21 Feng Shui Plants

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If you want to incorporate some feng shui principles into your home, houseplants will be a great way to do it.

There are so many different feng shui plants you can decorate with, each plant bringing in different energy.

The great thing about feng shui plants is that you can have a different one in each room to match the atmosphere you want to create. For instance, your bedroom could have a calming plant, while your living room could have a relationship-focused or energizing plant.

Even so, feng shui experts mention that it will be most effective to choose and arrange plants according to the Bagua map for your home. The Bagua map is essentially a floor plan that tells you how to decorate and organize your home most effectively according to the different areas (money, love, self, etc.).

Along with the Bagua map’s help, it is easy to mix and match and achieve the desired energies you want through your home.

If you are ready to learn about 21 feng shui plants, let’s get started.


sage plant

This plant is a great indoor plant for purifying your home. It will remove any dangerous pathogens and encourage joyful energy, making the space feel lighter.

Sage plants will also help to reduce any sort of bitter energy in the home. Eventually, you can also use the sage leaves to make a sage smudge stick.

Something to note about this plant is that it needs a lot of sunlight.

Areca Palm

This feng shui plant is another one that will purify the air. Its large, soft leaves will bring a gentle and calming energy to the space. Areca palms also represent luck and will encourage peace and prosperity.

The tall plant will remove any negative energy and will bring in positive vibes.

Placing this plant in the south, southeast, east, or north corners of your home will increase its effectiveness.

Banana Leaf Plants


Banana leaf plants not only bring in good energy, but they are also a stylish addition to your home. The plant will tower over all others and will create a bold statement.

When it comes to feng shui, the banana leaf represents being flexible as we grow and change. It will also encourage you to strive for the light. Overall, this feng shui plant will attract only good and positive energy to your living spaces.


If you want to bring prosperity and money into your life, the jade plant will be a good pick. One of the best feng shui plants, the jade plant has round leaves representing money and good fortune.

You can either place this plant in your office or the money, fame, or health areas of your home.

This plant is a succulent, so it will be very easy to care for. You will only have to water it about once a week, so the likelihood of it dying is very low.

Citrus Tree

potted citrus tree

This tree is a great plant to place on your deck or your indoor patio. This feng shui plant will be the most effective if you place it in the home’s health or wealth areas.

The citrus tree will bring in luck and prosperity and will encourage providing for others.

If you want a citrus tree in your home, you can always purchase a potted citrus plant. Many people will place the plant in their kitchen to encourage good fortune.

Boston Fern

This fern is one of the best feng shui plants since you can easily hang the plant in many different areas of your home. It is also effortless to care for. One of the plant’s main features is its long, thin and beautiful leaves.

Boston ferns will purify and remove any negative energy in your home, only bringing in positive vibes. The fern encourages good luck, fortune, and prosperity.



Many people love to place orchids in their bedrooms. Not only is the plant elegant, but it will also reinforce energies of purity and grace. The plant will also inspire creativity.

Some experts also mention that the orchid can encourage fertility, making it the perfect plant for those trying to have a baby.

You can place yellow orchid plants in the health and center areas of your home. If the plant is purple, it will work well in the wealth area. Finally, place pink orchids with two stems in your love gua.

Snake Plant

This plant has powerful protective energy, even though its spikey appearance may give you another impression.

While many feng shui experts tend to avoid sharp plants due to their attacking nature, the snake plant has strong properties that will dissolve any built-up negative energy throughout the house.

Another great thing about the snake plant is that it is easy to care for. You won’t have to worry about this plant dying if you forget to water it for a few days.


aloe vera in pots

Aloe is one of the best feng shui plants. Aloe Vera plants can clean the air of toxins such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. Aloe plants also work well as antioxidant and antibacterial agents.

Due to its cleansing nature, feng shui experts say that the plant has strong healing energies. The plant will also increase feelings of peace and calmness.

You can also use the aloe plant for its direct healing abilities, such as sunburns or improving skin health.

Feng Shui Money Tree

It is probably apparent from the name, but feng shui money trees will bring fortune and good luck. This plant is also called the Pachira Aquatica.

One of the best feng shui plants, this tree is relatively small and has a bright green color, making it great for decoration.

You can put this plant in your health, fame, or money area. The money area will usually be located in your office, in the southeast portion of the room. If you don’t have an office, place the plant in the southeast corner of the home.

Something to note about this plant is to avoid placing it in your relationship, marriage, self, spirituality, or knowledge areas of the home.

Chinese Money Plant

chinese money plant

Yet another money plant, the Chinese money plant has small, round leaves that resemble coins. This plant will also be easy to care for since it does not require a lot of water or sun.

