Dream Meaning of a wall

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What does it mean to dream of a wall?

To dream of a wall:

– Fall off the wall – your friends will make fun of you

– Jump over the wall – great pleasure awaits you

– Building a wall – a sign of an imminent wedding

– Tearing down a wall – you will soon make a new, great friendship

Definition I

– the upright part of the building on which the roof rests or which divides the interior space [retaining wall; blind wall (wall without windows)]

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Definition II

-The wall generally means the excellent part of the building that carries the roof or divides the interior space, or simply the exterior masonry fence. The roles of a wall in construction are numerous: bearing capacity, partitioning, thermal protection, sound protection, protection from precipitation, wind, etc. A wall can also be a retaining wall, a dam to use river waters, or a city wall to protect fortified cities throughout history.


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