Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat

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Goat Characteristics:

Element: Earth
Direction: South-South-West
Season: Summer
Month: July
Sign Order: Eighth
Colour: Light Green
Polarity: Yin
Gemstone: Emerald
Lucky Number: 12
Friends: Rabbit, Pig
Foes: Ox
Associated Sun Sign: Cancer

The Goat is the daydreamer of the Chinese Zodiac. This sign does not lack in creativity but enjoys alone time while ruminating. The Goat feels at home with its own thoughts which are not easily understood by other signs. Artistry is probably the best career for a goat, or any other line of work that gives as much freedom of thought. They are not the most organized members of the Zodiac.

Materialism is also a not so good characteristic of this Sign. However, a Goat will be very wealthy in its own fantasies. Nevertheless, they are known to be lavish with gifts more so when they are hit by Cupid’s love arrow. Lack of admiration and expression of love can leave the Goat with a high sense of insecurity.

Having a relationship with this Sign requires great sensitivity and constant reassurance if the relationship is to last. Constant conflict is the best way to scare away a Goat, who will seek refuge in its imagination and keep away from its partner completely. Shown love, the Goat will not be shy to spell out its needs with much persistence. Goats have a side to them that gets gratification from fulfilling its partner’s desires. T

A Goat would do well to shed off its insecurities, by trusting more in friends and loved ones. This would go a long way in brightening its life.

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