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What does it mean to dream of a ring?

A ring in a dream represents a promise or a bond with oneself, another person, or society as a whole. This symbolic connection is powerful and infinite. When we dream of a ring falling off our finger, it signifies that we need to renew our relationship or promise. If the ring is stuck and cannot be removed, we should consider whether our relationship is becoming unhealthy in some respect. To dream of a broken call means quarrels and unpleasantness in the case of marriage or possible separation of lovers.

Definition I
a small hoop-shaped object worn on the finger as an ornament or symbol


Definition II
A ring is a luxuriously decorated object on the finger, often made of expensive metals and decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. Also, a ring is put on the finger during a wedding; such rings are called wedding rings. In addition to wedding rings, there are also pectin rings with the royal coat of arms or seal. Such rings are worn by kings, queens, princes, popes, etc.

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