Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster


Rooster Characteristics:

Element: Metal
Direction: West
Season: Autumn
Month: September
Sign Order: Tenth
Colour: Violet
Polarity: Yin
Gemstone: Citrine
Lucky Number: 6
Friends: Ox, Snake
Foes: Rabbit
Associated Sun Sign: Virgo

The Chinese Zodiac has the Rooster as its blustery peacock. The Rooster is not a risk taker and would rather go with what has been tried and tested. Their resourcefulness and predictability coupled with the ability to think on the go are some of its great qualities. Rooster’s will pay close attention to detail bordering on the psychic.

This Sign will not hesitate to scrutinize a single issue that raises eyebrows. A Rooster would do well as an accounting specialist, a neurosurgeon and an advocate among others. They are honest and appreciative of honesty from others. Roosters are not known for their crooked behaviour. What you see with a Rooster is what you get. One would think that it is therefore very easy to rip off a Rooster. Far from it. In as much as they will not pick a fight, their observant nature does not allow for them to be short changed.

They have a bit of perfectionism in them and are very particular especially about the way they look – the Rooster feeds on attention. Flattery can keep a Rooster going for quite some time. You are sure to find this Sign out on the town accompanied by peers full of adoration, they value style a great deal and have to look stylish at whatever cost. Neatness comes naturally for this sign and so does their expectation that others and their neatness. Of course this does not go down well with people who are easy going.

Roosters do well with partners with a high sense of loyalty. The type who will go unimaginable lengths just to make them happy. They however need to value inner beauty of the heart as much as they do their physical beauty. Relating with others well is just as important if not more important than looking glamorous. This Sign also needs to learn to accept others as they are, as opposed to how they want then to be.

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