Danburite crystal – characteristics and use

danburite stoneCOLOR: yellow, white, lilac, pink
LOOKS:  clean, wrinkled, all sizes
FREQUENCY: Easily accessible
SOURCE: USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Myanmar



  • features1Danburite is highly spiritual stone that brings a very pure vibration and has influence  on the heart energy. Activates the intellect and higher consciousness, connecting with angelic kingdom. Its brilliance comes from cosmic light and Danburite sometimes is with the Buddha inside the crystal formation which attracts enlightenment and spiritual light. Facilitates the road ahead.
  • Wearing Danburite provides calmness and wisdom. When used in meditation, takes you to the higher levels of awareness and access inner guidance. Danburite is an excellent stone for radical changes and for leaving the past behind. It can act as a karmic purge, discharge miasms and mental imperatives that go. Directs the soul in a new direction. When placed next to the bed, the crystal can follow those who dies on their journey to the other side, enabling the conscious spiritual transition to occur.
  • Spiritually, Danburite stimulates the third eye, crown and high crown chakras, opening them up to the fourteenth level. Harmonizes the heart chakra with the high crown chakras. Danburite clean aura. Aid in lucid dreams. Psychologically, Danburite peacefulness and transforms anger, bringing patience, and calm the mind.

chacrasHEALING EFFECTS – Danburite is very powerful, healing stone. Pure allergies and chronic disorders and has a strong detoxifying effect. Affects the liver and gall bladder. Adds weight to the Part VI body hgde necessary. Helps muscle and motor functions.

POSITIONING AND USE – Place where appropriate, in particular through the heart. Danburite put under the pillow to induce lucid dreams.

Originally posted 2019-12-20 21:10:10.


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