Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat

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Rat Characteristics:

Element: Water
Direction: North
Season: Winter
Month: December
Sign Order: First
Colour: Midnight Blue
Polarity: Yang
Gemstone: Garnet
Lucky Number: 11
Friends: Dragon, Monkey
Foes: Horse
Associated Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Although in the Western world the rat carries the stigma of a disease carrying sewer dweller, the animal is viewed a lot differently in the East. The Eastern Rat is revered for its ability to obtain and hold on to items of value and its quick wits. People from China and Japan associate the rat with good luck, wealth and excellent taste, it would be no shock to catch a rat drinking fine wines and eating refined foods, this sign really flaunts it style at every turn possible.

The Rats’ natural charm and sharp witted, funny demeanour make them appealing friends for almost anyone. Loyal friends will be treated with an extra measure of protection and generosity as Rat likes to know just who is on its side. But the Rat can also be a very selfish sign and unapologetically promote their own agendas. This sign is highly motivated by its own interests, which will most often include money, greed can become a real issue if the Rat isn’t careful to keep on top of its priorities.

Rats’ are well known for being hoarders, although they can be very generous to the closest of their pack, namely close relatives and friends who have already proven their loyalty. Some people will perceive this Sign as extremely sharp-tongued and hot-tempered, but verbal confrontations are a great pleasure for the Rat, it’s this personality trait that will cause acquaintances to either grow to love them or hate them.

Rats like to be on the outside looking in, this is a preferable position for the Rat as it can learn the inner workings of a system or situation. This Sign’s ever-curious mind is always searching and foraging for new information or knowledge to be stored away for future use and as a means of staying sharp will rarely back down to a new challenge.

A valuable life lesson for Rats is to learn to put other people before themselves, if not all the time, sometimes. True happiness will be on the cards as long as the Rat develops their sense of self and realizes they need to leave room for others as well.

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