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Donald John Trump (Queens, New York, June 14, 1946), is an American entrepreneur, television producer and presenter, and a politician of German-Scottish descent, who has served as the 45th President of the United States since January 20, 2017. In addition to political activity, he is the president of the Trump Organization, a billionaire and a television personality; he gained fame hosting the television competition The Apprentice on NBC.

He was born in the New York neighborhood of Queens, where he attended elementary and high school and the New York Military Academy. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of Business in 1968. He also studied at the Jesuit Fordham University. In 1971, he became president of the family company Eliabeth Trump & Son., which he later renamed the Trump Organization. During his successful entrepreneurial career, he built numerous luxury hotels, ballrooms, skyscrapers and golf courses, and traded real estate in Manhattan. From 1996 to 2015, he hosted beauty pageants such as Miss USA and Miss Universe. He used his name in the names of his products, buildings and media.

In 2016, the American magazine Forbes listed him as the 324th richest person in the world (113th in the United States) with a fortune of over 4.5 billion dollars.

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Natal chart for Donald Trump

 Natal chart for.. Donald Trump
14  Jun 1946in 10:45 (10:45 am) (time zone = UTC -4)
Universal time : 14:45
New York, New York, America
40°N43′ 74°W0′
Tropical zodiac
Placidus House



Planets and Points in Signs



Subsign in Leo 28° 03′ 05″

Subsign or Ascendant is the name for the sign that is in the east at the time of your birth. It talks about your appearance, behavior and the way you are accepted by the environment. Sign or Ascendant in Leo gives you self-confidence, you like to be in the center of attention. You are proud and vain, it is easy to offend you. Your head is a little bigger than your body, you have thick hair. The upper part of the body is more developed than the lower part, you are slender.

Sun in Gemini 22° 55′ 21″

The Sun in Gemini gives you intelligence, you are a very communicative person. You love social life, adventures, going out, you live very dynamically. Sometimes you are unreliable and frivolous, looking for news. You are always noticed and respected in society. You like flirting, including verbal ones, you are not a family person, you are more inclined towards a social life.

Moon in Sagittarius 21° 07′ 47″

The Moon in Sagittarius gives you independence. You don’t like to be held back by anyone. You are constantly on the move, looking for excitement and fun from life. You are adaptable, so you have many friends who love your cheerful nature. You are an honest person, you believe in justice. Due to your hectic life, you often have problems with your intimate partner.

Mercury in Cancer 8° 50′ 50″

With Mercury in Cancer, you are tactful and calm. You are very sensitive, emotional, but also faithful. You are addicted to your emotions. Because of them, you are often not realistic in life. You are a very changeable person, you adapt easily, but you also change your mind so quickly. In order to feel safe, you need constant help from others.


Venus in Cancer 25° 43′ 51″


Venus in Cancer makes you an emotional and sensitive person. You are attached to your family and find the greatest satisfaction there. You always need to have someone loyal to you. If you are hurt, you withdraw into yourself, you are offensive and sensitive. Your life revolves around your family, that doesn’t give you the need to socialize.


Mars in Leo 26° 46′ 21″


With Mars in Leo, you are full of self-confidence and energy, but also a very easy planet. You tend to dramatize everything to grab someone’s attention. You are often egotistical and arrogant, although you can also be warm-hearted and generous. you are dynamic and have a large circle of friends. You are a passionate person and you have a great need for a love life, you know how to create an atmosphere in sex.


Jupiter in Libra 17°  27′ 07″  Rx


With Jupiter in Libra, you are a great esthete, you are popular in society. You are charming, you enjoy company. You are inclined to everything beautiful, sociable and communicative, sometimes naive. When it comes to love, you fall in love easily, you make numerous short-lived relationships, you flirt wherever you have the chance.


Saturn in Cancer 23° 48′ 53″


Saturn in Cancer for you indicates a difficult childhood, problems in the family. You are insecure and timid. Try to find emotional security. You are emotionally vulnerable, but you hide it well, with self-confidence. Because of your emotionality, you are often jealous and envious.


Uranus in Gemini 17° 53′ 34″


Uranus in Gemini makes you a very restless person. It could be said to be hasty and unorganized, but you understand very well what is happening around you. You are constantly on the move and dynamic, you easily win over others with your opinions.


Neptune in Libra  5°  50′ 31″  Rx


With Neptune in Libra, your main characteristic is empathy. You have strong convictions, you are a great idealist. Sometimes you have great turbulence in interpersonal relationships. During your life, you achieve success and fame along with work, recognition for your work.


