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Some people find it difficult to accept that they are left without a loved one, that the relationship or marriage is over, and because of this, they fall into severe depression and lose the meaning of life. In some cases, both partners are to blame for the breakup of the relationship or marriage due to poor communication, being busy with work, and more and more frequent fraud. Some relationships or marriages fail because of this, which they shouldn’t have. These spells we bring apply exclusively to destined relationships or marriages; if the connection is not destined, the magic cannot last long.

Red and white ball

Those with a wounded heart have the most challenging time at night because they go to bed alone with sadness. And they have no idea that melancholy is dragging them into an even bigger problem: if we spread negative energy, it will attract just such events, and for this to happen, a simple and very effective ritual should be performed.
Lie on the bed and relax completely. Concentrate on breathing, which should be easy, with an even rhythm.
After a few minutes, imagine that you slowly form a hazy red ball with each exhalation that gradually disappears, and all your negative energy is collected. Now imagine that in front of your eyes is a white sphere shining in the center, which is the image of a loved one.

Remember your shared moments, and let the feeling of happiness overwhelm you. Then quietly, from the heart, say: “Please, give me another chance if you still want me, if you still have a spark of passion.” Now take a deep breath and imagine the cue ball entering you.
Relax and try to sleep; let the spell do its work.

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