Capricorn ascendant – compatibility with other signs

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Capricorn ascendant

capriGenerally people born under the influence of  Capricorn ascendant are endurable, have a darker tan and seem cold from the distance. They are very persistent and able to take care of things step by step.
Capricorn ascendant– Aries sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_ovan-2-253x300.jpgThey have authority which leads them to managing positions in society. Sometimes they may be stubborn and hard to people around them. They have few good friend who really knows what these people really think and feel.
Capricorn ascendant– Taurus sign
rp_taurus21-224x300.jpgrp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgPeople born under the influence of these two earth signs are calm and a bit slow. They appreciate pleasure, but maintain a balance with duty. They are grounded, materialistic and lack the understanding of the philosophical point of view.
Capricorn ascendant– Gemini sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_gemini-3-287x300.jpgThis is an excellent combination of earth and air signs for business, media and art combination. They are serious and open, eloquent intelligent and concise. Their childish look and inner maturity may confuse.
Capricorn ascendant– Cancer sign
cancer1rp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgThis combination of signs gives people who are soft on the surface and tough within. They are sentimental, deep and emotional. They are well accepted and make good diplomats.
Capricorn ascendant– Leo sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_LAV-224x300.jpgThis combination with fire sign gives people who  have strong leadership characteristics, and organizational skills. Their confidence may irritate. They are workaholics, and they lack softness and sense for gentility.
Capricorn ascendant- Virgo sign

rp_virgo-2-255x300.jpgrp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgThis is a good business combination. They are persistent, precise and very intelligent people. This combination of earth signs gives people who  are professionally and socially successful
Capricorn ascendant– Libra sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_Libra-2-237x300.jpgpeople born under the influence of this earth and air sign  are kind, patriotic, and ambitious. They get to live long and develop deep wisdom that they use in life. They are loyal and honest friends.They love and protect family.
Capricorn ascendant– Scorpio sign
rp_scorpio-1-249x300.jpgrp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgpeople born under the influence of these signs are smart, shrewd and unbreakable. They have an exquisite concentration and intelligence. They are opponents that are hard to be beaten.
Capricorn ascendant– Sagittarius sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgsagittarius man 1They understand the globalism of problems and big systems in general. They are very human and emphatic. They are open and withdrawn at the same time, confident and with a sense of humor. They have lot of friend and are very loyal in relationships.
Capricorn ascendant- Capricorn  sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgThey are too cold, yet smart, constructive and persistent, but too stiff and stubborn. They are hardworking but they are too serious and do not emit a happy atmosphere.
Capricorn ascendant– Aquarius sign
rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgrp_aquarius-248x300.jpgThey are equally interested in tradition and future,and it is all about their ascendant. They are imaginative with a sense for reality. This is a good combination for experiments and explorations. They are smart and organized and they expect the same from their partners.
Capricorn ascendant– Pisces sign
rp_Pisces2-196x300.jpgrp_Capricorn-1-253x300.jpgThey are withdrawn and need stimulants to get it moving. They are slow but their view is clear. They may become good advisers. they are great friends and parents.


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