Pluto in Leo 10° 02′ 31″


With Pluto in Leo, you determine the character of an entire generation. Pluto stayed in Leo from 1939 to 1957. Generations from that period have a need to express themselves in a dramatic and open way. Very often they are right are important and consider themselves better than others. They tend to look down on previous generations.


Chiron in Libra 14° 54′ 44″


Chiron in Libra makes you a person ready for love relationships, marriage and a desire for art. You are a great esthete and diplomat and know how to listen to others. You easily understand other people’s intentions and know how to respond to them. Your biggest crises are those of love, the fear of leaving your partner.


Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius 4° 28′ 45″


Lilith signifies your sexuality, eroticism, your dark side. With Lilith in Sagittarius, you are a person who is an excellent connoisseur of love games, you know how to enjoy sex. you like adventures, you like to change partners, you often find yourself in group sex.


North Node in Gemini 20° 48′ 14″


The North Node of the Moon is a symbol of your future. It represents a new yet unlived experience. The North Node in Gemini teaches you the lesson of appreciating other people’s points of view and learning to join a community. It teaches you to learn to curb your unrestrainedness and tendency to exaggerate.


Point of Fortune in Aquarius 26° 15′ 31″


Fortune point represents karmic reward, worldly success, progress. Fortune in Aquarius, you are a person with different and eccentric attitudes in life. You are adorned with creativity, you have strong philosophical and strong intellectual power. You like to fantasize and are looking for a partner who likes to dream. You are honest and the environment loves you.


Vertex in Capricorn 19° 57′ 58″


Vertex has a great influence on the relationship between you and your partner. It shows the hidden desires and passions that we carry in life. If you are wondering if your partner loves you and if you will stay together, Vertex can give you the answer. Vertex in Capricorn makes you a person who strives for a partner who will support and understand you. The social status and power of your partner are also important to you. He must be ready for your sensibility, but also your passion.


Midheaven in Taurus 21° 57′ 39″


Medium Coel represents your career choice, influences on career choice, your hidden potentials, and impression on people. Medium Coel in Taurus gives you a strong need for security, and the need to achieve stability on the business front. You are a person who likes to work towards achieving your goals, slowly but surely, without sudden decisions.


Planets and Points in Houses


Sun in the 10th House


The sun describes our personality, our self-awareness and shows what we want from life. The sun shows in which area of life we want to shine, where our heart is and what we want to succeed in. With the Sun in the tenth house, you are a capable person who achieves success. You are ambitious, you have a rich social life. you are valued and respected in society. You want success in your career, not because of money but because of your own achievement.


Moon in the 4th House


The moon indicates your emotions and your inner world. it is part of your personality and indicates your hidden desires. The moon in the fourth house indicates that you are a strong person who strives for the security of yourself and your family. You are a traditional person who puts family first, but also a person who knows how to protect his family. Because of your stubbornness, you are often in conflict with family members.


Mercury in the 11th House


Mercury indicates your thinking and your communicativeness. It indicates what occupies your mind the most, tells how practical you are and whether you have a sense of humor. Mercury in the eleventh house portrays you as an intelligent and creative person with a bright spirit. You have a lot of friends and you think a lot about what you do. Lead an active social life.


Venus in the 11th House


Through the influence of Venus, we get to know passion and delight, rapture and joy, and the nature of our sexuality. Venus in the eleventh house shows that you are a person with broad horizons, gentle nature, you attract people around you. You easily attract lovers and mix love and friendship. you tend to make connections with busy people.


Mars in the 12th House


Mars indicates chances and weaknesses, risks and dangers, reactions, opportunities to realize potential, plans and desires… Mars in the twelfth house makes you a person who is difficult to move, you are always in some stressful situations, you are afraid of failure. If you organize yourself well, you can solve all these problems more easily and achieve success, but you must always be careful.


Note: As Mars is very close to the next house, the following description is also relevant.


Mars in the 1st House


Mars indicates chances and weaknesses, risks and dangers, reactions, opportunities to realize potential, plans and desires… Mars in the first house indicates that you are an energetic person, you have a strong desire to prove yourself, but also to cause conflict. You like business challenges, you like management positions.


Jupiter in the 2nd House


Jupiter points to your potential, for achieving success and happiness, and taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you. Jupiter in the second house makes you a very capable person who begins to acquire wealth at a young age. You also have a great desire to spend money, so you often go into debt.


