Eight feng shui tips to attract money

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Did you know that with the help of feng shui, you can attract more money into your life and improve your business chances? Money is associated with the near left corner of any space. The main area is in the southernmost corner of the apartment, but there is a finance area in every room, study, bedroom, kitchen, etc. To fill these areas with positive energy, here are some quick and easy tips.

1. Clear the clutter in these areas. If you eliminate unnecessary things, you will attract positive financial energy.

2. Fix any things that are broken or non-functional. Anything that doesn’t work shouldn’t be kept in this space, nor your home in general.

3. Fill these areas with symbols of wealth. These are a bowl of coins, lucky bamboo, or any other object symbolizing wealth. These can also be personal symbols, such as a picture of a luxury house you want, a model yacht, or a luxury car you want…

4. Fill the financial area of ​​the home with green and purple. Green symbolizes vitality and growth, and purple is the color of wealth.

5. Pay attention to how you treat money every day. Do you keep money unsorted and messy in your pockets?! Remove everything unnecessary from your wallet, stack the bills neatly, and treat each account as if you value it and have great value.

6. If you refuse to deal with money, money will be banned from you. That’s why you record expenses, pay bills on time, etc…

7. Live generously. Money forms a unique energy and needs to move through your life, so you have to give money for it to flow to you. If you don’t have any money to share with others, donate your kindness, time, energy, and skill.

8. Be grateful for what you have. The more you appreciate the things you have, no matter how small, the more new things you will attract into your life.

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