Cinnabar – amazing characteristics and use

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Cinnabar 1COLOR: Red, red-brown, gray
APPEARANCE:  Small, crystalline, or granular masses in the matrix
FREQUENCY: Easily accessible, but expensive



  • Cinnabar is known for attracting abundance. Reinforce the persuasiveness of trading and helps the progress of the aspirations of individuals and not to provoke aggression. Also, it is a useful stone for organization and work for the community, in business, and in finances. This stone works fine when you want to improve your personality or change your style because it gives a person power and dignity and makes the external appearance pleasant and elegant.

Mentally, cinnabar improves accuracy in mind and speech. On a spiritual level, enables the acceptance of all as perfect, exactly as it is. It releases energy blockages and leads straight into the energy centers. Also, a very powerful stone it can be used for spiritual and personal transformation and is known for its ability to attract wealth. This stone is associated with the Root Chakras, the third eye, and a sacral.


Cinnabar leaflets and cleanses the blood. It gives power and flexibility to the physical body, stabilizing weight and increasing fertility. This stone is highly useful for removing negative and bad energies from around you and replacing them with positive and light ones. If you have problems with self-acceptance issues, or you have self-esteem issues use Cinnabar crystal to become more confident and more self-assured.

This amazing stone could remove your deepest fears with regular use, which will help you move forward in your life without fears and welcome a new chapter in your life. Cinnabar will make you release feelings of anger, which will give you inner peace and make you a more calm and positive person who sees the bright side of things.


Keep or put it wherever you want, but close to your body. You can also keep it in the money box. This stone has a deep impact on the mind as it can enhance your mental abilities and help you become more analytical, and creative, and have more fresh and strong ideas. Also, you can use this stone to enhance your communication skills and become more clear in your expressions.



The origin of this stone is in China, but also it can be found in Mexico, Spain, Peru, Italy, the United States of America, and Serbia.
This stone also called “Cinnabarite”, gets its name from the Persian version of the word ‘Dragon’s Blood’.


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