Note: As Jupiter is very close to the next house, the following description is also relevant.


Jupiter in the 3rd House


Jupiter points to your potential, for achieving success and happiness, and by taking advantage of the chances that you have e provide. Jupiter in the third house shows your aggressive intellect and your rhetorical ability. You are a very communicative and curious person. You are intelligent, you achieve very enviable results in business. You are burdened by the opinions of others, which hinders you from achieving your goals.


Saturn in the 11th House


Saturn in the houses describes aspects of life in which a better sense of control and ambition should be developed. Saturn is the planet of temptations and chances. Saturn in the eleventh house shows that you are a person who easily makes long-lasting friendships. You are ambitious and work hard to achieve your goals. You know how to animate the environment to help you in this.


Uranus in the 10th House


Uranus symbolizes rebellion, reforms, new changes, the birth of something new and unusual. Uranus in the tenth house shows that you are a person who deals with some dangers in your professional work. You are independent and do not like someone to interfere in your work. You have problems in relationships with authority because you do not accept hierarchy. Changes in your career always happen suddenly.


Neptune in the 2nd House


Neptune rules human intuition, psychic abilities, imagination. It confuses and misleads. Neptune in the second house indicates that you are a moody person, but you have the ability to be creative. You don’t have a clear sense of money, so you often have strange sources of income. It is often illegal income. You often reach for alcohol or drugs.


Pluto in the 12th House


Pluto represents old patterns, everything that blocks and inhibits us and that needs to be eliminated and removed. Pluto in the twelfth house makes you a person who has a secret life, you are prone to secrets and withdrawal from the public eye. You are sensitive in emotional relationships, you often show great jealousy. It is important to you that your partner always has time for you.


Chiron in the 2nd House


Chiron in the birth chart reveals the pain and traumas we encountered in the past, in our early childhood, in the early stages of our lives. Chiron in the second house indicates that you are never satisfied emotionally, materially or spiritually. You are stubborn and limited. You don’t like other people’s authority. You need to learn self-control.


Black Moon Lilith in the 4th House


Lilith reveals your deepest secrets, sexual urges, past dark brood and our temptations. Lilith in the fourth house shows that you have been attached to your family since childhood. You face your fears very well later in life. Sometimes you tend to be light-hearted just to avoid arguments. Sexuality is important to you, but you often change partners.


North Node in the 10th House


The North Node of the Moon symbolizes making important decisions, leaving a life path, finding one’s own Self, past incarnations and a karmic lesson in this life. The Moon’s North Node in the tenth house indicates that you are carrying some kind of family-related karmic burden from a past incarnation. This is why you now think that you can achieve your success through cooperation with family members.


Point of Fortune in the 6th House


The Fortune Point represents progress, worldly success, innate abilities and talents. Fortune in the sixth house shows that you are a person who finds happiness through work. You have good self-discipline and excellent intuition. You know how to make good use of your natural talents and enjoy the fruits of your earnings.


Vertex in the 5th House


Vertex is considered the point of fulfillment of desires. It is important as a turning point in life, it is believed to be activated at birth and at death. It also represents karmic events in life. VERTEX is delineated in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th houses because it is not considered worthy to be delineated in other houses. Vertex in the fifth house shows that you are childish, inner freedom and emotional life are important to you. You have deep fears of rejection, you need a partner who will know how to take care of you and respect you. Your relationships are very romantic.



Sun Opposition Moon (orb 1°48′)


The Sun in opposition to the Moon shows certain and exaggerated reactions in life in case of new circumstances, changes or obstacles in life. It is possible that you strongly desire some repressed desires that conflict with reality. You are focused on material acquisition. You have many ups and downs, both business and emotional throughout your life. You try to achieve partner relationships at an early age because you believe that you will achieve happiness through your partner.


Sun Sextile Mars (orb 3°51′)


The Sun sextile with Mars gives you enthusiasm and great strength. You are never satisfied with what you have achieved, you always want more. You have a large supply of energy.


Sun Trine Jupiter (orb 5°28′)


The Sun trine with Jupiter shows your warmth, cheerfulness and energy. You help others and enjoy it without expecting the favor to be returned. You are appreciated by your colleagues and the environment.


Sun Conjunction Uranus (orb 5°2′)


The Sun conjunct Uranus is an aspect for you that shows that you always fight for tradition. You are individual and have a hard time accepting what is established, even science. Always strive for new knowledge just for the reason that you can refute them and prove that you are the one who is right.


