Pig in Chinese Zodiac

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Pig in Chinese Zodiac is the twelfth and final sign in the Chinese zodiac. It is a symbol of abundance, warmth, and sincerity. Individuals born in the Year of the Pig are associated with a unique set of qualities that paint a rich tapestry of their character. People born in the Year of the Pig are associated with certain characteristics based on Chinese astrology.  Pig


Pig General Characteristics:

Element: Water
Direction: North-North-East
Season: Winter
Month: November
Sign Order: Twelfth
Colour: Royal Purple
Polarity: Yin
Gemstone: Ruby
Lucky Number: 5
Friends: Rabbit, Goat
Foes: Snake
Associated Sun Sign: Scorpio

Positive Characteristics of the Pig in Chinese Zodiac

Generosity: Pigs are known for their generous and giving nature. They often find joy in sharing with others and are willing to offer support. The pig in Chinese Astrology might as well be the Zodiac sign with the greatest generosity and honor, in great contrast to the pessimism associated with it especially in the Western countries. Pigs exhibit good mannerisms and good taste, but their perfectionist nature often leads to them being misunderstood as snobs.

Easygoing: Individuals born in the Year of the Pig tend to be easygoing, approaching life with a relaxed and adaptable attitude.

Optimism: Pigs are generally optimistic and maintain a positive outlook, even in challenging situations. This sign has faith in man’s best characteristics without claiming superiority.

Honesty: The Pig values honesty and sincerity, fostering trust in relationships through straightforward communication.

Hardworking: Despite their easygoing demeanor, Pigs are hardworking individuals who approach tasks with dedication and commitment.

Loyalty: Pigs are loyal friends and partners, committed to maintaining strong and enduring relationships. They are greatly compassionate and value their families as well as friends, striving to be a source of joy for everyone around them. Also, Pigs take pride in being of help to others, and their greatest joy is seeing others smile.

Enjoyment of Life: Pigs appreciate the simple pleasures of life, finding joy in good food, entertainment, and relaxation. Pigs will naturally love luxury. Also, they derive pleasure from the finer things in life (in terms of their environment, feeding habits and even making love).

great company:  They are quite noble, almost like saints. This makes some ill-minded personalities take advantage of the Pig. Sadly, the Pig will rarely offer any form of resistance. Pigs are great company because they focus on the positive aspects of their companions. This perspective puts Pigs at risk of others trampling upon them.

a high level of intelligence: A Pig will always be on the hunt for new facts be it while studying or at play. So, forgiving Pigs for their love of indulgence, one might mistakenly perceive them as lazy.

Great in relationships: They make for great life partners because of the great love they have for family and their loving hearts. In the same breath, Pigs will not hesitate to focus on those who make them feel appreciated while ignoring everyone else. Realizing that life is not solely about needing them would benefit them. Also, they will blossom by embracing diversity in the type of people they relate with.

Negative Characteristics of the Pig:

Naivety: Pigs’ trusting and optimistic nature can sometimes make them susceptible to being overly trusting or naive.

Overindulgence: Due to their enjoyment of life’s pleasures, Pigs may occasionally be prone to overindulgence, especially in matters of food or leisure.

Sensitivity: Pigs can be sensitive, and criticism or harsh words may affect them deeply.

Reluctance to Confront: To maintain harmony, Pigs may be reluctant to confront issues directly, preferring to avoid conflict.

Procrastination: The easygoing nature of Pigs may lead to a tendency to procrastinate or delay decisions.

Dependence: Pigs may, at times, rely on others for support and decision-making, potentially becoming dependent on external guidance.

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