Earth signs – biggest weaknesses

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stopIf you want to avoid unpleasant situations with people around you, read following words. Learn all about the biggest weaknesses of Earth signs. It will be very good to know what is that you must not do, if you don’t want to see air sign mad.

rp_taurus21-224x3001-224x300-224x3001-224x300.jpgTAURUS- The Taurus does not like his rest being interrupted. He just hates being bothered while eating, or when his things are being disturbed. If you disrupt those things, they will become extremely nervous and it is better to avoid them at those moments. It is better for you to wait than to tell them good or bad news while eating. They often place non-material things before material ones.

rp_devica1-300x279.jpgVIRGO- Virgo is very sensitive about fashion and dressing styles, art as well as with the furniture layout in their homes. Avoid arguments that concern those items. They think that they are perfect organizers so Never impose to a Virgo the way they organize their time and habitat, they love doing it by themselves. They will be mad and even yell at you.

rp_jarac-capricorn1-292x300.jpgCAPRICORN-They are usually very serious persons and they don’t like to see frivolous behavior in people. They are always late, and they don’t like being hurried up. Never tell them hurry up, because they will be late and mad all day. They don’t like when something is forced upon them and when they are asked to do something at an exact time. Remember never say bad things about family in front of Capricorn.

Originally posted 2019-12-27 05:13:18.

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