Sun Conjunction North Node (orb 2°7′)


Sun conjunction with the North Node of the Moon Aprnzit is where you have a wide range of communication. You always reach your goals. Your karmic heritage is good and luck is indeed in your favor.


Sun Trine Point of Fortune (orb 3°20′)


Sun trine with the point of Fortune is a transit in which you have high expectations in love and work. When it comes to partner relationships, you are an insatiable person who expects a lot of attention. You do your best at work, but you are always happy when you are praised or rewarded.


Sun Quinconjunction Vertex (orb 2°57′)


The Sun inconjunct with the Vertex is a transit in which the family plays an important role in order to have success in your career. Their support and approval is important to you. You often go into business with a family member and such partnerships bring you success.


Sun Sextile Sign (orb 5°8′)


The Sun sextile the Ascendant for you is an aspect in which you are valued by others. You have great authority, but you are also a generous person, you also respect the people around you.


Moon Quinconjunction Venus (orb 4°36′)


The month of inconjunction with Venus is an aspect in which you expect love surprises, you fantasize and tend to idealize your loved one. You are a happy person, full of love, you believe in everything the other side tells you. Often in this transit you don’t see the real truth, so there are big disappointments in your love life.


Moon Trine Mars (orb 5°39′)


The Moon trine with Mars is an aspect in which you have a great desire to stand out in the environment in which you operate. you are ready to help anyone. You are very energetic and brave and willing to help everyone. Your partner and environment appreciate you.


Moon Sextile Jupiter (orb 3°41′)


Moon sextile with Jupiter, an aspect in which you have the strength to express your emotions, especially in love. You can easily show affection towards someone.


Moon Quinconjunction Saturn (orb 2°41′)


The month of inconjunction Saturn is a transit in which you are trying to repair love relationships. Your attitudes are now settled, and your loved one is understanding of your earlier failings.


Moon Opposition Uranus (orb 3°14′)


The Moon in opposition to Uranus is an aspect in which your stubbornness, impulsive reactions, recklessness are emphasized, so you are often in conflict with people and your partner.


Moon Sextile Chiron (orb 6°13′)


Moon sextile Chiron is an aspect where you are an emotional healer. You are full of understanding for others, you try to please your partner. Your life is dedicated in this transit to others and their needs.


Moon Opposition North Node (orb 0°20′)


Moon opposition The North Node of the Moon is an aspect in which you have found a soulmate, you have found peace in your life. The traces of the past are behind you, but you often look back and fear problems.


Moon Sextile Point of Fortune (orb 5°8′)


Moon sextile Point Fortune aspect in which your happiness is your family and children. You found happiness in small things, you are satisfied with your love life. The support of your business partners is important to you in order to achieve your goals.


Moon Trine Sign (orb 6°55′)


Moon trine Ascendant is an aspect in which you are full of intuition that guides you. Being in your company impresses everyone. You are fun, you are loved by the environment, people, everyone tries to be as enthusiastic as you.


Moon Quinconjunction Midheaven (orb 0°50′)


Moon inconjunct Medium Coel aspect where you share your emotions with the wrong people. You try to fit in with people, but due to low self-confidence, you are often tricked and deceived.


Mercury Square Neptune (orb 3°0′)


Mercury square Neptune is an aspect in which you have too high expectations, which are not realistic and because of which you often experience disappointment. With such a transit, he often leans towards pessimism.


Mercury Square Chiron (orb 6°4′)


Mercury square with Chiron is an aspect with you in which you often come into verbal conflicts with the environment and in interpersonal relationships. The reason for sinking is your strong desire to impose your own views and insufficient tolerance.


Mercury Quinconjunction Black Moon Lilith (orb 4°22′)


Mercury inconjunct Lilith is an aspect in which you have a hard time dealing with failures. You need a lot of support from your partner and environment to accept failure. You often fall into depression because your ego does not accept, no.


Venus Conjunction Saturn (orb 1°55′)


Venus conjunct Saturn is a transit in which this influence gives you the memory of a very dear person from your past. During this transit, you may have a stronger desire to revive those emotions, as well as to renew some old love from the past.


Venus Quinconjunction Point of Fortune (orb 0°32′)


Venus inconjunct the point of Fortune is a transit in which you work comprehensively to improve love relationships. You try your best to satisfy all your partner’s wishes, but during this transit there is a danger of your sudden affective jealousy.


