only. To make money. The harder you work you will be safer. Secret: show him hard work and bring him money. That’s his philosophy, in a crab shell. It would be wise to make it yours.

secret g-Cancer boss has a memory like an elephant. Cancer bosses seldom forget a thing. He will make a mental notes about you , watch those mental notes he makes. Secret: That includes what time you arrive, what time you leave and how many times drink coffee. He will also remember the nights you staid late to help him and you’ll be justly, even generously, rewarded.

secret g-He’s truly sympathetic and charitable, without being naive about it. No one can be as big-hearted and financially generous as him. Secret: remember that there’s a wide berth between honest charity and rash speculation. Cancer boss has a soft heart, but he doesn’t have a soft head.

secret g-Cancer boss is often hurt, and that may be far more frequently than you realize, and then he crawls into his hard shell. It’s also a Cancer defense when he doesn’t get what he wants. Secret: do not make a mistake and feel sorry for him, make him laugh. As for that joke, make sure you tell it to him at lunch, not on company time.

secret g-It’s good to work for a Cancer executive. He will understand you, he is nice, emotional but the most important thin is that you will learn more in one month from him than you will in a year from other bosses. The most important thing you’ll learn is consideration. Secret: listen him carefully and learn from him, this knowledge will be very useful.

secret g-Cancer boss is emotional. This makes this zodiac rather emotional and acutely sensitive to words and actions of others. Secret: think twice before saying or doing anything to hurt him. be perceptive to their moods and emotions. When you find them calm and happy, approach them with your ideas or problems that you are facing at the workplace. If you find them upset over something, stay away .

secret g-A Cancer is a natural leader of people. Furthermore they are considerate of others, solicitous of their employees’ needs and have an intrinsic sense of responsibility. Once having taken a decision, he will insist on having their his and may use a little emotional manipulation if it succeeds in getting results. Secret: Appreciate their leadership qualities, take every chance you have to tell him that

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