Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey

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Monkey Characteristics:

Element: Metal
Direction: West-South-West
Season: Autumn
Month: August
Sign Order: Ninth
Colour: Yellow
Polarity: Yang
Gemstone: Peridot
Lucky Number: 10
Friends: Rat, Dragon
Foes: Tiger
Associated Sun Sign: Leo

The Monkey is the animal embodiment of partying! Wherever there is fun and adrenaline, you are sure to find the Monkey. This sign loves having a good time and makes the most of every opportunity. Monkeys will swing from one group of associates to the next pulling with them a sizeable crowd. Their wit and sharp nature alleviates them to celebrity status among their peers.

One would not expect Monkeys to be the keen listeners they are. They also know how to meddle their way out of sticky situations. Monkeys become knowledgeable by default as their curiosity drives them to find out more about a number of issues. They enjoy impressing their peers with their immense knowledge. Moral standards are not very high for a Monkey, leaving it at risk of frequent accidents. The Monkey’s personal interests come before anything else.

Love relations with a Monkey carry a lot of excitement, but there is the constant threat of the Monkey going astray. You may not like the Monkey, but this Sign couldn’t care less! This should not be taken as meanness on the Monkey’s side, but more a problem of over-curiosity. The Monkey is experimental and likes trying out everything. This could mean that this Sign will seldom have lasting relationships.

The Monkey Sign may not be able to exercise self-control with life’s pleasures. Any time is time for partying in the Monkey’s world. When the partying goes overboard and produces negative effects and bad feelings, the Monkey will show sympathy. What this Sign won’t do is come out and take full blame for the mess. It would do well for Monkeys to forget about themselves at times and think about others. This would improve a Monkey’s world greatly.

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