Venus Opposition Vertex (orb 5°46′)


Venus opposition Vertex is a transit that brings you stormy love occasions. During this transit, your desires that you have had for a long time in love are fully fulfilled. During this transit, you will find yourself in situations where you sometimes have to choose between your heart and your mind, but you will know very well what you want .


Venus Sextile Midheaven (orb 3°46′)


Venus sextile Medium Coel for you is a transit that gives you the opportunity to work in a profession that is related to other people’s emotions, artistic interests and aesthetics). You love what you do and often combine the affective sphere with business, emotional or married life can help you achieve your career.


Mars Square Black Moon Lilith (orb 7°42′)


Mars square with Lilith is a transit in which you are self-absorbed, you are the most important thing to yourself. You have very naive expectations that make you a very unpleasant person. To avoid embarrassment, surrender to the power of your own mind and intuition.


Mars Sextile North Node (orb 5°58′)


Mars sextile the North Node of the Moon is an aspect that makes you a leader. Your intelligence is above average, you are successful and popular in this transit. Do what you love in life. The karmic part of inheritance in this transit gives you complete freedom.


Mars Opposition Point of Fortune (orb 0°31′)


Mars opposition point Fortune aspect in which you are ready for new beginnings. Your happiness is with a loved one, you are ready for marriage or offspring. Your partner’s attitude in everything is important to you, but you still try to get the environment and friends to approve of your actions.


Mars Quinconjunction Vertex (orb 6°48′)


Mars inconjunct with the Vertex is a transit in which the family plays an essential role in order to have career success. Their support and approval is important to you. You often go into business with a family member and such partnerships bring you success.


Mars Conjunction Sign (orb 1°17′)


Mars conjunction Ascendant is a transit that gives you a sense of leadership. You fight for what you want, and your independence is very important to you.


Mars Square Midheaven (orb 4°49′)


Mars square Medium Coel is a transit in which you work hard, you are ambitious, but in the business segment others do not understand what you want. This creates certain frustrations and dissatisfactions for you.


Jupiter Square Saturn (orb 6°22′)


Jupiter square Saturn transit is a very turbulent and unstable period for you on the financial and love fronts when many of your wishes and many expectations in these areas of life could be more difficult to achieve.


Jupiter Trine Uranus (orb 0°26′)


Jupiter trine Uranus is a transit in which you are full of energy, natural visionaries who achieve everything they desire. Your enthusiasm is also contagious to your environment, which accepts it very well.


Jupiter Sextile Pluto (orb 7°25′)


Jupiter sextile Pluto is a transit in which you are full of optimism, positive and look at life that way. During this transit, nothing can shake you and your ambitions.


Jupiter Conjunction Chiron (orb 2°32′)


Jupiter conjunction Chiron is a transit of haste, impetuousness, your sudden decisions. In this transit, you are likely to make big mistakes due to your rashness, because you do not think rationally when making important life decisions.


Jupiter Trine North Node (orb 3°21′)


Jupiter trine the North Node of the Moon is a transit in which you are a big fan of tradition and customs. You have strong and good intellectual abilities. You progress very well with the help of teamwork.


Jupiter Square Vertex (orb 2°31′)


Jupiter square with the Vertex for you is a transit in which you face problems in achieving your own goals. In order to achieve them, it is important to set realistic goals.


Jupiter Quinconjunction Midheaven (orb 4°31′)


Jupiter inconjunct Medium Coel is a transit in which you achieve progress with your positive attitude. you are valued and happy in the company of like-minded people. during this transit you are ready to reap the fruits of your previous efforts.


Saturn Quinconjunction Point of Fortune (orb 2°27′)


Saturn inconjunct with the Point of Fortune is a transit in which you have a loving nature. You like to flirt, you like to be liked by the opposite sex. You succeed in that. You are charming and know how to communicate very well. You are a favorite in society. For you, happiness is only love.


Saturn Opposition Vertex (orb 3°51′)


Saturn in opposition to the Vertex is a transit in which it is difficult to achieve results because of the family that is present in your career. As an individual, you are much better in business spheres and achieve better results. In this transit, it is important to separate private and business relationships


Saturn Sextile Midheaven (orb 1°51′)


Saturn sextile Medium Coel is a transit in which you have to learn patience until you achieve professional success, because your reputation and success grow over the years, and it is through your work that you ensure your financial security.


