Earth signs- Characteristics

  • rp_earth-300x2881-300x2881-300x288.jpgEARTH SIGNS: TAURUS, VIRGO and  CAPRICORN.These people are in constant touch rp_taurus21-224x3001-224x300-224x3001-224x300.jpgwith the Earth. They are mostly conservative and realistic. Although they are capable of an almost Spartan self-discipline, they can be very emotional. They love luxury and material goods. They are practical. They look like giant ridges above the sea, forever married to it, but they stoically endure the strong and constant erosion of the dark emotional forces that boil beneath their legs.rp_virgo-2-255x3001-255x300-255x300.jpg
  • The Earth signs are loyal, caring, reliable, sensual, art oriented, ambitious and proactive.
    The bad thing is that they can be stubborn and materialists.They love to display affection and to receive it rp_Capricorn-1-253x3001.jpgas well. They enjoy when they are creative, they love good food and to make their dreams come through.They need to finish their chosen schools as on as possible in order to start making money. They should stick to professions that will make them money.
  • The Earth signs rely too much on the materialistic and the practical skills. They adopt very easy anything that clear, logical and practical. They automatically reject anything unnatural, in comprehensive, spooky and mysterious. They have a categorical point of view to anything abstract. The Capricorn adopts the esoteric principals easiest, while Virgo and Taurus maintain stubbornness when life is not calculated or when they cannot scientifically explain occurrences. The Earth signs are prone to skepticism, to being calculated, to cautiousness and mathematical reasoning.
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