Did you know which sign of the Zodiac is endowed with the skill of seduction by Venus?

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Cancerians are enigmatic and sexy; Lionesses are self-confident…

Aries ~ Aries woman is a decisive, direct, and enterprising lover if you have won her heart or stirred her emotions. On the other hand, she can be cold and antipathetic and give the impression that she does not like men. She is an impeccable actress, charming and very temperamental. Once she gets excited, she is an enraged tigress who cannot be tamed until satisfied. If you can’t manage, stay as far away as possible. She is not for amateurs or people with weak hearts.

Taurus ~ representatives of this sign capture the attention of their surroundings with their appearance, aware of the femininity that radiates from them. They are simple and chic; Venus has endowed them with the skill of seduction. If she wants to interest a man, she directs her erotic antennae toward him; she is sensual and magnetically attracts men. She is a demanding lover and will leave any man breathless; she is romantic.

Gemini ~ this woman is brilliant and witty, born to conquer even though she is not particularly sensual. Men fall for her because she is very charming and unpredictable. To her man, it will seem as if she goes out with a different girl every night, as if there is always a whole harem inside her. She looks ahead, always eager for a challenge. First of all, she demands from a man that he is on her intellectual level; if she finds him, she will happily jump into a love game with him that will exude joy. She is curious and likes to try all possible techniques and places for making love.

Cancer ~ she is enigmatic, attractive, and mysterious like her patron Moon. She is among the most dangerous temptresses of the Zodiac. Imaginative, fascinating, and unpredictable, she gives her all the moment she is sure of her partner’s love, sometimes childish, silly, sometimes too serious and melancholic, and manages to express many different feelings in just one moment. She is erotic and passionate but too shy to make the first move because she fears coming out of her shell. The man has to encourage her most subtly until her erotic imagination is freed from its inhibitions. The pleasure she feels when her brakes release will delight any man.

Leo ~ woman Leo is self-confident, bright, shiny, and sensual, but a bit masculine. When she enters the room, it is impossible not to notice her. She acts with the strength and dignity of a queen, even when she goes to the market. She is passionate, dramatic, generous, and enigmatic. Men lose their heads for her, no matter who she is. The only possibility for her to be tamed is to run into the right man who will turn her into a cuddly and submissive kitty. When her passions are awakened, the fire in her flares up to the sky, and she does her best. She likes to be dominant and enjoys being partner admires. Unfortunately, she is sometimes too big a bite for a man.

Virgo ~ it is not easy to confuse a Virgo woman; she stands firmly on her feet in any condition. It is one of those to which the phrase: look but don’t touch! Until a particular moment. He does not tolerate haste, impatience, and superficiality. Only after the man fulfills her conditions will she begin to open up like a flower and overcome her suspicion. Her steps toward sweet passions are plodding and difficult. But, once you decide to, you will be satisfied. She can drive a man crazy with just a kiss, not to mention the continuation. This prolongs the foreplay and satisfies her need for purity. He may “rub” you well before allowing you any contact. Don’t be offended. That’s how Virgos are! Relax and enjoy.

Libra ~ woman Libra will surely conquer every man at the first meeting. Her beautiful face is impossible not to notice, and her charming gait and pleasant voice attract the attention of those around her. Consciously or not, she seduces everyone around her. The main asset is refinement in behavior, preserved even in intimacy. Since Venus, the goddess of love rules her sign; she is skilled in the art of love. Enjoying foreplay, a man should recite a few verses of a love sonnet. For her, seduction is an art, not a physical “attack.” She is a refined lady! Let her design a love game because she is an artist in love.

Scorpio ~ here is the fatal temptress! She has fire in her heart and passion in her blood. With her, everything is extreme, from love to hate. Whoever wants to win it is enough to show her his strong feelings. She will certainly not back down. She has a strong temperament and is very feminine and seductive, but she is too possessive and jealous, which can burden a less passionate man. In love, he gives his all and does not hesitate to take the initiative. There is no “forbidden fruit” for her, and her feelings are complicated to resist. It is about a real direct bomb woven of eroticism and passion. Whatever they look like, they radiate a unique and unrepeatable magnetism.

Sagittarius ~ here we are talking about a very spiritual woman, a philosopher. She is simple, open, warm, and trusting. She is the female Don Juan of the Zodiac. He quickly surrenders to the charms of healthy and communicative eros. She is a fascinating, extremely fiery, and somewhat wild lover. The only risk with her is an exaggeration; her indulgence in passions is so intense that it can become simply unstoppable. It would be good for her to practice spiritual practice to transform and channel the significant outflow of sexual energy. A Sagittarius woman plays on her innate tendency to seduce.

Capricorn ~ is difficult for many men to fathom. They are troubled by her reservedness and coldness, but that is only a cover of powerful emotions. She needs a man who will understand her and encourage the expression of all those intense feelings swirling in her soul. She is the daughter of Saturn, responsible, with conservative views, and shy to show her fiery nature. When you uncover the “wire,” it sparks quickly. Sometimes you can move and kindle her fire, and it won’t be a smoldering flame but a raging fire. That’s how she is. When young, she is overly strict with herself and her instincts, repressing her great sensuality. With age, it softens and loosens its brakes. She is very loyal and hardly forgets her great love.

Aquarius ~ Free-spirited lovers, elusive lovers, slightly eccentric, the Aquarius woman is a fascinating combination of solidity and constant surprises. She shows a new face as soon as you think you have finally understood her. At the same time, wise and highly childish, insightful and harmless, sacrificial and distant. The superiority she displays over others comes solely from her mind. She is in a much better relationship with her mind than with her body, so it is safe to say that her brain is the most potent erogenous zone… Otherwise, very attractive and seductive, unusual. She is guided more by her imagination than her instincts. He prefers to idealize love and surround it with tenderness. She hates being treated as a sexual object. She does not compromise with her high standards and insists that her lover show her proper respect. But when he touches her ideals, anything is possible! She is a highly imaginative and creative lover. There’s nothing in the sex manual he won’t try, and he’ll probably come up with newer and better variations. You never know what you’re in for with her!

Pisces ~ Because of exalted Venus, a Pisces woman is more than a lover. She is one hundred percent woman. It is impossible to see through because she is Neptune’s daughter. There isn’t a man she can’t conquer if she wants to. She hypnotizes a man she likes with her gaze. Feminine, dreamy, refined, cordial but also capricious, distant, and elusive. Her feelings are deep, so she is not interested in superficial, short-term relationships. She likes to be conquered by romance. Traditional astrology characterizes Pisces as excessively sensual and says more self-control should be used. But this woman carries the character of all the women of the Zodiac, so it is almost impossible to define her because she constantly slips away and transforms. Otherwise, she is sexually free and enjoys various erotic episodes. It doesn’t take much to awaken passion in her. She will set the scene as if she is making a show, sensual perfume, black silk underwear, if possible, a water bed, where the movements remind her of the calm sea that she wants to wake up with, the one she adores. Don’t forget that she is Neptune’s daughter, an actual mermaid.


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