Uranus Sextile Pluto (orb 7°51′)


Uranus sextile Pluto is a transit where you realize the value of life and what you have. You expect very little, but you give a lot to others, you especially stand out in the social and humanitarian segment of life.


Uranus Trine Chiron (orb 2°59′)


Uranus trine Chiron is a very optimistic transit for you. it’s where you find your solace, where you face your past, where you accept things as they are. You leave all the bad behind you, you move forward full of self-confidence.


Uranus Conjunction North Node (orb 2°55′)


Uranus conjunct the North Node of the Moon is a transit in which you have a wide range of communication. You always reach your goals. Your karmic heritage is good and luck is indeed in your favor.


Uranus Quinconjunction Vertex (orb 2°4′)


Uranus inconjunct Vertex is a transit for you in which you are aware of your flaws, but also your virtues. You meet people who become important for your future. Your partner and you are ready for joint decisions, including marriage. Your environment and family appreciate you.


Neptune Sextile Pluto (orb 4°12′)


Neptune sextile Pluto is a transit in which you consciously enter new business situations, confront others with what you consider important for a quality life. During this transit, try to be a humanitarian.


Neptune Sextile Black Moon Lilith (orb 1°22′)


Neptune sextile with Lilith transit means that your wishes do not match reality at all. You are prone to excessive whimsical outbursts and demands. This transit is not good for you either in business or in love. It takes a lot of effort to keep a job and a love relationship.


Pluto Sextile Chiron (orb 4°52′)


Pluto sextile Chiron is a transit in which all your hopes and desires to express yourself to a loved one fall flat. It is more important for you to ensure your financial security, which you can during this transit, but you are in a dilemma because of partner relationships.


Pluto Trine Black Moon Lilith (orb 5°34′)


Pluto trine Lilith is a transit for you in which you change your views on life, you realize that you have to adapt. You hardly bear the injustice that is often inflicted on you, but you know that you should be patient.


Chiron Trine North Node (orb 5°53′)


Chiron trine North Node of the Moon is an aspect where relationships in the family or with a loved one are the only thing that interests you now. during the transit you will be very attractive to the opposite sex and enjoy the views.


Chiron Square Vertex (orb 5°3′)


Chiron square Vertex is an aspect in which you are ready for new beginnings in love. Your self-confidence is at its peak and you readily accept courtships. during this aspect there is a possibility of entering into marriage.


Chiron Quinconjunct Midheaven (orb 7°3′)


Chiron inconjunction Medium Coel transit is for you where you are ready to do anything to succeed in what you want. There is nothing you can’t handle, you are at the top in business and in the love segment.


Black Moon Lilith Square Sign (orb 6°26′)


Lilith square Ascendant is an aspect with you in which the need for better expression of thoughts, feelings and personal attitudes in the form of writing or through the realization of oral interpersonal communication may be emphasized.


North Node Trine Point of Fortune (orb 5°27′)


The Moon’s North Node trine point of Fortune is a transit that indicates a great talent for seduction and the ability to charm in love, so you are rarely alone in this field of life.


North Node Quinconjunction Vertex (orb 0°50′)


The North Node of the Moon inconjunct Vertex is a transit in which you have brought secrets that you keep from past reincarnations. You often live on the other dark side of life, you are prone to vices and lack understanding for the people around you.


North Node Sextile Sign (orb 7°15′)


Moon’s North Node sextile Ascendant transit is a Change in which you think differently, behave differently, which the environment notices and begins to appreciate. You no longer have doubts, you start to believe in yourself.


Fortune Point Opposition Sign (orb 1°48′)


Point of Fortune opposition Ascendant is a transit in which impulsiveness and quick, sudden reaction in love relationships is emphasized. By your own behavior, you cause your partner not to trust you, this leads to distance from your loved one.


Point of Fortune Square Midheaven (orb 4°18′)


The point of Fortune square Medium Coel is a transit in which you are valued by colleagues and superiors in business, you can easily convince everyone of what you think is good. Business and financial success in this transit is easily achievable for you.


Vertex Trigon Midheaven (orb 1°60′)


Vertex trine Medium Coel aspect is where you decide on new business ventures in which you see higher and better earnings. You consciously take risks and your intuition during this transit is of great importance for your success.


Subsign Square Midheaven (orb 6°5′)


Ascendant Square Medium Coel is an aspect in which you are not able to solve business in the right way because of your stubbornness and ego. You do not accept criticism, nor do you adapt to teamwork.



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