Eleventh House

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Eleventh House

Eleventh House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Friendships
Latin Motto: Benefacta – Friendship
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Sign: Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Keywords: Friends, Groups, Clubs, Societies, Higher Associations

The Eleventh House will help you discover the power of your friends. You can find strength with your friends and through the power of the group. Understanding groups, everything from networks to professional organizations is what the Eleventh House is all about. You will discover how to undertake the right activities from within these groups and how you can bring about the best in yourself through them. More so, through these groups you discover how to use collective strength to make individuals stronger.

While we are evolving as people we have many choices and opportunities at our fingertips. The Eleventh House helps you to know how to deal with the range of choices available to you. Your priorities for your life, and aligning your efforts with your priorities enable you to enhance your life. You can develop a “labour of love” while adding value to the people around you.

The Eleventh House also shows the power of destiny which is all about our dreams and what our goals are in life. Your creative vision and transforming that into actuality is covered here. Understanding the greater power of collective effort towards creation and spurring creativity amongst people is addressed in this house. Together you can create so much more than being apart.

Together with friends we can accomplish much more than as an individual. Furthermore we can enjoy the rewards with friends. The Eleventh House also shows what kind of friend you are. What have you given to other people and what do your friends think of you. This fundamental aspect to character lets us find the right friends and social groups for our lives.

When we work together with our friends moving for a higher purpose and better society we are in a state of bliss. Understanding the giving side and how to be selfless is very important. It also allows you to unleash your humanity towards others. Often there may be an upset over your work but in the end your positive actions will prevail in a beautiful way. The process of arriving at a greater good for everyone is a worthy effort for any individual.

The Eleventh House is governed by Saturn and Uranus, and ruled by Aquarius.

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