Color your 50 shades with Feng Shui

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When you think about the colors you like in your home, consider carefully what they will do to your psyche and what kind of message does they  send to those who come to you in the room. According to the masters of Feng Sui there are a few rules that you must respect .
The RED  color of the wall increases blood pressure, heart rate and energy in general to  most people. It also instills feelings of intimacy and passion. Red also increases appetite, which explains why is this color  so often seen in the restaurants and why it can be a good choice for dining. Do not avoid it  even in the bedroom …
The ORANGE  color of the wall makes the room warmer, tugging on friendship and hospitality. Different shades and Orangectones of orange are very pleasant in the living room.
The YELLOW  color of the wall means  welcoming, but also affects the concentration. It’s great for rooms with less light and corridors.

BLUE  wall calms down, so is perfect in the bedrooms. It suppresses appetite, it is not the best choice in kitchens and dining rooms … unless you plan to be on a diet until the next painting.
The GREEN color of the wall is another relaxing color. The green light, says experts, is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, medium-strong, you can enjoy the kitchen and dining room, and the same hue will effortlessly reduce stress in the study.
The PURPLE color of the wall somehow seems too much for children and adults and is usually avoided. purpleIndeed, kids love this color, regardless of gender, so use it in rooms provided for children.


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