Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon

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Dragon Characteristics:

Element: Earth
Direction: East-South-East
Season: Spring
Month: April
Sign Order: Fifth
Colour: Gold
Polarity: Yang
Gemstone: Amethyst
Lucky Number: 2
Friends: Rat, Monkey
Foes: Dog
Associated Sun Sign: Aries

The Dragon is known as being one of the most powerful Signs in the Chinese Zodiac. However, its warm heart balances out the Dragon’s fiery energy, making it easier to get along with. The Dragon is both intelligent and tenacious and tends to know exactly what it wants and how to achieve its goals. Dragons possess a charisma that allows them to influence peers. They’re always a lot of fun at a party and don’t mind being the centre of attention. Not only are they blessed in social situations, the Dragon is also known as being lucky in love. Dragon’s friends always want to hear their advice and they can easily take charge of any situation, dispensing advice any time.

The only downside to this sign is it’s ego. However, even with this drawback, the Dragon has the ability to start projects and keep people motivated until the project is completed. According to these fiery creatures, since they possess the skills and abilities to lead people so well, why shouldn’t they be in charge? Since they tend to be lucky in all areas of life, the Dragon tends to build considerable material wealth, although that isn’t their primary goal. The Dragon truly wants to achieve power and is known as being an opportunistic creature.

A truly sad sight is seeing a Dragon who has been weakened. They refuse to take defeat gracefully, and it can be painful to see them experience defeat. The Dragon is only interested in being a leader and tends to do well in this position. Getting in their way is a bad idea, due to their fiery nature.

One area where the Dragon could improve is gaining the ability to be more flexible, compassionate, and tolerant of others. While being in charge can be a great role to play, this tendency can hold a Dragon back from reaching their full potential. If Dragons can learn to enjoy the smaller things in life while still being on the road to success, they will achieve greater happiness and fulfilment.

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