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COLORS OF DIAMOND: translucent white, yellow, blue, brown, pink
APPEARANCE: Small, clear, transparent stones when being formed and polished
FREQUENCY: often combined with other crystals
SOURCE: Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, Russia, USA




  • This stone is a symbol of purity. Its pure white light helps to bring your life into a unified whole. Strengthens relationships, brings love and partnerships. They say that amplifies the love of a husband and consider it as a sign of commitment and fidelity.
  • This crystal is already thousands of years a symbol of wealth and stone that attracts wealth. The larger this stone is, the it is more abundant. A large diamond is excellent for blocking geopathogenic and electromagnetic radiation as radiation of mobile phones.
  • This stone is the power amplifier. One of the few crystals that never needs recharging. It increases energy with anything that comes into contact with it and is very effective when used with other crystals for healing because it increases their power. Still can increase and negative energy. On a subtle level, fills “holes” in the aura, enriching it with energy.
  • Psychologically, this crystal encourages fearlessness and power. This stone rehabilitates the emotional and mental pain, reduces fear, brings new beginnings, stimulates imagination, and inventiveness. Mentally, brings clarity of mind and promotes enlightenment. On a spiritual level, the diamond cleans aura. Reminds you of the preferences of your soul and promotes spiritual evolution. It activates the crown chakra, integrating it with the divine world.


  • Diamond leaflets glaucoma, clear vision, and they are very useful for the brain. Those crystals have an influence on allergies and chronic conditions and return metabolism in balance. Traditionally it has been used to counter poisons.
  • This stone is very helpful in arteriosclerosis healing, cataracts, and eye diseases. Also, very good for bad memory, concentration problems, and all kinds of strokes. Generally, it heals those organs that have a direct influence on mental activities, like, nervous system, the brain, and many sensory organs. This crystal is very good for all kinds of hormonal disbalance. This stone detoxifies the whole body. It balances the hemispheres and, improves the healthy function of our brains. Also, clears neuroses and anxiety.
  • This crystal can remove mental and emotional pain, and brings new beginnings reducing fear. It is highly stimulating for your imagination because this stone rises up creativity. Very important is that this stone will increase the strength of your own character.


  • Wear this crystal near the skin. It is particularly effective if worn in earrings, especially against the emanation of mobile phones.Diamond
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  • The first records of diamonds originate from India, 500 years BC. Up to the 15th-century diamonds wore only members of the royal family, nobles and priests, and later, to the 19th c., exclusively male.
  • The Hindu people wrote that the most powerful diamond is Kohi-Noor. He who possesses Kohii-Noor, he will inherit the world, but he will know all its misfortunes too. Only God or a woman can wear it with impunity.”After the severe torture, the prince of Afghan Sha Shudga handed it over to the colonial governments. Today, the Kohi-Noor stone is the precious stone of the British Crown. Weight is 108.93 ct.
  • Diamond Cullinan is also very popular. It weighs 3.106 ct when it was extracted from the coal mine in Pretoria. Diamond Cullinan was cut and one of these cuts is called the Star of Africa diamond, 530.20 carats. Part of the British Crown Jewels.
  •  It is considered the most powerful amulet. It has the biggest power when it is gifted to a person. 

    We hope that we helped you to find a perfect crystal for you. If you want to know more about crystals see also Crystals things you need to know


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Ka Gold Jewelry - Authentic Sacred Jewelry and Talismans

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