Feng shui: seven objects in the house that steal our energy

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Do you notice negative energy, nervousness, and a lack of harmony in your home?

If your answer is “yes,” we believe the following text will be helpful to you. Only minor changes in the family home can bring abundant positive energy and well-being. But unfortunately, we are often unaware that particular objects are “energy vampires” that steal our positive energy and threaten peace and harmony.

So that only positive energy reigns in your home and family, we consulted with feng shui experts: here are the seven things (or bad habits) they warn against because they bring negative energy into the home:

1. Dirty wardrobe in the corner of the room

This is one of the first things a feng shui expert warns about when he notices it in the house. It may be easiest to push the dirty clothes to the floor in the corner of the room, but you should know that positive energy from home also flows from that place. There should be a place in every family where dirty clothes are stored for washing – it is better to have a bucket in the yard than dirty socks in the corners of the rooms.

2. Shoes lined up in front of the door

Whether they are lined up next to the bedroom or any other, these objects are real “energy vampires,” especially if they are dirty.

3. A pile of old newspapers, magazines, papers, and books

Throw the newspaper in the trash as soon as you read it, and advise feng shui experts. If you collect magazines or books, keep them on shelves, not on the floor or in the corner of the room. Scattered around the space, these items will bring bad energy.

4. Cracked or chipped plates, bowls, and glasses

Broken dishes bring lousy energy to whoever uses them, according to feng shui experts. Better to buy the cheapest new set than to use an expensive but damaged set of dishes. Using this kind of dish can affect career or finances.

5. Empty jars of rice, salt, and sugar

It happens to all of us that our supplies of the most necessary foods disappear, but feng shui teachers say that you should never let the jars in which you keep rice, salt, and sugar empty. This is because shelves with empty jars in the kitchen affect happiness and harmony in the family.

6. A place to sit or sleep under a beam

Wooden beams are one of the favorite design elements we often see in homes. However, if you place a sofa or bed under this detail, know that the poisonous arrows of negative energy are directed towards you, feng shui experts explain.

7. Modest portions of rice on a plate

When serving food to guests or household members, ensure that each member has enough food. This rule first applies to rice. According to feng shui principles, the lack of rice on the plate also means a lack of well-being. If you run out of rice, give it to your pets or save it and take it to hungry people.


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