Fifth House

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Fifth House

Fifth House Characteristics:

Modern Title: House of Pleasure
Latin Motto: Nati – Children
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Sign: Leo
Ruling Planet: Sun
Keywords: Games, Gambling, Children, Love, Sex, Creativity

The Fifth House is also known as the House of Pleasure. However, in this context, the meaning of pleasure is closely associated with creative acts, such as procreation, art and culture. The creative life is one which is not only concerned with personal pleasure but self satisfaction as well. In a sense, this creative force asks the question, “Does it make me feel good?” The answers found to such a question fall under the domain of the Fifth House.

When analyzed through a more philosophical approach, the act of taking pleasure can be taken one step further. This step leads us to the concept of romance and romantic affairs, both of which also fall within the domain of the Fifth House. Emotional pleasure can be acquired by creative effort, but it can also be got by gambling.

The act of taking risks, whether on love, finances or life itself, is derived from the calculated desire to get a pleasurable outcome, which is how the Fifth House views the act of gambling. Given such features, the Fifth House can be considered to have many pleasures since it controls all of life’s games and hobbies. The Fifth House shows that life is not just about Being or Doing, it’s also about finding pleasure in what we normally do.

Of particular importance to the Fifth House are children. Children are important because they symbolize creativity. Our children are an extension of ourselves and for many people nurturing one’s children is both a creative and pleasurable activity. We want to give our children a good legacy by imparting them with music, dance, theater, science and literature. These things serve the purpose of bringing about emotional enrichment as well as pure pleasure, both of which are the main features of the Fifth House.

The Fifth House is aligned with Leo and the Sun.

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