The Chinese money plant will bring prosperity, luck, and good fortune to your home while dissolving the negative energy.

This popular feng shui plant is also called the friendship plant. This is because the small coin-like leaves can be cut and planted to grow another money plant. You can give some of the plant’s offshoots to friends and neighbors to grow their own money plants.

Lucky Bamboo

If you want to work on yourself a bit, the lucky bamboo plant will be a good choice for your home. The plant will encourage adaptability and personal growth.

Depending on how many stalks the bamboo has, it can have different meanings. For instance, if the plant has two stalks, the energy from the plant will nourish your love life. However, if the plant has three stalks, then the plant will help increase your general happiness.

Rubber Plant

If you are looking for one of the most stylish feng shui plants, this will be the one you want. Rubber plants have wide leaves with a tall, straight stem.

Many people love to put this plant in the office since it represents wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Furthermore, the plant has air-purifying properties. It will remove toxins from your home, including negative energy, and promote positivity and happiness.

Lastly, this plant is also easy to care for. It can thrive in cool, low-light conditions.



The philodendron is a very unique and powerful feng shui plant. The leaves on the philodendron are symbolic of the fire element in feng shui. The fire element represents inspiration, passion, and creative expression.

Philodendron plants will be perfect for those dark, dingy areas of the home. The plant can bring much-needed warmth to certain areas of the house and dissolve any cold or dark energy.

The plant can thrive in low-light, so you won’t need to worry about strategically placing the plant near windows.

Peace Lily

If you are looking for one of the easiest to maintain feng shui plants, the peace lily will be a solid choice. The plant does well in low, indirect light. You can place the plant anywhere in the home.

The peace lily is another plant that purifies the air. This plant will remove any dangerous organic chemicals and allergens.

Due to its purifying properties, many people use the lily to bring in good energy and expel the house’s bad energies.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos or Epipremnum aureum at window in the bedroom home and garden

Golden pothos plants are one of the prettier feng shui plants you can get. They have heart-shaped leaves with vibrant green vines.

Much like the philodendron plant, you can place golden pothos plants in any dark corner with negative or dead energy. The plant will expel the negative energy and attract positivity and happiness.

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm is a strong representation of yin and yang energy. It can thrive in the direct sunlight outside during the summer, but it can also survive in low-light conditions in the winter. This plant represents the duality of ourselves.

Two of the best places to put the ponytail palm is in your office or garden. The palm will bring good fortune, wealth, luck, and hope to your whole family.

Lastly, this plant is easy to care for and will not require much maintenance.

English Ivy

english ivy

The English ivy plant is one of the prettiest plants for your home. It is a hanging plant and has long vines with light green leaves accented with white around the edges.

Feng shui experts say that English ivy plants will protect you from any negative energy with their pointed leaves. It is best to keep the plant in your bedroom or the office so it can protect you while you work or sleep.

The English ivy also has healing properties. It can remove toxins from the air and absorb dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Air Plant

Air plants are the most unique and iconic feng shui plants you can get. In the literal sense, “Feng Shui” translates to the words wind and water. Since this plant only needs wind and water to survive, experts regard this plant as a direct representation of feng shui.

Many homeowners love the air plant because of its symbolism and ease of care. All you have to do is wet it a few times a week and place it on a surface without any dirt.

You can place this plant anywhere inside the home. It will encourage only positive energy from entering the house and will remove dead energy.



Even though there are a few different kinds of ficus plants, they all have the same effect inside the home.

Ficus plants will purify and clean the air, ridding it of any harmful toxins and bad energy.

One of the ficus plant’s best properties is that it will encourage enlightenment and energize the air around you. For this reason, the plant will be a great addition to living rooms, bedrooms, or in the office.

Since there are many different shapes and sizes of ficus plants, it will be easy to mix and match styles in your home.


Feeling like your love life is lacking? Jasmine plants will encourage love and will strengthen both new and old relationships. The plant can also help calm a stressed mind with its soothing scent.

Something to note about this plant is that it requires a good amount of care. You will need to water it a few times a week and keep it in a well-ventilated area.


We hope that this guide has helped you pick some fitting feng shui plants for your home.

The general rule of thumb when picking feng shui plants is to avoid any sharp plants with spikes, thorns, and sharp edges.

Many plants that have sharp edges exhibit what feng shui experts call sharp energy. Sharp energy, or attacking energy, is what drains your home and mindset of positive and personal energy.

If you stick to plants with more round and soft leaves and use the Bagua map as guidance, then your home will be full of good energy.


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